Monday, February 17, 2014


MAY thru AUGUST, 2012 : Blast from the Past

Going back after seeing a Twitter Post about Skywalker Sound, and how I was duped into a false belief, that ended up being very costly for me.

In May, 2012, I was offered a Job as a Production Accountant for Skywalker Sound.  Upon receiving the Formal Job Offer in Writing, and the Start Package, to include what is called the Companies, "Confidentiality Clauses"

Upon reading through the "Clauses" I was immediately Red Flagged because everything being Outlined had Nothing to do with any "Company Financial Confidentiality," and Everything to do with "Creative" i.e. Talent, Brand, Intellectual Property, Inventions, etc. 

I, immediately telephoned, and emailed the Lucas Human Resources Recruiter, and wanted clarification about the Clauses, before signing pre-employment paperwork and returning it to the company, and that possibly they provided the Wrong Confidentiality Clauses for me to sign. 

In addition, to explaining I had Serious Concerns about Number 8 "Name and Likeness" to include why the Company would want Exclusive Rights to someones Signature?  

While waiting for feed back from Lucas Human Resources about the "Confidentiality Clauses," I contacted several Entertainment Attorney's in Los Angeles and provided them with a copy of the Clauses.  I was only contacted back by one Talent/Brand/Intellectual Property Attorney in Beverly Hills, who told me that it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever read, and totally inappropriate for someone being hired to do Accounting.  But, he also stated that they could Do Whatever They Wanted, and If, I needed the job, I may have to sign it.  

At each juncture during Emails and Telephone Call Correspondence, I continued to request information about the, "Confidentiality Clauses" and that I needed to know before I accepted the job and signed that portion of the start paperwork for the job.   I was told Do Not Worry, move up to Northern California, I did not need to sign the "Clauses" until I had spoken to the Companies Attorney's at Orientation. (which never happened)

Upon packing my belongings, getting into a $1500 a month lease, going through Orientation, and Working for Three Days, I received a Call from Lucas Human Resources stating the Attorney's NEVER Speak to the Employees, and that I either Signed the Confidentiality Clauses in Whole or I could not Work for them.

Since,  Number 8, "Name and Likeness" was a Deal Breaker - I gathered my things, and left Skywalker Sound. 

I was totally misled throughout the process, told things were negotiable, move up, come up, and speak with them at Orientation. Had I simply been informed from the beginning, when I contacted the Company that LUCAS Does Not Negotiate, and that their Clauses were Non Negotiable - I would have TURNED DOWN the JOB Immediately, which could have saved me thousands of dollars, and utter disappointment in how I was ultimately treated. 

I may need a job, but I would "NEVER" relinquish my Identity, in particular my SIGNATURE - as Number 8 States, to allow anyone "OWNERSHIP" over me.  -  BE CAREFUL WHO YOU IDLE WORSHIP -

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