Friday, November 21, 2014


21 November 2014

The following is the (3) Page Cover Letter sent to a Targeted Individual in a package, which was sent to (8 or 10) other people.  The recipient was only provided with a Copy of the Cover Letter, and all other content enclosed in the package were confiscated by law enforcement.   This included (1) USB flash drive with what the recipient was told were Videos documenting his Targeting, as well as other documents and a letter to be provided to Congress.


From the letter it appears that 
1. May only  became aware that he was a Targeted Individual a couple months ago, which means the Go Live/OVERT/ BLITZING was taking place -

 (see below information about JTRIG/GCHQ & NSA Psychological Warfare via Edward Snowden NSA Leaks)

The recipient stated that he believed it was due to possible racial profiling that transpired about a year ago.

2. He was Targeted by Law Enforcement -

3. Wanted to help, initially using his legal expertise to assist Targeted Individual's, but in the end, although Not Condoned by me, a fellow TI, was what he felt would bring much needed Media Attention to the plight of other Targeted Victims of Domestic Terrorist Activities.

May stated that it was approximately a Couple Months which means two things

1. He was being "BLITZED" - GCHQ/NSA Ops
Impact of Effects

"BLITZ" style approach:
- Creating as much disruption as possible within a short period of time
More subtle approach:
Effects use less likely to be detected, therefore
More sustainable over a long period of time"
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CAN ... Take "PARANOIA" to a WHOLE New Level.

Here are sample videos from an Oceanside, CA Targeted Individual who sustains an influx of Local Law Enforcement, which provides a VISUAL of their presence whenever she goes out.  The frequency of what this TI sustains, goes beyond coincidence.  This Oceanside TI also sustains "color" targeting with 'red' which are utilized as Triggers, or Power of Suggestion tied into Power of Association. 


Oceanside, CA Police Gang Stalking - 1 of 2 Videos - July 24, 2013


Oceanside, CA Police Gang Stalking - 2 of 2 Videos July 24, 2013

2. An American Outrage Police Gang Stalking 24/7 FOR YEARS - 4/2/2014

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  1. Red-white car combinations, color blocking (parking lots, grouping of similar colors and shapes. Psych-Ops style). Perps are also trying to use firetrucks and ambulances, but it's like water rolling off a ducks back, as I have worked extensively with local police, fire and First Responders in my job in the past and I have family in law enforcement/fre fighting.

    Water supply in homes/apartments of targets is treated with salt to promote dehydration. Purchased bulk water is treated with diuretics. Food is treated with something that increases heartrate and blood pressure, and use of low power microwave consumer electronics that have been weaponized, used en-mass nightly, to induce heart disease and diabetes like conditions.