Thursday, February 5, 2015


03 February 2015

FYI:  I have since moved out of Los Angeles, CA and am back in my hometown on the Monterey Peninsula.  It is a 'hornets-nest' of DoD / NSA Intel via the Defense Language Institute, Naval Post Graduate School, and NOAA. 

These Photo's were taken in my new/old location, and as you will see ... 

Targeting is everywhere!

The following Photos were taken to document some of the Overt forms of Targeting that Transpire.

What was done is a PSYCHOLOGICAL TACTIC of: Subtle, Visual and Overt, but silent forms of Intimidation.  Whereby NO actual Words are being Exchanged, simply an OVERT VISUAL to let me know this is what type of targeting I will receive, or in my case, how I will continue to be Targeted.

Upon seeing my vehicle enter the parking lot, the following male turned his back so that the wording on the back of his T-Shirt were visible to me.   These two men appeared to just be hanging around the entrance to the building in the parking area. 

Since, I am no longer 'shocked' at what is thrown my way, I chose to strike up a conversation with these two men, and asked if I could take a photo of the back of his brand new t-shirt.

It never ceases to amaze me as a Victim of State/Corporate sponsored Overt Domestic Terrorism how unlimited the resources / funding truly are in their never ending quest to terrorize, intimidate, and stalk the life of a Target.

Isaiah, who "appeared" to be homeless, drinking a Tall Budweiser with his friend, hanging out in the parking lot that I was pulling into.  Save his BRAND NEW T-Shirt, Everything else was rather tattered...

 I utilize the term "Appeared" because they were rather Clean Cut and Clean Shaven for Men drinking at 9:30 AM... 

Here is a photo of his friend who wanted to be photographed as well - You can see the front end of my white vehicle, were I pulled into the parking space.


  1. Perfect example of the lengths these people will go to inflict psychological warfare on another person.

  2. The words are a quote of a line from a 2010 song by the heavy metalhead group, Slayer: Action, Torture, Misery, Endess suffering.

    The perps may have grabbed it for their stalking skits, but they didn't have to make up the tee-shirt - they're for sale online and at concerts.

    The fact that neither of the two individuals you photographed minded being caught on camera suggests that they were random hires and were probably given the shirt to wear.

    There are FAR worse being flung at us. I notice you don't talk about being gassed with hospital grade anesthetic agents. A co-worker and myself, were both heavily gassed. I hadn't talked to her about it before, and she confirmed that she has been gassed often at work.