Thursday, December 12, 2013

09:13 AM


Theft of (3) USB Thumb Drives out of my purse.  LAPD Call due to Removal/Theft of Item.  Filed a Property Loss Report that I will pick up and keep in file.

I have noticed an increase in the Residential Targeting at this Los Angeles, CA location, to include constant illegal entry into my locked room via keyed access.  As such, prior to leaving the room,  I have been audio recording what is taking place in my absence.

The "Mob Mentality" of this location is a collective agreement in this organized residential and community based harassment, intimidation, and targeting - is an attempt to destroy and or steal any forms of evidence that I have gathered because they are in the process of "Striking Out".

These "hits" that come are generally extremely "subversive" and "subtle" in nature, whereby, these recruit's become so arrogant with every "crime" committed, which they have "gotten away with" that their egos, behaviors, attitudes begin to manifest outwardly.  I call it this "untouchable"  demeanor.

Meaning, just by looking at those involved in this Opportunistic, Predatory Domestic Terrorist Cults, they "project" their own Guilt.

Since, there is extensive Invasion of Privacy, Invasion into Private Living Space, and Conspiracy to act and commit - these Resident's along with the surrounding community are provide with "INSIDE INFORMATION" prior to anything taking place against my person, my property, my life - these individual whose criminal invasion of privacy - then allows for them to Capitalize upon said information

Thus, the Criminal Acquisition of Private Information, is and always has been to OPPORTUNISTICALLY CAPITALIZE in some capacity to their advantages, and against Target's like myself.

This includes, but is NOT Limited to: extensive privacy invasion via warrantless surveillance, which allows other Recruits and/or Trainees in the Line of Sight areas, to Queue each other upon my Leaving the Residence, which allows for the next group to commit the actual crime of - breaking and entering - theft of items from room, removal of items, and at times tampering with food supplies.  The nature of what these Opportunistic, Predatory Domestic Terrorist Cult Members'.

This is to show how privacy invasion, illegal acquisition of private information, visual surveillance into private living space (saw coin wallet with USB Thumb Drives), disclosure and exploitation of private information and/or private property to be stolen  - will get members from this Opportunistic, Predatory Domestic Terrorist Cult to seek ways in which to utilize this private information in order to CAPITALIZE upon it for their own gains, or the gains of members within this Opportunistic, Predatory Domestic Terrorist Cult -

Therefore, by another Resident and/or Recruit gaining private information, through warrantless wiretapping, illegal surveillance of private living space, breaking and entering, theft of private property, because the Landlord/ Owner of this Building has provided material support, lodging, and allowed for weaponized technological devices to be housed at this residential location.

Opened the door for Predatory Invasion of Privacy, and Opportunistic Targeting.

As such, a resident, seized upon insider knowledge, about private and confidential information between Landlord/Tenant that dealt with Me and Opportunistically began soliciting known people, to capitalize on the cheap room rent.  Although, not a word has been brought up to me, mentioned, but from which this Tenant, Michael had prior knowledge of.  

Basically, once one of the handlers found a location they liked, the price was decent, this entire building has been infiltrated with mostly 20 somethings, who have moved in, while moving the 'older Korean' residents out.  


December 12, 2013 - 6 am - Telephoned LAPD about Missing USB Thumb Drives a coin purse at bottom of my purse. 

December 11, 2013 -  21:56 pm Michael is talking loudly to one of the people who showed up at this location the evening before.  He is telling this person about how much he/she would like living at this location.  That he should "remember" the person on his side, and how the owner does not want trouble.  That this person needs to contact the Owner as soon as possible, and meet up with her.  Basically making premeditated and prior arrangement to rent out my room - by sharing Confidential and Private Rental information about the "outcome" of another resident, and immediately having these people show up at this location, to troll the area to see if they would like "living here" - the only problem that "here" is where I am living.   As such Michale was in point of fact taking advantage of his insider information, and blatantly with arrogance and hubris making plans - and then executing those plans - by way of solicitation of their people to take advantage of this residential location -

December 10, 2013 - Michael a resident on my side of the building, has four individuals show up at this location at approximately 5 PM, and proceeds to share with them, what confidential and private information about me a tenant, that by discussing the layout, location, and feel of this residential location.  It became apparent by tone, and arrogance that Michael had information - that would manifest on an overheard conversation detailing to one of these individuals the need to contact the owner -

December 10, 2013 - 18:38  Terrorist Residential Perps were utilizing a frequency jammer to disrupt  the digital audio signal in order to enter the room at their leisure, while frequency jamming the digital audio.  This is a 17 minute recording, and where it appears the USB Thumb Drives were stolen.

December 9, 2013 - Erasure of room recording, while in shower. 

This happened to three other people, if not more two of whom came out of the Room Michael currently rents.
1. original Korean former basketball player - was upended and moved

Another Female Moved in (two month stay by Caucasian Female - appeared to be drug rehab )

2. Mentally Disabled male (23-28) - who was heavily Targeted upon moving in, by the Residents and moved after approximately five days - the Owner and other residents SET him Up and he had no defenses to fight back.  (premeditated, negative outcome with someone who had a legal documented disability - a Target of Opportunity and a Room to begotten)

Other side of building same level -

3. Ms. Kim (63) - EMT to Hospital Sep 21, 2013 - Went into coma - was considered dying - all her belongings were packed up, the room was cleared out, and immediately Rented to a Predator Perp laying in wait -

In the case of this (63 yr old) female resident, who may have had a preexisting medical condition the abusive and constant use of Acoustic Weapons (ultrasound and infrasound) which causes material i.e. walls, metal, solid structures to resonate with a high resolution vibration known as vibro-acoustic energy.  The affects of blasting Directional Ultrasond (high frequency/above the hearing threshold) or Directional Infrasound (extreme low frequency/below the hearing threshhold) onto or at any material like metal, wood, ceramic, will cause those materials to resonate and vibrate similar to a sonic toothbrush - that can be Heard and Recorded. 

Due to the negative human biological effects of continued and constant exposure to Acoustic Energy Weapons in the form Directional Ultrasound and Infrasound/Sonic Blasting, which causes a High Resolution, Vibro-Acoustic affect - Ms. Kim was appears to have been biologically effected in a serious negative physical manner, either by residual building resonating from the Acoustic Weapons Blasting into my Private living space, which I could hear on her side of the building, or else.. she was Directly Targeted so that her room could would be vacated, and immediately rented to a member of this Opportunistic, Predatory Domestic Terrorist Cult.  (Capitalizing on the premeditated negative outcome of someone else)

In either case, it exacerbated some type of preexisting medical condition, that I firmly believe based upon documented medical research literature, into the human bio-effects of over exposure to Ultrasound and Infrasound/Sonic Energy, would not otherwise have manifested, possibly for years, had these Acoustic Weapons not been set up with approval, if not possible compensation for the Owner, Chong Cha Choe -

What this shows is the Premeditated Nature of Attacks against innocent people, within civil society by this Opportunistic, Predatory Domestic Terrorist Cult.

Whereby, once you are on their "Radar," because of something they want, they can benefit from, they can capitalize upon, they can profit from, they can obtain something out of, or they want to take down, destroy, and/or kill  - This Opportunistic, Predatory Domestic Terrorist Cult will Activate Sleeper Cell Recruit's to with premeditated malicious intent - strike out upon and against that Targeted Victim. 

 - I believe the psycho-pathological terms for the type of people drawn to this Opportunistic, Predatory Domestic Terrorist Cult, and aggressively recruited by Leaders'/Handler's are called "DARK TRIADS" - whereby the Recruiter's/Handlers specifically seek out personality types to be recruited into their fold by individuals' who exhibit borderline and or full blown personality disorder/s, which are: Anti-Social, Machiavellian, and or Narcissistic, making up this Dark Triad /Triangle because they exhibit: remorseless, ego centric, and or power/controlling,  pathologies.

With exception of those Coerced/Blackmailed into participation, but who have also capitalized upon, in order to save their own asses, along with all other Recruits, they exhibit extreme. if not, pathological Opportunism - which make them even more capable of committing such heinous and egregious crimes against the defenseless, unarmed Targets' of and for their Opportunistic ends.


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