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"FACE VALUE" Means LESS than ZERO When a Targeted Victim Attempts to Identify The Good from the Perpetrator Community

April 30, 2014

"FACE VALUE" is no longer the Gauge of Assessing the Credibility of an Individual.  In particular, when it comes to those "Perps" recruited into this State, Corporate and Academia Sponsored, Sanctioned, and Covered Up Domestic Terrorist Activities.  It is also akin to something called:  White-Collar Crime from which the Civilian Perpetrator Communities are actively engaged in committing any number of the listed crimes on behalf of State/Corporate America, in particular against Targeted Victim's who have been Blacklisted and Targeted for Destruction.  Another from of what transpires against a Targeted Individual is called Military Deception, page 8 and 9 -

If, anything, those "least likely, in particular in appearance/looks" are the ones who tend to pathologically lie about and against the Target in order to Character and Credibility Assassinate the Target in their "Hearts and Minds" crusade to win over their "target audience aka general public", and are actively involved in committing some of the most violent, heinous and egregious crimes against the Targeted Individual. 

In order to better understand the Dynamics to what Organized/Cause/Gang Stalking in the form of Residential and Community Based Street Terrorism and Harassment is -

You have to be able to identify the 21st Century / New Generation of Criminal's - they Hide in Plain Sight, are much Harder to Recognize because they are NOT coming from the Stereo Typical LOOKING: Street Gangs, Organized Crime Syndicates, Hoodlums, and Street Criminals.

The New Wave of PERPETRATOR'S Recruited by State and Corporate America to Target Individuals Listed for Human Destruction will look like, and be one or more of the following:

Another way to begin understanding the Psychological Dynamics of these 21st Century recruited for State and Corporate Targeting i.e. the Civilian Informant/Snitch and Sleeper Cells Community,  - being Groomed to Commit Targeted Democide for the State.  

Would be to do Case Studies on the Following Individual's where Eduction, Sociology-Economics, Family Upbringing/Dynamics, and most of all Appearances/Looks do not necessarily reek of innocence, but in some cases the Remorseless, Cold Hearts and Nature of the Individual/s

Scott Peterson

Casey Anthony (????found not guilty????)

Amanda Knox (in the Most Recent Justification by Italy, they not only now claim she struck the final blow, but also it was done in Group Formation, in order to Bully and Humiliate the Dead Victim)

Here is another Example of Looks Can be Deceiving, when Judging the "WHO" is capable of Inflicting Torture to the point of Death upon another Human Being. 

Scroll forward to  1:26/5:59 minutes into the Video EMMA the MOST INNOCENT becomes Capable, via the Power of Authority Figure of Inflicting the Most Severe and Brutal Torture Upon another Human Being.

Just a REMINDER - At First Glance, Most Would Never have Suspected Below Individual's - with Exception of Wade Michael Page, of doing what they did.

This is WHY, it is CRITICAL for Target's to Understand, that just like these Men, the Civilian Perpetrator Community under the Guise of Neighborhood Watch/Community Liason, State/Corporate Sponsored Informants/Snitches and Sleeper Cells - working on behalf of State/Corporate America are not only Capable, but have in fact Targeted, Stalked, Terrorized, Tortured, and in some cases Murdered Innocent Targeted Individual's - but HAVE NEVER been brought to FULL SCALE CRIMINAL JUSTICE. 

Top Left: First three Photos Jared Laughner Arizona Shooter,  James Holmes (Colorado/Batman Shooter) : Bottom Left (2) Images of Adam Lanza (CT Schoolyard Shooter), Wade Page (Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooter), Geddy Kramer, (Georgia FedEx Shooter) -

Other than Wade Page the Sikh Temple Shooter, most would not think they could do what they did.  Also note Wade Page was trained in the United States Military's Psychological Operations Unit. 

PSYOP TACTIC: Use of LAPD in Targeting for Intimidation Purposes

April 30, 2014

The following You Tube Video will Outline the Use of Local Law Enforcement Agencies in the Overall Street Terrorism that transpires against a Targeted Individual. 

The PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION is Utilized for the Purpose of Visual and Psychological Intimidation, and generally the "Incidents" is generally Orchestrated Street Theater, whereby the "Incident" will be:

Where Each Date of Incident Starts in You Tube Video

0:01/5:39 : March 21, 2014 - LAPD Arrives to 905/907 S. Catalina, with Non Lethal Weapons - RE: Lone Veteran with 9mm, holed up in his former residence, stating he was going to kill himself. ONLY PROBLEM - no Police, No Fire, No EMT VEHICLES on this day, just BLACK and WHITE with GUNS and Less Lethal Munitions i.e. taser, rubber bullets, etc (Total Orchestrated Street Theater)

2:23/5:39 : March 29, 2014: Transpired on the North/East Corner of 800/900 Block of S. Catalina and James E Wood. To date I have not found Any Information about what Transpired on March 29 incident - But Law Enforcement was on scene till approximately 2 AM March 30, 2014.

4:34/5:39 : April 29, 2014: Typical out of control behavior from a Recruited and Active Participating Residential Perp, who will GET THEMSELVES INTO SOME MESS, from which LAPD is called to FIX the MESS they got into.

The following is the Conspiracy Against Rights, and Obstruction of Justice - whereby, Recruited Civilian Perps are provided with inside Law Enforcement Information in order to conveniently be gone from the premises, should LAPD be required to investigate, based upon a Formal Complaint. 

 LAPD Obstruction of Justice Arrives Almost (30) days after a March 30, 2014 Assault on Tenant Matt

Monday, April 28, 2014


The following is a Psychiatric Evaluation for Guantanamo Bay, Detainee since 2001 - 
Shaker Aamer 

This becomes a, "SMOKING GUN" against ALL THOSE who have actively participated in my Targeting, in terms of Repeated Complaints of Noise - How is it this a "SMOKING GUN" of Proof for Targeted Individual's in reference to being Tortured by Military Grade Less Lethal, Direct Energy, Radio Frequency, Electromagnetic, Acoustic Weapons Advancements.

Below is an Excerpt of Mr. Shaker Aamer's description of Projection of Sound into his Prison Cell,  there is NO WAY this Detainee who has been in United States Military Custody since 2001 - would have any idea what American and Global Targeted Individual's have flooded and documented ALL OVER THE INTERNET in reference to their TARGETING, on the Streets of American, and other Countries  - Describing the EXACT same Devices Projecting Acoustic Frequencies being Projected Into their Living Spaces, Utilizing the Same Type of Devices - and - Suffering the Same Type of Negative Biological Effects. :   I have documented the various Acoustic Noise Harassment, some of which require Headsets in order to pick up on the extreme low frequency vibroacoustic resonances blasting
(click ABOUT Video to see Extensive links to You Tube Video Uploads at Different Locations Recording Various External Acoustics being Blasted into the Privacy of My Living Space.


Conditions of interrogation and confinement 
Case 1:04-cv-02215-RMC Document 255-2 Filed 04/07/14

The following is a report by EMILY A.KERAM, MD 
I am board certified in Psychiatry and Neurology with a sub-specialization board
certification in Forensic Psychiatry. I have been in practice for over 20 years. I have
treated patients with Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) secondary to both combat
stress and Prisoner of War confinement, at the US Department of Veterans Affairs
Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Santa Rosa, CA for 14 years. I have worked 
as a clinician and a forensic evaluator in a number of jails and prisons in the 
Federal Bureau of Prisons, state prisons, and local detention facilities in North Carolina and 
California. I am familiar with accepted standards of conditions of confinement and 
provision of medical and mental health services to individuals incarcerated in local, 
state, and federal confinement facilities in the United States.

I have evaluated several GTMO detainees over the past ten years at
the request of the Office of Military Commissions-Defense Counsel, the United States District Court, District of Columbia, and several habeas attorneys. The following are some of the issues
I have evaluated in previous assessments of GTMO detainees   

Mr. Aamer has been continuously detained since late 2001. He was first held by the
Northern Alliance. On approximately December 24, 2001 he entered American custody
and was held in Kabul for several days. He was transferred to Kabul Airfield after
several days where he remained for approximately one month. He was subsequently held
at Kandahar Airfield until his transfer to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, where he
arrived on February 14, 2002. We discussed his conditions of confinement in each
 EXCERPT Page 12 of 20

Re: Shaker Aamer
Mr. Aamer endorsed paranoid ideation. He believes there is a device implanted 
behind the wall of his cell that was originally accessed via the utility room and 
is used to introduce some type of beam into his cell 

They are highly advanced in harming human beings. They have devices and 
the devices have some way of maybe beaming, maybe electromagnetism or 
some kind of radiation, but it can harm your body from a distance.

another excerpt is the false belief in the Supernatural

The worst thing about torture is that you don’t know how to think, 
what to do, how to feel. You know you have your mind, but you don’t now how to
react, which is horrible because you feel vulnerable. It’s terrible. We believed that 
the people here; the CIA, the interrogators, use ‘djinn.’ [spirits] The evil djinn
Some of the things that happened, you can’t explain. Some people with think that 
it was drugs or something, but 95% of us believe we got possessed by djinn.” 
"Dirty Wars" book tour.    (scroll down to 3 minute discussion with Chomsky about a
GITMO Detainee. 
I have proof of the existence of the device in my cell. Three times I have heard a
certain steady noise and then had fever, failure of my body to move, shaking, a
feeling of being in a trance, joint pain, and an abnormal heartbeat. I can tell the
concentration of the noise or field. It varies in different places in my cell. I can
move my head to different heights and feel the field strengthen and weaken. 
I think the device is behind the toilet [of his current cell] because they always
used to put me in a side cell but since March 2013 I’m always in the first or
second cell. Most of the time they only do it [activate the device] when other
detainees are far away. I believe they isolate me so they can do it without the
other detainees hearing it or feeling it, so it makes it seem like I’ve lost my mind.”

When asked if he believes the device is real or somehow the product of his mind, Mr. Aamer replied, 
“It’s one of two things. Either the device is really there or it’s a gimmick. They
want me to think there’s a device there and make me believe it by pretending to
check the device at the same time they say to me, ‘You look terrible, are you
feeling okay?’” 
Mr. Aamer finds it suspicious that guards used to open and close the
utility door so often. “Why else why they do that if there’s no device there?” Recently a Filipino electrician employed by a base contractor worked in
the utility room. Mr. Aamer believes he installed a remote control to operate the device. “Since the Filipino came and installed the remote, they [the guards] never open the door to the utility roomagain.” 

Whenever he hears the noise from the device, Mr. Aamer checks the strength and concentration of the field.

4. Review of systems
1.  Headaches (likely migraine) with aura, usually lasting six to eight hours,
occasionally lasting up to 24 hours and usually resolving with sleep; Headaches
may be triggered by exposure to certain fumes, such as the cleaning fluid, Pine
Sol, which is used in his housing. 
2.  Tinnitus consisting of three tones; a constant high pitch, a constant low pitch, and a “thrumming” that sounds like “a hummingbird’s wings.”
3.  Bilateral ear pain
4.  Worsening vision
5.  Asthma symptoms triggered by exposure to dust, cold, and fumes
6.  Urinary retention
7.  Bilateral kidney pain, left greater than right
8.  Chronic constipation
9.  Lower extremity edema 
5. Physical exam
Physical exam was limited by the conditions of the evaluation by my
medical specialty. Of serious concern was the presence of bilateral lower extremity pitting edema, which worsened over the course of the day, from 1+ to 3+.
Additionally, the junction of Mr. Aamer’s ear canal and tympanic membrane was red and weepy bilaterally. Tympanic membranes were visualized bilaterally. 
6. Current medical concerns
1.  Pitting edema
2.  Urinary retention
3.  Migraine headaches
4.  Asthma
5.  GERD (reflux)
6.  Constipation
7.  Tinniuts (ringing in ears)
8.  Otitis media (inflamed middle ear)
9.  Rule-out refractive error 

In addition, what this now proves for Targeted Individual's such as myself who has Documented the External Noise/Frequencies being Blasted into the Privacy of My living Space - that is set up, within your private living space, and UTILIZED FOR HARASSMENT and TORTURE - that what is being done behind the Prison's of Guantanamo Bay, and other Military Detention Facilities - are what is being CONDUCTED on the STREETS OF AMERICA - upon and against Solo Targeted Individual's -  

Although, this Psychiatrist, states this man has Paranoid Ideation's upon describing the "DEVICE" behind the wall of his Prison Cell, she is not acknowledging, or being told not to identify the Military Grade Acoustic Weapons Arsenal, long since published as a Less Lethal Anti-Personnel Methods for Crowd Control - Projection of Sound i.e. Directional Ultrasound or Ultrasonic in the form of Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD), Hypersonic Sound System, Audio Spotlight, which focus a High Frequency Beam of Ultrasound/Ultrasonic Beam, or Solid Drive Speakers Built into the Walls -  - 

She also appears to be ignorant of the following Medical Information in reference to exposure to Various Acoustic frequeny ranges over a long period of time called Vibroacoustic Disease, and some of the Negative Biological Symptoms Mr. Shaker Aamer suffers from can be found in the Stages of this Disease - only for the Detainee, and Targeted Individual's these Acoustic Weapons are being deliberately BLASTED at the Target. 

The stages of Vibroacoustic Disease are as follows:
Stage 1 - MILD (1-4 years) Slight mood swings, indigestion, heartburn, mouth/throat infections, bronchitis
Stage 2 - MODERATE (4-10 years) Chest pain, definite mood swings, back pain, fatigue, skin infections (fungal, viral, and parasitic), inflammation of stomach lining, pain and blood in urine, conjunctivitis, allergies.
Stage 3 - SEVERE (> 10 years) psychiatric disturbances, hemorrhages (nasal, digestive, conjunctive mucosa) varicose veins, hemorrhoids, duodenal ulcers, spastic colitis, decrease in visual acuity, headaches, severe joint pain, intense muscular pain, neurological disturbances. (Source - MONITORING VIBROACOUSTIC DISEASE, by Branco, Pimenta, Ferreira, and Alves -Pereira)

From the National Institute of Health

The clinical stages of vibroacoustic disease.



Vibroacoustic disease (VAD) is an occupational disease occurring in susceptible workers who have had long-term exposure (> or = 10 yr) to large pressure amplitude (> or =90 dB SPL) and low frequency noise (< or = 500 Hz)...

RESULTS based upon the following decibles of exposure

We have classified VAD in function of the time it took for 50% of the population to acquire the relevant sign or symptom. Stage I, mild signs (behavioral and mood associated with repeated infections of the respiratory tract, e.g., bronchitis); Stage II, moderate signs (depression and aggressiveness, pericardial thickening and other extracellular matrix changes, light to moderate hearing impairment, and discrete neurovascular disorders); Stage III, severe signs (myocardial infarction, stroke, malignancy, epilepsy, and suicide).

The following STORY from my Google+ has link after link describing the Less Lethal Anti Personnel Weapons Capabilities, to include Field Testing, and Biological Effects.  

In addition, below You Tube Video of a Registration Form I received for the Directed Energy Weapons Symposium, 2014, what this shows is not only do the Non Lethal Directed Energy Weapons Exist, but for the Classified Meetings/Sessions you must have Top Secret Security Clearance, and No Foreigners (NOFORN) are allowed into these meetings/sessions

DoD/NSA - Classified Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) Symposium Reg. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014



in putting a FULL STOP
to Such Blatant, Corrupted HYPOCRISY

It becomes necessary to have alternative Boots on the Ground Reconnaissance when dealing with this State, Corporate and Academia Sponsored, Sanctioned, and Covered Up, Domestic Terrorist Activities - utilizing their Vast number of Civilian Informants/Snitch and Sleeper Cells who can be ACTIVATED whenever a "Targeted Individual", "Targeted Group", or "Targeted Organization" is placed on the LIST to be Silenced and/or Neutralized.

As such the following now applies where my targeting is concerned

I need the assistance of the Local Gangs and Organized Crime, who can do reconnaissance in order to obtain the information necessary to bring these State/Corporate Sponsored Informant/Snitches and Community Sleeper Cells to JUSTICE -

I need your help due to the literal and utter failure on the part of Law Enforcement Agencies at the Local, State, and Federal Level, who in many cases actively participate and/or Cover Up the Crimes these Recruited Civilian's are being allowed to get away with, to the point of Attempted Murder, and Murder in the First of Targeted Victim's who repeated came forward to ALL proper authorities at the Local, State, and Federal Levels, Non-Government Organizations, Lawyer after Lawyer, Law Firm after Law Firm, ONLY TO be RIDICULED, MOCKED, LOCKED UP, and/or THROWN OUT of their Offices.  

The Current Operations are a Trickle Down of Department of Defense/National Security Tactics, in Information Operations/Asymmetrical Warfare Tactics, for recruitment and training, under  False Flag Operations:   These are modern day COINTELPRO tactics, with much help from advancement in quantum computing, and algorithm sorting, in surveillance capabilities, to include cyber, and telecommunication surveillance, along with directed energy, less lethal anti-personnel capabilities.

What is being conducted in the state of California is something called Gang/Organized Stalking, Cause Stalking, and Remote Electronic Harassment - but the legal terms is called Street Terrorism:  Residential and Community Street Terrorism,


These Operations are NOT being conducted by the stereo type Street Gangs and Organized Crime Syndicates, they are being sponsored, sanctioned and covered up by the Above Listed Law Enforcement Agencies, under the guise of Neighborhood Watch/Community Liason Programs established Post 9/11, but already working since 1991 during "Operation Weed and Seed," which is no longer operational. 

It is a SMEAR, FEAR, HATE, RETALIATION and REVENGE CAMPAIGN - via Psychological Operation Team or Teams that Drop Ship into Communities where Targeted Individual's reside, and begin the process of Smearing that Target in the eyes of that Community.  Upon gaining the Communities Trust - They are then provided with Tactics, Techniques, and Weaponized Technologies to Fire Indiscriminately Upon and Against the Targeted Victim - in order to Provoke the Target into some form of Destruction to their Living Lives, by Orchestrating Situations in order to get them arrested, get them locked up, get them evicted, get them labeled, get them fired from their jobs, lose their finances, lose their families, friends, etc.

Once the Character and Credibility Assassination of a Targeted Victims has succeeded within said Communities  i.e. Slander and Libel Campaigns against them - What follows are the following: Mayhem, Vandalism, Breaking and Entering, Theft, Overt Stalking, Harassment, Group Stalking/Mobbing, Intimidation, Hate Crimes, Assault, Torture, Entrapment, Set Ups, Attempted Murder, and Murder in the First, all of which are considered Felonies, and would be considered under 'ANY" other circumstances i.e. gangs or organized crime, to be criminal activities; charged under various laws, and if found guilty... incarcerated.  

YET - these same crimes are being actively conducted, deployed and executed by these Residential and Community Street Terrorism Groups, and NOTHING happens to them.  

For that matter they are Rewarded in some form for having successfully Intimidated, and Terrorized an Innocent Target out of their Neighborhoods.   

CONSEQUENCE for ACTIONS - is something these Residential and Community Perps have yet to truly sustain because their criminal acts and actions are being sponsored, sanctioned, and covered up mainly by State and Corporate America - along with Academia.  

What I need: 
BOOTS on the GROUND who can start monitoring the streets i.e. STALK the STALKER - Obtaining any and all information about this State/Corporate Sponsored NATIONWIDE NETWORK of Community Informants/Snitches and Sleeper Cells -

And... whatever it takes to OBTAIN that information -so this State/Corporate Legally Sanctioned Domestic Terrorism and Domestic Terrorist Activities can STOP, and those involved at the local, state, and federal levels Outed for their criminal participation, Outed Corporate entities assisting, and identified individual civilian organization/s, and civilian/s involved can be prosecuted for what "EVERYONE ELSE" who conducts such operations are charged, tried, and convicted of.

Additional Resources and Descriptions of what is Transpiring Against Every Aspect of Law Abiding, Unarmed, Defenseless Targeted Individual's who are being "BLITZED" by State/Corporate Tactical Operations in order to Silence and Neutralize them.  


New Snowden Doc Reveals How GCHQ/NSA Use The Internet To 'Manipulate, Deceive And Destroy Reputations

Friday, April 25, 2014

Premeditated Attempted Aggravated Assault: TACTIC: Blast Near Boiling Hot Water on You While You Shower

April 25, 2014

Below is a video to Capture what transpires at this Hostile Residential Location by a Variety of Recruited Resident Street Terrorist's for this Domestic Terrorist Organization.

I was going in to take a shower, when I had actually come out of the Bathroom to get something.  The Resident in the Video basically was CAUGHT staring the wash, thinking that I was already in the bathroom - Thus, upon staring my shower, the WATER PRESSURE and TEMPERATURE - would be MANIPULATED.

The only problem, he started the wash to fast to disappear, which is the standard of what has since transpired.  These Perp Resident's usually WAIT until I am in the shower, then start the Wash - or Start Tampering with the Water Pressure and Water Temperature.

It just so happened that I came out of the bathroom to get something, and caught this Resident RED HANDED in a PERP MOVE that I have long since talked about, but now have ON VIDEO -  Upon asking this Resident to wait because I was going in for my shower, his immediate response was, "I, Can't!".  He then proceeded to fill the Washing Machine, and Start the Wash.

Due to the FACT that when the Washing Machine is being Used while someone is in the shower on my side, it will
1. Take Away All the WATER PRESSURE
2. Whatever Temperature the Wash is i.e. HOT or COLD it will
a. significantly REDUCE to shut down that Temperature - this means if I am in the shower and someone starts a COLD wash, the Cold Water shuts down in the shower, and I am Blasted with near Boiling Hot Water, as this building has Extremely HOT water.  The same goes for if the HOT water is being utilized, then I am being Blasted with Cold Water.

But the HOT WATER BLASTING is the MOST DANGEROUS due to the Water in this building being NEAR BOILING - HOT, and I have been SCALDED on NUMEROUS OCCASION'S due to Recruited Residential Perps who actively and aggressively participate in this Residential Harassment, constantly Tampering with the Water Pressure and Water Temperature, while I am in the shower.  

I have already complained to the Building Owner, Song Cha Choe, and Rental Agent Keith Kim about this taking place.  The building owner was supposed to have notified the other residents not to utilize the washing machine when this side of the building is taking a shower.  And the Building Manager usually tells that person to WAIT - when the shower is going.

What I have not been able to do other than audio tamping me SCREAMING when I am being Burned Alive in the Shower, or Frozen with Cold during the Winter - Or attempting to Rinse my hair out, while the Water pressure is being reduced to nothing - I have not been able to get a Video of a Residential Perp in Action - Caught because I came out of the Bathroom, and then Video Taped the Perp as he REFUSED TO STOP  - but most IMPORTANTLY - that HE was doing a COLD WASH - which means, had not come out, been in the shower -


This is why at this point, I consider any of these Residents who are actively participating in this Residential Street Terrorism to be considered Dangerous to my Safety and Security, because these Residents' are fully aware that by Tampering with the Cold Water - it will cause me to be BLASTED WITH SCALDING HOT WATER - as such, with the Bed Bug Incident, Finding Out by the other former Tenant Matt, how the Owner Wanted me out of the building, along with another Resident Michael inciting others, to include this Former Tenant who could not believe I was such a Different Person, than the one the "Guys" outside were ridiculing and talking shit about me ALL the TIME.  

I consider what is being done Premeditated, With a Clear Motive - and these Acts that continue to Transpire are done with the first degree knowledge, and acts of these Recruited Resident's to harass and create a hostile living environment, but most of all when it comes to BLASTING ME WITH SCALING HOT WATER - I CONSIDER THIS - AGGRAVATED ASSAULT - with the INTENT to CAUSE GRAVE BODILY INJURY

Vehicle of this Perp for Identification purposes down the road

UPDATE:  Another Example of the PERVASIVE NATURE of RESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT, and Hostile and Dangerous Living Environment due to Criminal Invasion of Privacy and Warrantless Surveillance by Civilian Recruits i.e. Non Law Enforcement Agencies - but Civilian Resident's - Who Track My Movements, or are provided with Insider Information about my movements within the Privacy of My Paid Living Space -

This allows for these Recruited Resident's to JUMP INTO ACTION in order to Intimidate, Harass, Break and Enter, Steal and/or Remove Petty Items, Tamper with Food Products, and a Myriad of OTHER CRIMES - that transpires due to this State, Corporate, Academia and Public Collaboration to Destroy the lives of Innocent Target's. 

 In the case of me Taking a Shower, ALL Civilian Residential Recruits who are Available will Jump into Action - and Tamper with both Water Pressure and Water Temperature:

April 29, 2014 - Resident Dan does the same.  I leave to take shower, then you see me coming back into my room, because Resident Dan, starts the wash - and I show just how low the water pressure goes because of it.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

LAPD Obstruction of Justice Arrives Almost (30) days after a March 30, 2014 Assault on Tenant Matt

April 24, 2014

At approximately 08:45 AM -

An Asian Officer for the Los Angeles Police Department showed up at this location.  He was the same person, who interrupted my Call Yesterday, looking for the Building Manager.  He claimed not to speak Korean, but I find that hard to believe.

Here is why this incident was not only Orchestrated, Delayed, and Timed to Transpire almost (30) days after the actual Physical Assault and Attack  against a paying Tenant Matt who filed a formal complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department, against the Tenant Dan who physically attacked and assaulted Tenant Matt. 

By DELAYING the INVESTIGATION, along with Residential and Community Street Terrorist Members' having INSIDER INFORMATION into LAW ENFORCEMENT and OTHER NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCIES INTEL  - It allowed for the BLATANT OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, which will inevitably transpire, unless Former Tenant Matt pursues JUSTICE. 

1. The Assault on a fellow Tenant by the name of Matt transpired on March 30, 2014 - from which it appears he/Matt did file a formal complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) shortly after the violence transpired because LAPD was on site at another location at the corner of S. Catalina, and James E Woods, in the early hours of March 30, 2014.

2. By April 24, 2014 - six days short of (30) days from the actual Date of the Physical Assault upon Tenant Matt -

a.  Tenant Matt had abruptly moved out of this Hostile and Violent Residence prior to April 1, 2014, which means the only way to contact him would be via telephone.

1. I let it be known that by the Friday, April 4, 2014 - A Female Tenant was already moving into the room, apparently vacated by Tenant Matt.   I let it be known that it was a Hostile Living Location, That I had been Threatened by Rental Agent Keith Kim who let me know that there were several people who would Testify Agaisnt me because the Owner wanted me out.   I explained the Bed Bugs, and how it has so far been isolated to just His Room  and Mine on Separate sides of the building.  I let this Officer know that I would be happy to come down to the Station and File a Report about the incident and swear under penalty of perjury that everything I had just told him was True - I also let it be known that what set Tenant Dan off was the Fact that Resident Matt did not believe how Dan made a living via Gambling, and Some Golds Gym membership.   I also let it be known that I was sitting next to Former Tenant Matt when Dan physically assaulted him. 

If, Michael and Angel decide to Perjure themselves in order to Cover Dan - I will ask that Cell Phone Records of both Dan and Michael be retrieved for there will be cell communication between the two, that transpired on March 30, 2014 whereby, Dan telephoned Michael, who then went inside, but before he did this, he asked Angel to come in because Michael wanted to show him something.  They appeared to have met in Michael's Room.   A direct quote from Angel, later -  "I got your back." - as in having Dan's back, meaning he would Lie for him...

In order to obtain cell phone records you will need to find out who the Carriers and Phone numbers are prior to, and shortly after this incident, because Michael for sure, and Dan have since changed their Telecommunication Carriers, purchased new phones, and I am sure have new numbers - once again in order to Obstruct Justice and Perjure themselves -

This was done because Michael, Dan, and other Tenants at 901 S. Catalina, Los Angeles, CA - are criminally and illegally monitoring what I do online, and because I already documented this event, KNEW that I FIGURED OUT what the call Michael received on March 30, 2014 was ALL ABOUT - and why he then asked Angel to come inside...  

b.The Tenant Dan who physically assaulted Tenant Matt, was not at this location today, April 24, 2014 - as he left for some trip to San Diego earlier in the week, JUST IN TIME TO BE GONE, when LAPD finally shows up to conduct an Investigation into the Physical Assault/Attack upon Former Tenant Matt. 

3. The Asian LAPD Officer,  SCREWED UP - when he was TOO FAMILIAR with the Rental Agent Keith Kim and notated his surprise at what transpired in terms of blaiming the Tenant Matt for the Bed Bugs, and an incident where Keith chased another Tenant down the street because of a perceived threat.  It was HOW this Asian Officer utilized his familiarity with Keith, that SOLIDIFIED this was nothing more than OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE via INSIDER INFORMATION and DELAYS - 

The point being - there was NOTHING AUTHENTIC or JUDICIAL, and most of ALL INVESTIGATIVE - in reference to what bogus theatrical crap transpired this morning.

It was ALL ABOUT - giving the FALSE APPEARANCE that some INVESTIGATION was done in reference to the PHYSICAL ATTACK and ASSAULT against former Tenant Matt - already knowing that Tenant Dan had vacated earlier this week.


I.E. - Tenant Matt filed a legal complaint of assault against another Tenant Dan - LAPD was supposed to INVESTIGATE - not ALMOST (30) DAYS AFTER the actual incident, but within a few days of the event transpiring -

The Residential and Community Street Terrorist's were provided with insider information that LAPD would be investigating, which ultimately would provide Dan with enough time to be GONE from the premises, and/or already moved to Las Vegas.  But it was ALL ABOUT DELAYING and the use of INSIDER INFORMATION - in order to COMMIT the ABOVE REFERENCE CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AGAINST TENANT MATT - 

The bottom line for me - LAPD ARRIVAL THIS MORNING WAS SO ORCHESTRATED, and this Asian Officer's familiarity with Keith - already showed PURE OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE HAD TRANSPIRED.

Being a Targeted Victim of State, Corporate and Academia Sponsored, Sanctioned, and Covered Up Felonies being conducted by their Recruit of Civilian Informants/Snitches and Sleeper Cells - in order to Obstruct Justice - TODAY was only to SOLIDIFY for me - JUST OF PERVASIVE the CORRUPTION TRULY IS - and HOW LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES - ARE FULLY INVOLVED  -



UPDATE APRIL 30, 2014: Below is a Photo of Resident Dan, whom the LAPD Officer came to speak to.  This same Officer Returned on April 29, 2014 - and once again, Dan was notified ahead of time, and vacated the residence. 

As of April 30, 2014 - Resident Dan vacates residence - After having once again left yesterday morning because he was provided with insider information that the LAPD Officer, was returning to speak with him.  The point FILTERING INFORMATION to the PERP COMMUNITY when they COMMIT CRIMES - to PROTECT these CRIMINALS - while the VICTIM OF THE ASSAULT - is left without JUSTICE - in this case Former Resident Matt, who filed the legal complaint of Assault against him, on March 30, 2014 - and was not investigated until April 24 - and then again Apr 29 - on each occasion - Resident Dan was provided with INSIDE Information - in order to be GONE from the PREMISES when LAPD Showed up.   - These are the  type of cases where INTERNAL AFFAIRS, and the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT have REASON TO GET INVOLVED.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TACTIC: Petty Theft or Removal/Return of Property Used on Daily Basis

April 23, 2014

22:30 PM

Was getting ready to prepare my coffee for the next morning, when I noticed that the Inner Metal Filter that holds the Coffee Grounds to my Espresso Machine was GONE -

These type Property Removal and Theft of various small and/or petty Items are done with a Premeditated Motive to Harass, Intimidate, and Deprive me of something, that I generally Utilize on a Daily Basis.  

The latest Theft/Removal of Private Property, the metal filter that holds the Coffee Grounds for my Espresso Machine - It is a continuation of several months of Residential and Community Based Harassment, Street Terrorism,  Hostile and Violent Living Environment, for the purpose of Getting Me Out of This Residence, and Neighborhood.  Based upon an Orchestrated Slander and Libel Campaign conducted by Member's of this Domestic Terrorist Cult.  

As such, I have posted onto You Tube, along with My Blog this information - in order to request Outside Assistance by Giving the Full Location of this Residence Away - in order to MITIGATE and STOP ANY FURTHER THEFT, REMOVAL of PRIVATE PROPERTY, and A CEASE AND DESIST ON THE CONSTANT RESIDENTIAL AND COMMUNITY HARASSMENT that CONTINUES TO TRANSPIRE.  

901 S. CATALINA, LOS ANGELES, CA - Where Residential and Community Street Terrorism,  and Terrorist Activities are Deployed and Executed by so called Upstanding Member's of the Community, who work together to terrorize, harass, cover up their crimes, set up, provoke, and entrap a target individual whom their Elitist Group feels do not belong in their Communities.   It is no different than what the German's did to the German Jewish during the rise of Nazi, Germany in their crusade to expel, cleans, and exterminate those they felt were inferior to them - only in the United States it is a Multi-Cultural Group doing the exact same thing.  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

901 S. Catalina Another FAST MOVE, Clean Up, and MOVE IN of DOMESTIC TERRORIST Member's

April 19, 2014

Yesterday, they were cleaning out yet another room in the building, the Usual QUICK MOVE, CLEAN UP, and MOVE IN of Yet more member's of this Domestic Terrorist Organization. 

The usual excuse with these Korean's that they SUDDENLY MOVED back to S. KOREA. 

Yet, it is Standard "LIES" provided by the owner of this building, Song Cha Choe, and the literal FACT that what really transpires is these Domestic and Biological Technological Terrorist's want to MOVE in Yet another SERIES of TERRORIST'S into this BUILDING. 

Bottom line for me, I will give it one more try with actual Legal Assistance, then I am going to request ORGANIZED CRIME - Intervene on my behalf. 


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Exterminator Attempts False Claim Was Taping to Get Info on Chemicals Sprayed for Bed Bugs

April 12, 2014

Exterminator that showed up this time around from EASTERN Termite & Pest Control 1-800-434-1662 because the English Speaking Exterminator this time around showed up utilizing the TALKING POINTS Narrative and Actions, in a Really Bad Acting attempt to create the SAME STANDARD NARRATIVE that the REST OF THE RESIDENT'S, the BUILDING OWNER, and Others are FALSELY attempting to SHAPE. 

Here is the BIGGEST, IMMEDIATELY GIVE AWAY - This English Speaking Exterminator was not wearing the Protective White Covering, nor did he have a Gas Mask, yet he was inside the MY ROOM - Also, they did not take off the Temporary Plastic Full Bed Cover that I had placed over the mattress.  Thus, there was little to no spraying that actually Transpired.

But, his job was to SHAPE the SAME FALSE NARRATIVE - as the REST, but then again, he Gave HIMSELF AWAY by NOT BEING DRESSED FOR THE PART -  

The following is me, yet again asking for information about them, so that I can keep it on record, because I immediately picked up on the STREET THEATER driving the SAME NEGATIVE FALSE LIGHT NARRATIVE.  Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) when it comes to this Domestic and Biological Technological Terrorist Organization.   

Thus showing once again How many Segments of the Population are RECRUITED in order to SHAPE A NEGATIVE FALSE LIGHT NARRATIVE -

Needless to say, when this Exterminator attempted to claim he did not appreciate being filmed, and as such was going to contact his attorney's - THAT THREAT SET OFF A CHAIN of what came next which was to LET EVERYONE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD KNOW -



Something else Transpired, another Tenant was outside as well, and noticed the other Exterminator giving me really dirty looks, and confronted this man on it, by telling him not to be looking at me like that.  Michael immediately jumped in, because after ALL it was BULLSHIT ORCHESTRATED FIRST DEGREE STREET THEATER -

The same goes for the 20 something KOREAN FEMALE PERP who moved into Matt's old room, she is 100% PERP, whose job it was to come in an not make a big deal of the entire situation.  

So, I am Crystal Clear - and it needs to be determined WHO PLACED these BED BUGS under my Box Spring, and in Matt's room - and the ONLY way to DETERMINE if it is ISOLATED or in other Rooms that are rented is for the LOS ANGELES COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT TO COME IN. 

RESIDENTIAL HOSTILITY: TACTIC: Provocation Utilizing Derogatory or Demeaning Comments - Then FLIPS Out when Confronted

Provoked by Residents Michael, who loses it and comes after me.  Here is a short video clip, along with a Still of how close he gets into my face, threatening to Take My Cell Phone and Destroy it.

I am utilizing it because of how this man acts, and thinks he can come up on me when he starts to make comments about How I Need to Take My Meds, How Stupid I Am, etc.  Also, states that There were NO BED BUGS - and That I was making things Up.  Only problem, I was not the Person who DETERMINED there was a need to spray.  After they Checked the Mattress and did not find anything, it was agreed with the Rental Agent that he would go out and purchase the bug mists - But when I asked to have the Box Spring Checked, the Exterminators was the one who FOUND it, and stated that they needed to spray.

As such, once again, Michael makes a False Claim publicly - in order to discredit me.  So, if he knows there were none, then I spent March 29, 2014 and April 12, 2014 away from my room for a set up - nothing...  ???? 

In the above video you see him leaving the stairs - and then he gets up in my face - the camera took this photo of how close he gets into my face, threatening to take my cell phone and destroy it.  But having the Video / Camera makes it necessary to SHOW how Up in Your Face He Will Get....

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Apr 12 2014: 2nd Bed Bug Spraying - and the SADISTIC ENJOYMENT STREET TERRORIST GET

April 12, 2014
09:18 AM PDT

Sealing items, and others, getting ready for the 2nd round of BED BUG Spraying due to the Residential and/or Community Street Terrorist Perps who Placed these Bed Bugs into the Room in order to do exactly this - CAUSE a Public Health and Safety Issue for me - and in a Failed Attempt to get me Out of this

Residential Location at 901 S. Catalina, Los Angeles, CA.  but Not limited to this Residence itself.  There are "SEVERAL" Gathering Points where these Radicalized Extremist Civilian Cult Member's gather from other Parts of S. Catalina, to Kennmore, and the Surrounding Areas - but in ALL Cases they GATHER -

The MOTIVES on the Part of this Residential and Street Terrorism Organization are Crystal Clear, and eventually "They" all will be brought to full scale Felony Justice for such Overt and Covert Targeting that has led to the LOSS of Millions of Dollars over the years that I have been Targeted, and the UNTOLD Medical, Dental and Optical DAMAGES sustained by such VIOLENT, VISCOUS,  Hard Core RETALIATION by this Radicalized Civilians' with Terrorist Access to United States Department of Defense Weaponized Technologies, and Biotechnologies.  State, Corporate, and Academia Sponsored, Sanctioned, and Covered Up. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

WHAT DOES THIS CODING MEAN - It is POPPING UP on All MY Sites i.e. You Tube, Blog Spot ETC

Hacker's What does this Coding Mean. Prior to full log into my Accounts via You Tube, Blog Spot, etc.  This Code is showing.  I was able to capture it, and want to know Why this Code is showing up.  Also, what does - which can be found in the Coding Captured -  - have to do with My You Tube Channel??????????????????????

!!!!!!!!  HELP !!!!!!!!!

Full Code:

7 am Residential Group Colloboration Wake Up Call - Via Acoustic Harassment

April 11, 2014

At approximately 7:15 am I was woken from sleep, from which I wear 33 db ear plugs due to the Acoustic Projection, in particular Acoustic Vibration or Vibro-Acoustic Resonance which causes the room to acoustically vibrate at an extreme low frequency at several thousand cycles per second.  It is akin to Infrasound Resonance, and sometimes can be heard as a Buzzing Hum that projects from Power Lines.

Due to my accusations and complaint about various resident's who are Actively Participating in Residential Harassment, in order to create a Hostile Living Environment - with the Motive to Get Me Out of this Building.  These are the Same Resident's who are the FIRST to Complain to the Building Owner and Rental Agent - In particular the main culprit Michael -

Thus establishing a Conspiracy to Commit - Residential Collaboration - Deploying and Executing the Noise Harassment at 7 am - 7:30 am - in order to deliberately Disrupt my peaceful sleeping.

The video is also posted to my You Tube Channel

While the 7 am Am Collective Resident's were utilizing the Internal Noise/Acoustic Harassment to wake me up - There are other External (Non Line of Sight - Street &/or other Building Locations) which are MICROPHONE'd that Transmit the External Noise/Sounds, Talking, etc. Wirelessly into a Set Up Sound System which then projects those External Sounds/Noices via Hidden or Line of Sight Directional Ultrasound Speakers and/or Solid Driven Speakers set up in Crawl Spaces, Walls - etc.  (see example links below)

 Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)

Audio Spotlight aka Directional Beams of Sound via Ultrasound

These Solid Drives would be Build it or Sitting on so that Sound Can travel through Walls, etc. 

NOTE:  I am also noticing WRITTEN CODE prior to opening my Legally Documented information be it You Tube, this Blog Spot - which means continued Cyber Terrorism - Criminal Re-Write of Coding in order to OBSTRUCT this LEGALLY DOCUMENTED information from either being Shown or Found.  The same goes for my You Tube Channel in which these Civilian Domestic Terrorist with Access to National Security Cyber Capabilities are Criminally Tampering with Legally Documented Information.  That constitutes not only Obstruction of Justice - but Cyber Terrorist Activities -

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Biological Technological Weapons i.e. Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Hands of Residents and Community Members: Are to be Charged with DOMSTIC TERRORISM

April 10, 2014

Resident's at this location are going Off Site, but within Walking Distance, which means the Site is within a block or two radius, whereby, they are being given access to the Biological Technological Weapons of Mass Destruction in the form of Cognitive Neurotechnology Targeting.

As such, within the radius of 901 S. Catalina, Los Angeles, CA - You will find the Site Location of Where the Training and Criminal, Illegal Access to these Weapons of Mass Destruction are.

This shows that they are worried and were probably given inside information via Recruited Members' into this Domestic Terrorist Organization, which has infiltrated all segments of Society, this includes Local, State, and Federal Agencies, and they give a Heads Up when something is or can happen within the Residential Complaint Victim's Location.

As such, they are moving the Biological Weapons Away from Direct location, and accessing from within Walking Distance to this residential location.   The North/East Corner of S. Catalina and James E Woods - but they are gathering within walking distance, and that necessitates FURTHER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS INTO.

STINGRAY -  can be used for GPS location tracking, and where you find an INFLUX is where you will ISOLATE the LOCATIONS -

If, these Residential Perps are continuing to Target from this Location, it will be in the UPSTAIRS UNITS where some of the WEAPONS are HOUSED.

This includes the HYPERSONIC DIRECTIONAL ULTRASOUND SPEAKERS which BLASTS - Infrasonic Resonance throughout my room, and different parts of the building.

But the isolation of sound comes from the upper units down - it can also be picked up heavily in the Ventilation are from the roof down throughout the Bathroom area - but the VIBRO-ACOUSTIC BLASTING - comes from Weaponry set up in this Residential Location - 

Most of what is done is DIRECTED and PROJECTED meaning, EXTERNAL MICROPHONES are set up in various location for Outside Domestic Terrorist Perps - who are given the locations of where these Microphones are set up - so that they can IDLE VEHICLES or else TALK LOUDLY - which is then PROJECTED VIA DIRECTIONAL ULTRASOUND SPEAKERS that are Directed and Projected into the privacy of my living space.

These are done from open areas - between walls - where these spotlight speakers are places so as to create the most RESONANCE from the Acoustic Weapons Blasting.

The following Policy Reports Prove that the Department of Defense is seeking to Advance Cognitive Neuroscience and Nano-Neuroscience for Defense and Offensive Militarized Capabilities - and Considers them Biological-Technological Weapons and a Means of Weaponized Mass Subjugation -

Volume 2, 2011
Thematic Section

Security, Intelligence and Defense Editors: James Giordano, PhD, Chris Forsythe, PhD

This article outlines a series of intersections that highlight the potential for strategic fruitful support of basic neuroscience research to enhance technological design and training for national defense intelligence efforts. 

These intersections include ideas related to acclimatizing the defense community for change and adaptation to new definitions of warfare, increasing scientific literacy about neuroimaging methods for improved partnerships between basic and applied research, balancing translation goals between advancing research and enhancing mission capabilities, and aligning social neuroscience paradigms with training needs.  The discussion also provides an overview of research activity funded from within and outside Department of Defense agencies from the recent past and work in progress compared with efforts highlighted in the report, “Opportunities in Neuroscience for Future Army Applications” by the National Research Council (2009). Finally, as a means of discussing the migration of neurotechnologies to national security applications, the notions of fitness and enhancing physical health, well-being and quality of life are presented in the context of products and strategies that people currently adopt for these purposes. 

In this light, we have identified four interactive areas of
neuroscience that could affect and be important for national security; these are

1. Nano-neuroscience
Nano-substances and devices may be engineered to alter neural networks, induce changes in 
properties of the nervous system from periphery to brain,and affect sensitivity to internal and/or 
external stimuli.  Nano-neurotechnologies could therefore be used to modify cognitive, emotional 
and/or behavioral functions, and in this way affect mental and motor capacity, alter mood or cause 
near - and long-term disability.  Such a capability might be used to modify the function of 
national intelligence and security personnel, and/or could be employed in a) combat 
(both to enhance performance of troops, as well as impair function of enemy warfighters) 
and/or  b) by our enemies as a form of biological-technological terrorism and a means of 
mass subjugation. 

2. Advanced pharmacologicals:  Augmented cognition and neural performance improvement )
and/or degradation) can be achieved through the use of psycho-neuropharmeceuticals.  
As mentioned above, these agents could be administered via nano-delivery systems that 
allow enhanced access to the central  nervous system (CNS) in ways that maximize biological 
(and ultimately psycho-social) effect(s), yet could easily elude detection.  Similarly,
pharmaceuticals can be linked to brain stimulation technologies (vide infra) to synergize 
effects in modifying specific cognitive, motoric, emotional and/or behavioral processes. 

3. Neuro-imaging and neuro-manipulative devices:  Current and prospective developments in 
neuroimaging offer the potential to visualize relatively site and network specific brain processes 
that are putatively involved in (or may explicitly subserve) various cognitive-emotional and 
behavioral functions.  Identifying these neurological axes could provide means to investigate -
 if not "detect" and/or "reveal" - mental states.  But imaging alone, at least in its current iteration(s), 
while useful in the scientific and medical investigation of cerebral function, may be of limited utility
 for practical application of brain-mind science for intelligence and defense purposes.  
Efforts are underway that focus more upon measuring (i.e. quantifying and qualitatively defining) 
brain activity, in attempt to provide indications of "what", if not "why" cognitive and/or 
emotional processes (such as deceit, intent, aggression, etc.) occur.  Obviously, this has 
given rise to hypothetical "mind reading" scenarios, and, like other aspects of 
neurotechnological research and applications, has prompted considerable debate 
about the validity, value and ethical implications of such devices and techniques.  Moreover, imaging/measurement can be yoked to neuro-interventional technologies 
(e.g., transcranial magnetic simulations (tMS) pharmacologicals) to guide or 
enable manipulation neurological activity.  Simply put, near-future iterations of 
these technological (either as stand-alone modalities, or if used in convergence) 
make the notion of biotechnologically "altering brains" to " changing minds" evermore viable. 

4. Neuroinformatics and cyber-neurosystems:  The linking of rapidly advancing computational 
capabilities to neurotechnology has established three major domains of progress.  The first is the 
use of computational systems and models to augment human cognitive processes
 (i.e., human-computer interfaces), the second is in reverse-engineering cognitive mechanisms 
to create computational techniques and systems to achieve efficient and robust machine
intelligence(s), and the third is the data banking of information (about neural structure-including genotypes-and functions) to facilitate real-time access, analyses and use.