Friday, June 24, 2016


24 June 2016

The State Sponsored Domestic Terrorist's decided to show up after the Pacific Grove Police Incident, whereby the 'perpetrator' in the photos was the individual who:

1. The female in the below photo, decided to take it upon herself to harass me while inside the laundromat, as I started placing my clothing into the wash at the Pacific Grove Wash & Dray - this female started to harass, berate, and tell me how I did not have a right to park in the space I was parked in, how I should be ashamed of myself - etc  -  (see below You Tube Video)

a. I told her to mind her own business, and there were no marking or signs telling me I could not park there, but this female kept going on to me and to other patrons inside the laundromat - I started my wash, and walked out to my parked car to wait for the wash to finish, and call another TI.

2. The photographed female continued, to the point that another Patron (Who told me to, "GO BACK TO MEXICO!!!"), chose to walk out of the laundromat, walk up to my vehicle while I was sitting in my car, and started yelling at me about how I needed to move my car, that I did not have a right to park in that space,  (this was all taking place because I was interrupted while speaking on the phone with this other TI, he heard most of what was going on) - If I ever see this woman at the Laundromat - her Photo will be added to this DOCUMENTATION -

a. Again,  like I told the Female in the photo, I had the right to park in that Space, as long as there was no marking or signs - it was an open space. But this other Caucasian female chose to continue to harass me -

While this second female patron continued to harass me, the Caucasian female business owner at the Royal Splendor decided to come out of her business and JOIN in the Chorus of Three Caucasian Females Harassing me, demanding that I move my vehicle, that I did not have a right to park there.  This female business owner proceeded to call the Pacific Grove Police Department on me. 

As a Targeted Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorist Activities by their recruited cult of Civilian Sleeper Cells - who do exactly what I had to deal with - INITIATE, INCITE, HARASS, and PROVOKE -  then go run and CALL THE POLICE in the HOPES of Getting the VICTIM in Trouble, while playing the part of the Wronged -

They Know that I am now Filming to Ensure I am FULLY PROTECTED from this cult of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorist's who not unlike 27 May 2016 - had three Caucasian Females come at me, then Call the Police on Me - the Below Video is PROOF that I had the LEGAL RIGHT to Park in the Spot I was in - that PGPD had to CONCEDE the space was NOT MARKED - 

Today she chose to come back - I chose to Document to Ensure My SECURITY - and This one is so Arrogant, she LOOKED RIGHT into the Dashcam.  I choose to take a Still and POST IT -


27 MAY 2016 
Where the Above Female Initiated, Incited Others, and Provoked - Flat out Organized Harassment while I was inside the laundromat, inside my car, and then with the Pacific Grove Police who showed up and 'IMMEDIATELY' chose to see me as the CULPRIT as OPPOSED TO THE VICTIM OF HARASSMENT by Three CAUCASIAN FEMALES -

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