Thursday, November 6, 2014

Premeditated Provocation & Set UP: Property Owner, Resident With Camry and

06 November 2014

Identifying the Active Participants in the Hostile Living via Premeditated Acts of Aggravated Provocation and Harassment.   Upon returning the vehicle Grey Camry was once again parked in the lot and obstructing my vehicle from being able to return to its spot.

Identifyg Participants Who Target in Hostile Liveg: Property Owner (Standg), Hse Mgr (Sitg) 
Note: Foreground Dark Vehicle on Street is the Grey Camry, to show how this vehicle could simply have parked on the street, instead of creating Premeditated, Orchestrated Theater, and REGARDLESS, the vehicle is NOT supposed to park on the Premise Lot.  In addition, White Honda On Street is Not My Vehicle - More Visual Theater -

Property Owner Song Cha Choe, Standing
House Manager/Hard Core Participant - Sitting
Two Male Korean's have full knowledge of what is taking place - but are not overt participants - the TWO Korean FEMALES i.e. Property Owner and House Manager are fully active in the Aggravated Hostilities and Harassment 

06 Nov 2014: 13: 10 PM PST.  


1. Upon leaving the Premises AT 10:40 AM PST the Grey Camry WAS NOT on the Premises, and I was able to back my vehicle out onto James E Woods

2. Upon returning to location at approximately 13:10 PM PST -  the Grey Camry (seen on the streets) had strategically parked his vehicle in order to Block my re-entry to the property and into my parking spot. 
a. There was sufficient parking on the Street, upon my return to the residence -  from which this Grey Camry could have parked his vehicle - as seen in the video, on the STREET  - whereby, there was NO REASON for the IMPEDING/OBSTRUCTING upon my return, and for Re-Entry into my parking spot.   REGARDLESS of  sufficient Street parking or NOT- the GREY CAMRY is NOT supposed to park on the premises -

b. To cause me to have to wait for the Property Owner, and or the House Manager to INSTRUCT the  Korean Male resident to come out and move his vehicle so I could re-enter back into my parking space.
c. To cause me to them have to go around in order to temporarily park and get my perishable groceries into refrigeration
d. have to, them go back out and move my vehicle from its temporary spot - back into its space - after the Korean Male was instructed for the umpteenth time to move his vehicle, which is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PARKED ON THE PREMISES.

3. That the Property Owner Song Cha Choe, was on the Premises upon my return and did not ask Resident with Grey Camry to Move his vehicle out of the parking space, so as NOT to obstruct my return.
4. Upon honking in order to get the Attention of the Property Owner, Song Cha Choe, she chose to not only take her time, but ignore me, knowing that I had arrived back onto the premises
5. Because there was NO ACTION taken on the part of the Property Owner to get the Korean male resident to move his vehicle - I drove to the S Catalina entrance and parked my vehicle in order to get my Perishable Groceries into the refrigerator
6. While placing groceries away, Property Owner Song Cha Choe, immediately disrupts this and starts banging on my room door demanding that I move my vehicle - because the Korean Male who continually Blocks my vehicle from safe passage - moved his car onto the street.
7. I instructed the Property Owner that I would do so, upon finishing storing my perishables

What this shows is
1. The Parked Dark Grey Camry was re parked in order to Orchestrate First Degree Provocation by blocking my re-entry onto the premises -
a. That there was adequate and sufficient STREET PARKING so as to AVOID any Requests or Confrontations -
2. That the Property Owner continues to refuse to comply with her own rule of No Third Vehicle
3. PREMEDITATION: That when the Property Owner saw me waiting in the street, chose to take her time, and make me wait - this was Orchestrated on the part of the Property Owner, and other Residents - to Provoke the situation, cause additional time wasted and stress upon me - 
4. Only when I drove into the back lot via S. Catalina, and temporarily parked my vehicle in order to get my Perishables into refrigeration, did the Property Owner, Song Cha Choe, choose to act - by way of BANGING on My Room door, demanding that I MOVE My Vehicle into its spot - because the Korean Male who was blocking and impeding finally parked on the street. 
1. Grey Camry was NOT on the premises upon my leaving
2. There was Adequate Street Parking, and even if there was not - the Camry is not supposed to be on the premises and/or obstructing and/or blocking my vehicle
3. The Stalling, Waiting, and Causing me to temporarily park my vehicle to get my perishibles in refrigeration, then the need to move the vehicle again, so it could get into it's spot
4. the Refusal by the Property Owner to INSTRUCT the RESIDENT TO STOP PARKING, blocking and impeding my VEHICLE FROM EXIT AND OR RE-ENTRY onto the premises - 
5. The Hostile Demands by the Property Owner for me to MOVE MY car back into its spot - when had the Camry NOT been blocking my re-entry - THAT IS EXACTLY what I would have done to begin with -

This is the Pattern at this Residential location - the VISUAL is to IDENTIFY THE FACES of those at this residential location who actively and aggressively participate in the Residential Street Terrorism, Residential Harassment, and Hostile living. 

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