Monday, May 30, 2016

Short Video Uploads to You Tube - Comcast and Google Network Attacks

These are some examples of the Man-In-The-Middle Attack whereby basic (2) Minute and (24) second video entitled, "CHEATED AT WILLIAM SONOMA"- Took over (30) minutes to upload, closer to an hour.  (see below to show the upload time on You Tube)

THINK OF IT THIS WAY:  An attack to disrupt, degrade, or deny my ability to document their attacks - ULTIMATELY becomes an ATTACK on the SERVICE PROVIDERS' - i.e. COMCAST whose signal that feeds my ability to utilize their Network is Attacked in order to DISRUPT, DEGRADE, and or DENY me - from utilizing it.  And, if they cannot get through via Comcast, they will attack the end Provider in this case GOOGLE's NETWORK via YOU TUBE -

So, an act to deny, disrupt, degrade my abilities CAN ONLY TRANSPIRE by ATTACK the PROVIDERS NETWORKS - hence THE ATTACKS are ATTACKS against COMCAST'S NETWORK and GOOGLE'S NETWORK - 

This generally transpires when the Comcast Network that feeds the signal for my Internet Connection is being Attacked to DEGRADE it's ability to connect properly to the Google Network for You Tube.

What transpires when I start video documenting the continued Network Attacks that interfere with my ability to take the information / evidence obtained and document the crimes which continue to take place.

The Video from the Ipad was able to upload but the shorter video of CHEATED AT WILLIAM SONOMA is still attempting to load, but in both cases the time was over ten minutes before the loading transpired. 

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