Friday, August 26, 2016


26 August 2016
21:00 PM PT

Something happened with the young Perps who reside in the back units at 411 Eardley, this is the same location where, the pole climbing Technicians at AT&T have had to come out, and continually climb the poles and test the lines i.e. RF Feeds because these occupants claim their internet keeps losing signals.

Yet, that very location is PERP CENTRAL where the 20 somethings, move in and are utilizing these United States Military Grade Weaponized Technologies - Weaponized Biological - Technological Weapons, along with Military Grade Anti Personnel Directed Energy Weapons.  Target, Aiming, and Firing Blast after Blasts at and into my private living space.  This is one of the locations where they blast the Infrasonic noise through hypersonic and or parametric directional ultrasound speakers are set up to 'TRIANGULATE' infrasonic acoustic noise at and into my private living space. 

Needless to say the young male occupant from these back rentals, did something, and was OUTSIDE - in a panic, and was on the phone with someone, and those SOMEONE'S showed up in a WHITE VAN - CA LICENSE PLATE 6LRN370 -

This was the MILITARY - PRIVATE SECURITY side that showed up, so whatever this 20 something male did, was enough to send these MILITARY GRADE HANDLER'S TO THIS LOCATION -  

The male occupant that got out of the White Van -
White Male, in 30's - I call them Military Grade i.e.
Bald, 6'1 about 220 lbs  - Heavy Built i.e Muscular - wearing a dark tee shirt -

Double parked on the street with hazards going, but immediately knew this was one of the Handler's - who also wanted this male civilian occupant - to TARGET some FEMALE - and that this male would do it - but his HANDLER appeared to need to CHECK - He was out there for about 20 plus minutes -
This is the night shot of the van that pulled up in front of 411 Eardley, and double parked - but instantly I knew the van was a Handler' to these 20 something Perps that I now know are not only Targeting me, but also 'other' private citizens on the Monterey Peninsula - in this case Another FEMALE - victim - who does not appear to REALIZE she is being TARGETED with illegal, warrantless surveillance - felony stalking, and who know what other crimes against humanity they are inflicting on this 'female' -

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