Monday, November 30, 2015


30 November 2015

It is sad that it takes a Target to log into their online financial institution before anyone decides that what these Domestic Terrorist Perps are doing is actually NOT FUNNY.

On 22 November 2015 at 07:58 AM PT

I logged into my Chase online account and the following print is what I viewed.  

As you can see ALL MY ACCOUNTS were NOT AVAILABLE, nor were MY BALANCES -

This set in motion hours on the phone, basically speaking with the Financial Institution, my Internet Service Provider, and Apple to have my computer checked.

1. Compromised Employees working on behalf of this State/Corporate Sponsored Domestic Terrorist Organization.

2. Intercepted calls to external 3rd Party, who are posing as legitimate and legal employees' for the above listed corporations -

In both cases the 'RED-FLAGS' on Security went up because the Standard Operating Procedure is deployed.

1. Delay as much as possible
2. Attempt to obtain as much Personal Identifiable information i.e.
Full name, address, zip, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER - not partial but FULL - telephone number, FULL account numbers, User names, etc. -
3. Continues to TRANSFER you, so you are supposed to KEEP REPEATING the ISSUE and more dangerous YOUR Personal Identifiable Information
4. Refusal
a. answer the QUESTIONS asked
b. provide adequate resolutions
c. provide any resolution
d. asks you to call back, call later when some supervisor is available
e. transfers you to the wrong department
f. does not document anything, so when your account is pulled up there is NO HISTORY of the HOURS YOU SPENT on the phone
h. will not provide a Reference Number for you to refer back to EXCEPT Apple

As such, it became necessary to:

1. Take Time off work, without pay (financial hardship) in order to resolve the issue of what tranpsired on my Online Chase Account.
2. Pursue the issue at a higher level
a. Executive Customer Relations : Chase
b. Executive Customer Relations : Comcast
c. Executive Customer Relations : T-Mobile (this is a big one because of Security Second Authentications which are no longer being sent when accessing my Chase Account, My Work Online Payroll Timekeeper, and hit and miss with other accounts that I have set up this Second Security Authentication.

The point upon pursuing the initial issue with Chase and Comcast - RETALIATION was swift -
They moved onto my CELL PHONE and EMAILS coming from my Mac.

From paying my Telecom via TMobile (611) and not receiving a Text to confirm my payment TO sending updating my devices online with Apple Profile and losing my older MacBook Pro history, to sending out emails from my Mac and having the emails REJECTED via Non Delivery -

Going into work today I was already prepared because the cult of sleeper cells are everywhere for State and Corporate America - and it was only a matter of time before the Strike would hit within the Workplace.  In this case two different issues at work but readily documented.

And we need to BE CLEAR - My Online Payroll Timekeeper will no longer send a 2nd Authentication to my Cell Phone - so from the privacy of my living space - to the WORKPLACE - We have one IT Tech Consultant by the name of Donald Lucero, and all the workplace cyber issues could not transpire without his knowledge and or assistance.  Who has access to my information while I am working, will be determined by who he provides access to. 

1. Printing a PDF file of a Purchase Order that had been UPDATED with correct financial information - upon attempting to print this document, it defaulted to the original information - the ONLY way that could transpire is via THIRD PARTY TAMPERING.
2.  Upon attempting to document this information in near real time - My Cell Phone which has an external MicroSD Card with plenty of memory stated in the middle of documenting that THERE WAS NO MORE MEMORY -

This also Transpired at the Target in Sand City, CA - because I was documenting Perp activities via Employees at Target and the removal of product from the shelf in order to deprive me of the product, which is standard operating procedure for the Civilian Recruits and Employees in retail corporations - Targeted Victim after Targeted Victim has documented these events over the years - I am not the only Targeted Individual to sustain this type of violations in California under the Unruh Civil Rights Act -
Needless to say - I am not letting this go, because this Electronic Warfare, Computer/Telecommunication Network Attacks, Exploitation's need to STOP -

Thus tampering with the operations of my PDA/Cell phone in order to OBSTRUCT my ability to document these events as they are happening to me be it the public setting, the workplace, or within the privacy of my living space.

One more is CAL-AM Water on the Monterey Peninsual -
for the last three months I am being over charged for Water use.  Based on my full time work, turning off the water when I shower i.e. get wet, turn off, rinse, turn off - there is no way I am utilzing almost the same as
ME: One Person, Studio, NO WASHER and DRYER - 
1. Two retirees in a three bedroom home, washer and dryer
2. Two - 1. retiree, another works, three bedroom home, washer and dryer
3. Two - A disable vet home all day, with a care giver three times a week, and spouse works all day - Two bedrooms, five dogs, washer and dryer -
 And MY BILL is between $3 and $8 dollars less than theirs per month. 

I received yet another so called CAL-AM Inspection the meter not moving, the owner said the same - but based ON REALITY and TRUTH - and BILLING FEES - there is NO WAY - WITHOUT A WASHER AND DRYER - that I should EVEN COME CLOSE to their BILLS PER MONTH -

WATER IS BEING USED - more than likely from a RIGGED SWITCH set up by this State and Corporate sponsored domestic terrorist organization, along with the myriad of INFILTRATED PERPS WORKING for these COMPANIES and CORPORATIONS - who are ALLOWING PERPS to STEAL from TARGET'S -


The point, the workplace is attempting to step their side up because they FIGURE I will break - but the reality is there is no breaking, there is only documenting to ensure EVERYONE INVOLVED in ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING ends up where they belong - IN PRISON, ON DEATH ROW - FOR TREASON - 

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