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05 October 2015

There has been some take by the Professional Community when it comes to Target's and how they have made up their claims, similar to Conspiracy Theories, and that since the Edward Snowden leaks, Target's have latched on to the whole Government Spying.

Here are some Emails from my Yahoo Account to show the TIMELINES of My publishing and that long before the Snowden Leaks I had already Published Online, and in some cases Exposed Tactical Operations by their name.

One name in particular Information Operations - Each page was written prior to the next on this website.  But this is to show How I was already DETAILING the Operations being conducted on the Streets of America upon and against set up solo Target's.

What this shows is that only a VICTIM of such Crimes would be able to DETAIL with near perfect accuracy what was being done to them, and no conspiracy, imagination, make believe, etc could detail something, without having been the victim who has sustained such brutality, and detailed the brutality from Tactics, to Techniques, all the way to the Weaponized Technologies.  Then have to sit back for years and WAIT until someone from the inside had the courage to EXPOSE it - Thus validating MY CRIMINAL CLAIMS AGAINST THOSE CONDUCTING THESE OPERATIONS. 

The two images come from my email account, I had forgotten that whenever I updated the new sight it would send me an email letting me know I had just changed or moved something on my site.  This will show you, yet another piece of evidence that I was already detailing Information Operations - and how it worked, long before the Top Secret Classified Documents were leaked to the American People.  Only difference, I am the Victim of their Crimes - and have paid a heavy price over the years because of it.  If you want to know about LOSS - I have kept forensic financial information  - basically I STAYED ON THE GRID to Prove just how much damages I have sustained. 

Here is an example of the financial loss due to blacklisting via character and credibility assassination

(to view image larger: 1. click on image 2. right click and scroll to View Image 3. use the (+) to enlarge the image)

(to view image larger: 1. click on image 2. right click and scroll to View Image 3. use the (+) to enlarge the image)

NOW COMPARE WHAT I PUBLISHED IN 2011 AND 2012 - to The Intercepts, February, 2014 article about one aspect of the Snowden Leaks

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