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27 June 2015

To ensure that Documentation continues - I am posting information from January 29, 2012 -

While I was on TalkShoe Chat, having to deal with an Anonymous User who Created the User Name
Alda the KKKUNT Stinks!  living in Marina, CA - The Seaside, CA Police, Fire & Bomb Squad were dealing with a solo vehicle in a residential area of Seaside - due to a Molotov Cocktail being thrown onto the Hood of a White Honda, and the subsequent Pipe Bomb attached to the bottom of the vehicle that fell or detached to the ground.

Note the Time Stamp in the Chat Log is Eastern Time, and I was on the West Coast i.e. Pacific Time 

Alda the KKKUNT Stinks!    January 30,2012 12:20 am | Message ID: 16299108
  Alda U KKKUNT!!! I'm going to SLIT you FROM top to Phat bottom!! Watch me KKKILL!!!! That PHAT Bottom KKKUNT!!! DEAD!!! 

justbecause    January 30,2012 12:21 am | Message ID: 16299113 
Alda, please contact Talkshoe and I will do the same 

Alda    January 30,2012 12:22 am | Message ID: 16299126  
Will do, dont like the Death Threats against me -
Alda the KKKUNT Stinks!    January 30,2012 12:23 am | Message 
ZIP IT BITCH!!! Your PIMP will take care of your FAT ASS Later! 

My User Name is :  Alda  The other derogatory User Name was created to let me know what they thought about me.  It is a Visual means to force a person to see their user name associated with something negative.

At around 8:35 p.m., Seaside police units were dispatched to the report of a vehicle fire in the 1400 block of Wanda Avenue. Witnesses indicated that they heard an explosion, and saw flames protruding from the front of a parked vehicle. 

Officers located a broken bottle by the front of the vehicle, and observed a small cylindrical device adjacent to the vehicle. 

The Monterey County Sheriff Office Bomb Squad was summoned to the scene to handle the unknown device. They responded to the scene and detonated the small device.

I had no idea until watching the 11 pm news what Seaside Police, Fire, and Bomb Squad were dealing with because I was dealing with Trolls who were harassing me in chat.   Upon viewing the news, and then reading the online post about what transpired I knew IMMEDIATELY it was something called DOUBLE-TAP Hit.

A 2007 report from the US department of homeland security christened the term "double tap" to refer to what it said was "a favorite tactic of Hamas: a device is set off, and when police and other first responders arrive, a second, larger device is set off to inflict more casualties and spread panic."

How a double tap works -
1st Explosion - people killed, injured incapacitated
2nd Explosion - is DESIGNED to specifically KILL anyone missed, as a back up, or to kill anyone who comes in to help, assist or rescue the injured.

In the case of the January 29, 2012 Incident on Wanda St in Seaside, CA ..  The same night I was getting Death Threats in Chat - this was my analysis after seeing the local news, and then finding the KION online article, which has since been removed along with other LOCAL News covering this Molotov and Pipe Bomb - but I printed the KION Article with the URL Link - see below.  

FIRST TAP/EXPLOSION The Molotov Cocktail thrown on the vehicle would be like a Flash/Bang it makes a noise, and in this case caught the Hood of the White Honda On Fire.  This in turn would cause the Vehicle Owner to Rush outside to see what was happening, AND GET WITHIN CLOSE ENOUGH RANGE for ...

SECOND TAP/EXPLOSION I.E. Pipe Bomb attached to the bottom of the White Honda - which could be Detonated once the owner/Target was in range, thus causing bodily injury and or death to the Owner of the White Honda.  

In addition:
1. This was not conducted by local Gangs because Gangs do not utilize DOUBLE-TAP -
2. It was a sloppy job, but a professional tactic
3. the Victim was the Wrong Target - but it was MEANT for an OWNER of a WHITE HONDA -
4. knowing that I drove a White Honda, if they missed ie wrong White Honda - it would send a Veiled Threat and Message - (INTIMIDATION and FEAR Tactic = Domestic Terrorism )

(note the online sources for the article keywords i.e. Bomb squad detonates explosive device in Seaside  article title have now been REMOVED from the internet - below you will find the PDF Print of the actual article) 

Bomb squad detonates explosive device in Seaside
Posted: Jan 29, 2012 11:33 PM PST Updated: Jan 30, 2012 1:03 PM PST
By Matt de Nesnera - email 

SEASIDE, Calif. -- Two explosions punctuated the night in an otherwise quiet residential neighborhood Sunday after the Monterey County Sheriff's Office bomb squad shut down a road and detonated a suspicious device. 

The victim in this case, who asked not to be identified, said someone tossed a Molotov cocktail at her car parked in front of her house on the 1400 block of Wanda Avenue at about 8:30 Sunday night. She said the Molotov cocktail, which exploded and set her car on fire, was attached to a pipe bomb, which came to rest next to her car but did not detonate. 

Seaside police responded and taped off the scene while the sheriff's bomb squad deployed its robot to investigate and ultimately destroy a "small cylindrical device," according to authorities. Officers said they found a broken bottle by the front of the vehicle. 

Nobody was injured, but early Monday morning, the victim's white Honda was scorched and parts of the undercarriage had melted onto the pavement. The robot's tracks were still fresh in the mud next to her house. 

"I was looking down on it when it exploded," the victim said of the first explosion, the Molotov cocktail. "I don't know if I would be here. It's huge, I don't think it's hit me yet." 

The victim, who said she has lived in the home for about a year, said she is confident she was not the intended target. "I think this is a case of mistaken identity or the wrong house," she said. "Hopefully we will find out who did this." 

Seaside police are investigating this incident and encourage anybody with information to call the police department at (831) 899-6748 or non-emergency dispatch at (831) 394-6811. Anybody who wishes to leave an anonymous tip can call (831) 899-6282. 

Needless to say, as I was dealing with this Perp and his/her Death Threats -  Seaside Police, Fire and Bomb Squad were dealing with a vehicle on fire, with a detached from the bottom of the white Honda pipe bomb.   The next day there was a photo of the White Honda, it looked like my White Honda Civic  ...  I got the message, and telephoned the Seaside Police at the number listed.

I doubt they ever got the phone call/message  - because my Telecom, Cyber/Internet/Emails are attacked by  Man-In-The-Middle Interference

 Here is the corresponding Back Up which is date and time stamped - remember the Chat Log My User Name: ALDA - The Anonymous User who Created the User Name Alda the KKKUNT Stinks!
Slitting someone from TOP to BOTTOM would represent the Molotov On Top of the Car - the Pipe Bomb on the Bottom...  I got the message... 

(to Enlarge  - Click on Image, Right Click, Scroll to View Image and use the (+) to magnify the image. 

And I have sent the above Death Threat, along with another one I received while in the TalkShoe User Support Show with employees of TalkShoe, who witnessed the repetitive Death Threat against me to the San Rafael Police Department.  Who did NOTHING. 

Val Strough Honda Oil Change - Turns into Police Event Due to Oil Pan Gasket Damage

27 June 2015



The reason for an oil change to my vehicle which is hardly driven - is because I wanted to make sure everything was in order before I started a new job on Monday.  And because this would mean some added financial relief, and freedom, the first line of attack it to DO DAMAGE to VEHICLE.

1. So I would be deprived of a working vehicle to GET me to WORK.
2. To drain me financially by causing repeated slow drain damages that are necessary repairs -


What transpires is upon this Network finding out that any new Financial i.e. Monies are coming in for the Target - their FIRST LINE of ATTACK is to DO DAMAGES which continue to place FINANCIAL DEPLETION on the Target. 

I had a 09:30 am appointment with Val Strough Honda in Seaside, CA to have a coupon $29.95 oil change.  Due to the fact that there is a very large NETWORK of Civilian Recruits' who have decided they are above the law and have the right to VANDALIZE your private property -

The $29.95 Oil Change is now vehicular vandalism and damage that will cost approximately $385 to fix.  The below information will SHOW there was NO OIL LEAK - the GROUND where the vehicle parks - IS DRY - there are no OIL STAINS, OR DARK OIL SPOTS - the GROUND IS OIL FREE -

This is what ORGANIZED COMMUNITY BASED HARASSMENT i.e. DOMESTIC TERRORIST ACTIVITIES looks like, and not unlike any other BUSINESS on this MONTEREY PENINSULA - any number of their EMPLOYEE'S are placing INNOCENT PEOPLE'S LIVES in HARMS WAY and COSTING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DAMAGES - because they have ALIGNED themselves with this Nationwide Civilian Network of State/Corporate Sponsored Domestic Terrorist  

The appointment was made Onine - See the Honda Receipt -

As usual, My Name was NOT in their system - but I had PRINTED the Appointment to provide them with DOCUMENT PROOF that I had scheduled the appointment.  

SEE PROOF 1 - Online Appointment Confirmation for 09:30 AM, Saturday, June 27, 2015

NEXT - I was told I would need to wait between an hour and a half or longer due to their BUSY SCHEDULE of Appointments.

At approximately 10:45 am I received a call I missed because I had the Service Shuttle drop me off - Upon finally getting through 11:00 am - I was also told that the Mechanics FOUND that the Oil Pan Gasket was cracked and was leaking OIL.


I knew this to be an immediate untrue and false statement, because I have NOT NOTICED ANY OIL leaking from my vehicle on the ground upon re-entering the parking space to re-park the vehicle (see below video of area where my car is parked, and rarely driven because I am in another vehicle most of the time)

As you can see from the photo if this piece was LEAKING OIL - there would be EVIDENCE on the GROUND of where MY VEHICLE IS PARKED - WP 20150627 005

Note in Video I state June 25th, but the actual date is June 27th - the WP 20150627 005 is the cell phone camera date stamp.  I notice that I was being influenced to say June 25th, but the Oil Change transpired June 27, and this video was taken June 27th - 

To CONFIRM Actual Date, which is not June 25th as spoken but June 27, 2015 and these videos have the time stamp of when they were taken.

(To Magnify, Click on Image, Right Click - scroll to View Image - you can use the (+) to magnify the image to verify DATE and TIME )

Here are some still from the ground, which also can be MAGNIFIED and there is NOTHING to INDICATE that a OIL PAN would be LEAKING OIL ALL OVER THE PLACE - to include in my engine...

NOTE: the Service Advisor Pablo - telephone the SEASIDE POLICE on me because HE BELIEVED that I would BACK DOWN - instead I told him to call them because I needed to present my MARSY'S LAW VICTIMS BILL OF RIGHTS card, which upon arrival of the Police - it was the first THING I PRESENTED - and then WENT on to EXPLAIN that I went in for an oil change, I have no oil leaks - as the above video and photos will show - That I have been dealing with an Organized Network of Community members who believe they are above the law - and are acting like Vigilante's - that most of the time it is PETTY Theft and or Vandalism which generally does not warrant talking to police - it is DESIGNED to be that way - but it is EXTORTION and LARCENY - because it has cost me THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN REPAIRS, DAMAGES, etc.

So, the PERPS now think they can Threaten you with calling the Police on you - AFTER they CAUSED DAMAGE to YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY - and INSTEAD OF BACKING DOWN - I STOOD MY GROUND - and WAITED -



Also note - In May, 2012 - I was finally able to obtain a TEMP Job through Manpower to assist in Year End A/P Closing for California State University Monterey Bay.  I almost lost the TEMP Job because MY RADIATOR, started Leaking and then the inside vehicle Hood Latch which you pull to pop open the hood, was cut off from the cable, and carefully placed on the floor so I could see what was done  - This left me with the inability to open the hood and place any water/radiator fluid into the vehicle, until I could get it to a mechanic to fix.
1. I almost lost the TEMP position because it was claimed I did not have a Working Vehicle
2. I took the CUT plastic latch from inside my vehicle to the Marina, CA Police who
a. ridiculed me
b. refused to write a report or allow me to file a complaint about the targeting
c. told me to leave the station

 Here is a partial recording from the Marina, CA Police Station on May 11, 2012 - You will hear what sounds like a Taser and a Female Officer saying  ARE WE JUST TAKING OUT THE ONE ( possible Erasure of Lobby Surveillance Video) - and Then another Female Officer saying - COMMON GUYS This is WRONG...   It appears I was Triggered into a Post Hypnotic State from which any number of physically violent things can transpire, and I am left with NO MEMORY of what happened.  - but there is the DISTINCT sound of a TASER GUN - I had my AUDIO RECORDER hidden - but it picked up on something - and someone saying - BASICALLY TO STOP because it was WRONG... 

TASERED Asking for HELP Marina, CA Police Dept May 11, 2012: USE HEADSET or EARBUD to HEAR CLICKING


Friday, June 26, 2015

SCIENTOLOGY "FAIR GAME" Cycle of Violence and the Non Scientologist Nationwide Network of Civilian Perps

26 June 2015

There is a distinct Irony that has come into play, not just with the Documentary about Scientology entitled, "Going Clear" or the 2012 Interview by NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams, interviewing former members' during the Cruise/Holmes break-up, but yet another Article/Essay was published about being a former member, and how the Church goes on the rampage/crusades to Destroy the, "Suppressive Person" whom they consider "Fair Game" -  

... and the Mirror Image of what is taking place across this nation on the streets of America by a Nationwide Network of approximately 99% NON Scientologist's who are deploying and executing Scientology tactical operations...  ?  

What is WRONG with that Picture?

A Nationwide Network of NON Scientology CIVILIAN Coalition of the Willing's, deploying and executing Scientology "Fair Game" Tactical Operations, not on Orders via the leaders within Scientology but by leaders in positions of power, authority, and or expertise within State/Corporate, Academia, Medical and or Research America.

Activating their Recruited and Indoctrinated Nationwide Network of Civilian SLEEPER CELLS, who STRIKE OUT, with Indiscriminate acts of Physical and or Instrumental Violence, when a Targeted Victim moves into their communities, shops at or in their stores, drive on the roads, eats at their restaurants, walks down the street, works in their business'

And, they commit these acts, without Question, without Reservation, without Remorse, and most of all without Regard to the Targeted Victim's Human life and or Humanity. 

NOW - here is their MIRROR IMAGE - A Visual of What is done to a Target in this case by members of the Church of Scientology under their, "Fair Game"...  and What Targeted Former Members' deal with on a daily basis - it is a Mirror of what TI's deal with on a daily basis via Organized Community Based Harassment, Workplace Mobbing/harassment, Public Stalking/Mobbing, and Remote Electronic Harassment via their Non Scientology Community Based Harassment.  

Here are excerpts of an Essay published on about another former member, who was an actress and how her career along with everything else were totally Derailed due to relentless harassment and discrediting.

Why I Left Scientology
Carmen Llywelyn

I was a Scientologist for eight years. Although I identified as one I didn’t really understand what actually being a Scientologist fully entailed until after a couple of years of being heavily indoctrinated. The reality of Scientology is deceptively hidden and cleverly disguised. When I look at Scientology today, I have to forgive myself for not seeing through the manipulation sooner. I’ve spent the last 13 years keeping Scientology out of my life. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve realized that the religion is built on a foundation of violence. I’m proud to add my voice to the many who, despite fear of retribution and humiliation, have come forward to tell of our experiences. This is my story...

... I began to call my Scientologist friends “faux friends,” because who could be close to somebody when you know for a fact that they would betray your confidence in a heartbeat? In Scientology, your friend can become your worst enemy overnight. 

The backstabbing and creative deceitfulness I experienced in Scientology were what wounded me the most. Faux friends have no problems betraying you. A few years ago I looked up my former best friend on Facebook. I had been gone from Scientology for almost a decade and hadn’t spoken to anyone from the group, so I was very surprised to see pictures of me on her page, and even more surprised to see that she and her friends were gleefully making fun of me in the photos. They wrote captions comparing me to Anna Nicole Smith, saying I was going to end up dead just like her. They said I was “a missing person” and asked if “anyone [had] seen me” (but not in the helpful sense).

... Anything Jason did after our marriage ended is truly none of my business. But his participation in what happened to me and my family after our divorce is unforgivable. I always joke that for people to understand what ex-Scientologists go through, they’d have to take a class on it. One thing they would learn about is something called “Fair Game”—a practice Scientology uses to target its enemies. This is what happened to me after I divorced Jason and was disconnected from Scientology.

... Scientology has a sophisticated intelligence agency known as the Office of Special Affairs, which is essentially a complex system dedicated to ruining the lives of those it sees as enemies in any way possible. Those who work for the OSA do not follow the law. I didn’t believe any of this was real until I left and started to research it in the attempt to figure out the strange things that were happening to me and my family—like how and why my former best friend suddenly knew about everything about my personal life, and why she felt compelled to involve herself in it.

There was more. Vicious rumors were being spread about things I had said only while in session, which I was made to believe were private. Some rumors I knew could only come from certain people, like Jason. I got followed all the time. People in public would loudly discuss a conversation I had just had in private, word for word. Similar things occurred on social media.  (Directed Conversation is what the People in Public Discussing Something You just said or did in PRIVATE) 

Scientologists have no boundaries and their cruelties exclude no one. From my experience, Fair Game’s main tool is mind gamesThey’re very good at it and they play with your emotions. I’ve found they skirt the law and use methods like electronic surveillance and cell phones to monitor a person’s every word and every move...

The reason why this information is relevant to Targeting is in the FACT that 99% of the Recruited Nationwide Network of Perps, to include the boots on the ground civilian sleeper cells who perform a large portion of the Stalking, Community Based Harassment, Noise Campaigns, Vandalism, Theft, Electronic Harassment, etc - WOULD - Literally and Emphatically DENY that they were MEMBERS' of Scientology, and would NEVER Have anything to do with them because they are a CULT.  

And, I can say speaking to many of the Targeted Individuals (TI's) that approximately 99.5% of all TI's who Identify themselves as being TI's - are NOT members of Scientology, have no direct affiliations with the Church, have not spoken out against them, and basically have no open quarrel with them, therefore, it stands to reason, Scientologist's would not or should not have any reason to target TI's.  Not that they don't- just that this Nationwide Network of Recruited Civilian' Sleeper Cells would not identify their Groups Affiliation with Scientology - I guarantee this...  

Yet, the very OPERATIONAL PLAYBOOK, which can be viewed in the above You Tube Video, and the description Excerpts from the recent essay, will SHOW the MIRROR IMAGE - of how this Nationwide Network of recruited Civilian's conducting Community Based Harassment, and Workplace Mobbing comes from the Genesis' and Playbook of Scientology. 

The POINT - Ti's by and large are NOT being Targeted by Scientologists', yet the Tactical Civilian Boots on the Ground operations are far more in line with the, "Fair Game" tactics, even though it is my belief and one day I will obtain the MATERIAL PROOF that the DoD/JSOC and Co have been using American Cities and Streets as their Training Ground, and Field Testing of Anti-Personnel Weaponry.  

1. DoD / Information Operations

"Fair Game"  : Individuals or groups who are "Fair Game" are judged to be a threat to the Church and, according to the policy, can be punished and harassed using any and all means possible.[

This cannot be proven, but I was once told that the Church of Scientology was a front for the CIA, so they could conduct Behavioral Modifications, Brainwashing and Mind Control experiments - ? 

and to be clear those HONKING in this Video I GUARANTEE are NOT MEMBERS OF Scientology...

And, one of the most Relevant aspect and proof covered in the video, is what many TI's have claimed and accused, to include myself -  that Public Service Employees in City after City, State after State, in particular First Responders, who generally swear Oaths of Office - actively participate, conspire, deny and deprive the Victim's who show up in their Precincts' wishing to file complaints. 

This family considers what is being done to them  
(Thank goodness the Krilich  family had the financial means to purchase the video surveillance to take his Perps to Court)

20/20 with Elizabeth Vargas -

Couple Claims Entire Town Has Turned Against Them


"Public officer and employee" includes every officer and employee of the State, including the University of California, every county, city, city and county, district, and authority, including any department, division, bureau, board, commission, agency, or instrumentality of any of the foregoing.

[ Required Oath of Office ]
[ Source: ]
SEC. 3. Members of the Legislature, and all public officers and employees, executive, legislative, and judicial, except such inferior officers and employees as may be by law exempted, shall, before they enter upon the duties of their respective offices, take and subscribe the following oath or affirmation:
"I, ___________________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter. 
 "And I do further swear (or affirm) that I do not advocate, nor am I a member of any party or organization, political or other- wise, that now advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means; that within the five years immediately preceding the taking of this oath (or affirmation) I have not been a member of any party or organization, political or other-wise, that advocated the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means except as follows:

(If no affiliations, write in the words "No Exceptions") and that during such time as I hold the office of
______________________________________________ I will not advocate nor become (name of office) a member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means."

And no other oath, declaration, or test, shall be required as a qualification for any public office or employment.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


24 June 2015

The Intercept published an article on Tuesday with additional information from the Snowden Leaks.  Aside from the information about Targeting Individuals with Electronic Warfare, Human Intelligence operations being conducted at the LOCAL Levels -

Another part of the article dealt the "Reverse Engineering" and subversion of Anti-Virus Software,  which validates something else that transpired with me shortly after I moved down to Los Angeles in 2013.

I began noticing while doing various online search my ISP would DEFAULT to the SERVICE PROVIDER which at that time was Time Warner.  After moving to Koreatown in February, 2013, not only did this continue to transpire, but a SYMANTEC/NORTON VIRUS "FRAUD" Alert would pop up and BLOCK me from viewing an Official Website - or Upon Entering the Official Website and Clicking a link to an article or video segment, this Norton Virus Fraud Alert would pop up.

I was able to contact Symantec, along with the Print Screens of what was transpiring.  My analysis was
1. They were using Symantec/Norton proprietary coding for their own purposes i.e. STEALING their capabilities to NOW BLOCK me from viewing various Websites. 

2. That due to at that time the Net Neutrality fight, the Telecom was using these Government Access capabilities to LINE ITEM or LINK ITEM BLOCK a person from viewing specific websites, or linked content within a given Official Website - then defaulting those SPECIFIC Websites or Links BACK to the Service Provider with the message You need to Pay to view the Content.

Upon getting through to Symantec - they asked for permission to LOG into my computer to do some analytic tests.   They were unable to share with me "IF" they noticed anything as some analytic was running, and told me EVEN if they found something, they would NOT disclose that information to me.  Ultimately, they told me to contact APPLE and RE-INSTALL my operating system.  I contacted APPLE, and they too asked for permission to remotely LOG INTO my Computer, run different analytics' from the Start Up Disc / Operating System Disc.

There is also a BOILER PLATE response from these Corporation be it YAHOO, GOOGLE,  MICROSOFT, COMCAST, T-MOBILE, TIME WARNER, etc. etc. etc.

"WIPE/ERASE THE DRIVE and RE-INSTALL YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM -  You may lose data, but that is the ONLY option for you...  "

And, I have SCREAMED BACK with a plethora of Curse Words - NO - You need to get this information to the Engineers, and have them TRACE from the BACK-END who is INFILTRATING MY COMPUTER and BLOCKING, DISRUPTING and or DEGRADING my INTERNET and or TELECOMMUNICATIONS.

ANOTHER RESPONSE and this includes at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Headquarters in downtown L.A. regarding CONTINUED Cyber and Telecommunication  Exploitation and Attack


as such I have kept electronics that run off internet and replaced them as opposed to wiping these drives clean - because I TRULY BELIEVE there IS Material Evidence to WHAT they are doing inside the operating systems of these Electronics i.e. cell phone, computers, etc...  

These are the screen shot of what was transpiring, and what  I sent to Symantec/Norton about my inability to access legitimate websites i.e. Democracy Now! links into the Official Site, or upon gaining access inside these websites, was denied access to specific Links, in the case of Democracy Now, Specific Segments I wanted to view, and the following Norton Confidential Message would appear and literally Block me from entering the website. 
(To Magnify Image:  CLICK ON Document - RIGHT CLICK & Scroll to  VIEW IMAGE use (+) to magnify screen shots. )

Time Warner DNSSearch Default to ISP provider Time Warner -
Print screen is my attempting to access
Note the right sidebar links
Upgrade your service
Check your TWCBS e-mail
Contact Us

(To Magnify Image:  CLICK ON Document - RIGHT CLICK & Scroll to  VIEW IMAGE use (+) to magnify screen shots. )

Here is Symantec Logging Into and Connecting with My Computer 

IN REFERENCE TO CISCO ROUTERS - This one took COMMAND and CONTROL over the RESIDENTIAL Time Warner Modem and Wireless Router, and No One in the Building was able to ACCESS the Internet without having the CISCO Guest Server Password...


... Also targeted by the agency’s warrants are hardware products such as large computer network routers, critical pieces of infrastructure. Hacking Cisco routers “has been good business for us and our 5-eyespartners for some time now,” boasts a 2012 NSA document previously published by The Intercept. 
The warrant memo describes GCHQ’s “capability against Cisco routers,” specifically that “GCHQ’s [hacking] operations against in-country communications switches (routers) have also benefited from SRE.” That has enabled the agency not only to access “almost any user of the internet” inside the entire country of Pakistan — but also “to re-route selective traffic across international links toward GCHQ’s passive collection systems.” The Guardian previously described, but did not publish, this memo.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


16 June 2015

I want to start by saying a MAJOR HUGE THANK YOU to Journalist Dahr Jamail publishing his findings on the United States Military's use of Electromagnetic Weapons Field Testing and War-games off the West Coastal areas.

Journalist Dahr Jamail was on Democracy Now this morning, and was discussing the DoD/Navy in the Arctic doing field exercises in sonic weaponry and blowing up several rounds of LIVE munitions in that part of the Ocean for Military War-games.

But during the course of his interview they brought up ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS Field Testing - Jamail said he was SURPRISED no other news outlets picked up on his reporting, to include Target's like me - but this for little known or passed up news article is CRITICAL for All Targeted Individual's to not only read, but finally be validated to some extent that the DoD is FIELD TESTING Directed Energy Weapons - IN LIVE TRAINING, WARGAMES and FIELD TESTING  - ON AMERICAN SOIL - into CIVILIAN POPULATED REGIONS - and WHERE WILDLIFE flourish...

Dahr Jamail | Navy Plans Electromagnetic War Games Over National Park and Forest in Washington State

Monday, 10 November 2014 11:34 By Dahr Jamail, Truthout | Report

Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest in Washington State are two of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the United States. Majestic glacier-clad peaks rise above temperate rainforest-covered hills. Gorgeous rivers tumble down from the heights and the areas are home to several types of plants and animal species that exist nowhere else on earth.

These protected national commons are also the areas in and near where the US Navy aims to conduct its Northwest Electromagnetic Radiation Warfare training program, wherein it will fly 36 of its EA-18G "Growler" supersonic jet warplanes down to 1,200 feet above the ground in some areas in order to conduct war games with 14 mobile towers. Enough electromagnetic radiation will be emitted so as to be capable of melting human eye tissue, and causing breast cancer, childhood leukemia and damage to human fetuses, let alone impacting wildlife in the area.

If it gets its way, this means the Navy would be flying Growler jets, which are electronic attack aircraft that specialize in radar jamming, in 2,900 training exercises over wilderness, communities and cities across the Olympic Peninsula for 260 days per year, with exercises lasting up to 16 hours per day.

No public notices for the Navy's plans were published in any media that directly serve the Olympic Peninsula; hence the Navy initially reported that it had received no public comments on its "environmental assessment" for the war games.

One barely advertised public comment meeting was held in the small town of Forks, a several hour drive from the larger towns and cities that will be impacted by the war games. When asked to schedule more public comment meetings, the Navy refused.
But word spread. Tens of thousands of residents across the peninsula became furious, and widespread and growing public outcry forced the Navy to extend the public comment period until November 28 and schedule more public meetings.

It is not news that the Navy has been conducting electronic warfare exercises for years, but it might come as a surprise for people to learn that according to the US Navy's Information Dominance Roadmap 2013-2028, the Navy states it "will require new capabilities to fully employ integrated information in warfare by expanding the use of advanced electronic warfare."
What is at stake is not just whether the military is allowed to use protected public lands in the Pacific Northwest for its war games, but a precedent being set for them to do so across the entire country.

The Die Is Cast
The Navy already has an area in Mountain Home, Idaho, that is available for such war gaming.
Nevertheless, according to the Navy's "environmental assessment," it opted not to fly the 400 miles to Idaho in order to save jet fuel and enable their personnel to have more time with their families.

The war games would include the use of large RV-sized trucks equipped with electromagnetic generating equipment that would be dispersed along 14 sites in Olympic National Forest and several right along the boundary of Olympic National Park. While no trucks would, in theory, be allowed inside Olympic National Park, the warplanes would most likely be crossing over the park on a regular basis.

The exercises would be conducted by naval warplanes launching from the US Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island that would fly over the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula in order to reach the West Coast, where they would fly inland over national forestland and Olympic National Park, in order to target the vehicles' aimed electromagnetic radiation.
According to the Navy's so-called environmental assessment, the purpose of these war games is to train to deny the enemy "all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation (i.e. electromagnetic energy) for use in such applications as communication systems, navigation systems and defense related systems and components."
Six of the radiation emitting truck sites would be within 10 miles of the Quinault Reservation, and at least six of them would be right along the border of Olympic National Park.

His concerns like many others in this region has to do with the Eco Life, and the FACT during the time the Navy will be conducting these live ammunition bombing war games, Truthout requested comment from the Quinault and received this statement from Fawn Sharp, the president of the Quinault Indian Nation:

The Quinault Indian Nation has spoken with the Navy regarding the electronic warfare range proposal due to our ongoing concerns for our people and our wildlife in our usual and accustomed hunting grounds. Our people have lived here for thousands of years. We have always depended upon the fishing, hunting and gathering resources here, and managed these resources for the benefit of current and future generations. Today we co-manage these resources with our fellow sovereigns, the state and federal governments. The Navy has responded to our questions, on a government-to-government basis. At this time our only additional comment is that we will be monitoring the Navy's activities, to assure there is no harm to the resources we manage and must protect for the sake of our people, our heritage and our generations to come.

The Navy claimed it had served notice to the Makah, Quileute, Hoh and Quinault tribes, all located in close proximity to the proposed war games areas.

John Moshier, the Navy's northwest environmental manager for the US Pacific Fleet, has stated that their planes would be flying as low as 1,200 feet above the ground.

Yet the Navy's environmental impact assessment does not even mention noise pollution or the sound of the Navy's jets, and lists "no significant impacts" for public health and safety, biological resources, noise, air quality or visual resources.
Tens of thousands of outraged residents from around the Olympic Peninsula have expressed their opposition via letters to the US Forest Service, public meetings, letters to the editor in newspapers across the peninsula, flooding article comment sections and via social media.

David King, the mayor of Port Townsend, a town on the Northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula, has voiced his opposition to the plan, along with numerous other public officials from around the Olympic Peninsula, in addition to the thousands of angry residents.

"This is bringing militarism home in a very direct way, in one of the most pristine parts of the country," Linda Sutton, a retired teacher who lives in Port Townsend, told Truthout. "Most of the people who live here do so because we are free of this kind of militarism. And people who visit here, come here for the natural beauty and environment, and if we allow this place to be turned into a war-gaming area, it is reprehensible."

"No Significant Impact?"
According to the National Park Service, the top two purposes of a national park are:
  • To preserve and protect the natural and cultural resources for future generations.
  • To provide opportunities to experience, understand and enjoy the park consistent with the preservation of resources in a state of nature.
As for national forests, according to US Code 475, which outlines the purposes for which national forests were established and how they are to be administered:
No national forest shall be established, except to improve and protect the forest within the boundaries, or for the purpose of securing favorable conditions of water flows, and to furnish a continuous supply of timber for the use and necessities of citizens of the United States; but it is not the purpose or intent of these provisions, or of said section, to authorize the inclusion therein of lands more valuable for the mineral therein, or for agricultural purposes, than for forest purposes.
The Navy's war-gaming plans are most likely in violation of the stated purposes of the National Park Service, in addition to being in violation of the aforementioned US code.
The Navy's so-called environmental assessment, which they claim includes plans for "protecting people and large animals," reported "no significant impact" would result from the $11.5 million warfare training project, which aims to be operational by September 2015.
The report, however, failed to provide specifics on either the maximum potential exposure or the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation emitters from the trucks to be used in the war games.

"Experimental evidence has shown that exposure to low intensity radiation can have a profound effect on biological processes."

Nevertheless, Dean Millett, the district ranger for the Pacific district of the Olympic National Forest, had issued a draft notice of a decision in which he had agreed with the Navy's finding of "no significant impact," which has cleared the way for a Forest Service special permit to be issued to the Navy for the war games. Millet, however, insists that the decision is his to make, but has not made a final decision yet.

Under massive public pressure, however, Millett reopened public comment because of what he claimed was "renewed interest . . . from members of the public who were unaware of the proposal."
Mike Welding, the Naval Air Station at Whidbey Island spokesman, recently admitted to reporters that any antennas emitting electromagnetic energy produce radiation.

"As a general answer, if someone is in the exclusion area for more than 15 minutes, that's a ballpark estimate for when there would be some concern for potential to injure, to receive burns," he said.

The Navy's "environmental assessment" (EA) states, "There are no conclusive direct hazards to human tissue as a result of electromagnetic radiation," and, "Links to DNA fragmentation, leukemia, and cancer due to intermittent exposure to extremely high levels of electromagnetic radiation are speculative; study data are inconsistent and insufficient at this time."
However, in direct contradiction to the Navy's responses along with their so-called environmental assessment, in 1994, the US Air Force published the report, "Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards: A Review."

Page 18 of the report states: "Nonthermal disruptions have been observed to occur at power densities that are much lower than are necessary to induce thermal effects. Soviet researchers have attributed alterations in the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system to the nonthermal effect of low level RF/MW radiation exposure."
The report concludes, "Experimental evidence has shown that exposure to low intensity radiation can have a profound effect on biological processes." (emphasis added)

"The planned range may alter the attractiveness of this region as a destination for tourists and there is potential for significant economic impact.

Furthermore, the "EA" quotes from a study (Focke et al. 2009) that deals with extremely low frequency radiation (50 hertz) only and is thus completely irrelevant to the gigahertz radiation being proposed (1 gigahertz equals 1 billion hertz).
The Navy has not provided any relevant studies that prove no long-term effects to flora and fauna for their proposed 4,680 hours per year of exposure.

Nor does the "EA" factor in the electromagnetic radiation from the Navy's Growler jets, as the jets will be using it to locate ground transmitters.

Peer-reviewed, published scientific studies about the harmful effects to humans of electromagnetic radiation abound.
quick search on Google Scholar for "Electromagnetic fields risk to humans" produces over 63,000 results, most of which are published scientific studies that chronicle the deleterious impact of electromagnetic fields to the human organism.

One study, titled "Leukemia and Occupational Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields: Review of Epidemiologic Surveys," states in its abstract: "Results for total leukemia show a modest excess risk for men in exposed occupations, with an enhanced risk elevation for acute leukemia and especially acute myelogenous leukemia."
A report titled "Biological effects from electromagnetic field exposure and public exposure standards," published in the journal Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy in 2008, concluded:
Health endpoints reported to be associated with ELF and/or RF include childhood leukemia, brain tumors, genotoxic effects, neurological effects and neurodegenerative diseases, immune system deregulation, allergic and inflammatory responses, breast cancer, miscarriage and some cardiovascular effects. The BioInitiative Report concluded that a reasonable suspicion of risk exists based on clear evidence of bioeffects at environmentally relevant levels, which, with prolonged exposures may reasonably be presumed to result in health impacts.
Electromagnetic radiation's impact on wildlife is very well documented, as thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies have been published on the topic.

In May 2014, a study titled "Electromagnetic Interference Disrupts Bird Navigation, Hints at Quantum Action" was published in the journal Nature. "Researchers found out that very weak electromagnetic fields disrupt the magnetic compass used by European robins and other songbirds to navigate using the Earth's magnetic field," according to the study.
That same month another study, "Sensory biology: Radio waves zap the biomagnetic compass," was also published in Nature. "Weak radio waves in the medium-wave band are sufficient to disrupt geomagnetic orientation in migratory birds, according to a particularly well-controlled study," Nature reports. It added, "Interference from electronics . . . can disrupt the internal magnetic compasses of migratory birds."

A 2013 study published in Environment International, "A review of the ecological effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF)," concluded, "In about two-third[s] of the reviewed studies ecological effects of RF-EMF [were] reported at high as well as at low dosages."

A June 2011 study published in Ecosphere, titled "Impacts of Acute and Long-Term Vehicle Exposure on Physiology and Reproductive Success of the Northern Spotted Owl," found that while the spotted owl is able to compensate for a low level of increased noise pollution and vehicle presence up to a threshold, "beyond which disturbance impacts may be greatly magnified - and even cause system collapse." The northern spotted owl is an endangered species.

While more studies on the impact of electromagnetic radiation on larger animals are underway and the results pending, the negative impacts on birds in the proposed war-gaming areas are clear.


The Gulf of Alaska is one of the most pristine places left on Earth; the region includes critical habitat for all five wild Alaskan salmon species and 377 other species of marine life.

Bombing the Arctic: US Navy War Games in Gulf of Alaska Threaten One of World’s Most Pristine Areas

The U.S. Navy is set to begin a major war exercise in the Gulf of Alaska amid protests from local communities concerned about environmental damage. The Navy is reportedly unleashing thousands of sailors, soldiers, airmen, marines and Coast Guard members along with several Navy destroyers, hundreds of aircrafts, untold weaponry and a submarine for the naval exercises. The Gulf of Alaska is one of the most pristine places left on Earth; the region includes critical habitat for all five wild Alaskan salmon species and 377 other species of marine life. The Navy’s planned live bombing runs will entail the detonation of tens of thousands of pounds of toxic munitions, as well as the use of active sonar in fisheries. The Navy has conducted war games in the Gulf of Alaska, on and off, for the last 30 years, but these new exercises are the largest by far. They come at a time when scientists are increasingly worried about climate change causing Arctic melting. Meanwhile, the unprecedented melting has created an opportunity for the military to expand its operations into previously inaccessible terrain. We are joined by Dahr Jamail, staff reporter at Truthout, whose latest piece is "Destroying What Remains: How the US Navy Plans to War Game the Arctic."