Sunday, March 15, 2015

TACTICAL PSYOP: Overt & Material Form of "Keyword Association" i.e. "BANKRUPTCY" - This Will Happen to YOU!

15 March 2015

The following You Tube Video is an Excellent Example of what transpires when you are a Targeted Individual.  You will receive various forms of either Subliminal or Overt & Material Subtle Threats, and forms of Intimidation.

I refer to the following as a SUBTLE Overt & Material Threat and form of Intimidation.  The Sunday Paper with all the Sunday Advertisements - a TORN Piece of the FLYER with the Keyword Association -  'BANKRUPTCY" no other part of the Entire Flyer is within the contents of All the Advertisements - Simply the TORN OUT piece with the Keyword: "Bankruptcy" -

As such, due to the fact that the entire Flyer is not present within the Sunday Advertisements, it was something that was Strategically placed within the content of the paper that was inside of plastic, and upon taking the paper out - the Flyer literal flew out - these are the type of SUBTLE OVER & MATERIAL Directed Threats & Forms of Intimidation that Transpires on a Regular Basis when you are Targeted.


1. Know that these are Psychological Forms of Intimidation, Threat & Manipulation

2. Know this is a Professional Tactical Operation being deployed & executed by State/Corporate, and Citizen Recruited Operations.

3.  Document the incident as an EXAMPLE for other Victims' to see

 4. DO NOT Let these type of Tactical Operations and Incidents - STOP you from living your life, moving forward, documenting the tactical operations, and  most of all from seeking, legal criminal justice against those who are utilizing such Subtle - Overt & Material forms of Intimidation, Threats, and Terror.