Saturday, December 14, 2013

MAGNETO-OPTICAL SENSOR Allows you to VISUALLY SEE the Electromagnetic Field

Saturday, December 14, 2013

On, December 12, 2013 while outside smoking I noticed a searchlight projecting a beam of light that appeared to be coming from the U.S.C. Campus.

I decided to Video Tape this Searchlight Beam because something was different about the way it was moving.  It appeared to be Scanning and Measuring a geographical area.

DRONES or MAGNETO OPTICAL SENSOR Scanning and Measuring Of Electromagnetic Field

My first reaction was due to the Height of where the Light Beam was scanning that it was Measuring the Skies to allow for Visual Location of where future Drones would fly over the skies of the United States, in the next few years.  This was due to the FCC early next year assigning Six (6) Cities that will be Chosen to Field Test Drones on American Soil.

FAA Has a Road Map for Drones

Within the Articles, it did state that the Los Angeles Metropolitan area would be excluded from the Bidding Process, as such, what was taking place here in Los Angeles, would be more a Visual to see the skies during what would be considered Heavy Rush Hour Air Traffic.

Proposed drone test site worries backcountry 

When the searchlight beam came overhead where I am located, the beam would irradiate at a much Brighter level, then fade out as it moved further away from overhead.  

There was something else that I noticed, when the searchlight scanned from Left to Right, the IRRADIATION was MUCH BRIGHTER, but would Fade when going from Right to Left.

This stayed with me - and so I decided to see if there was a possibility of scientists, engineers, and physicists working on way in which to VISUALLY SEE an ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD using LIGHT that would irradiate brighter when the lightbeam came across SPIKES in the ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD?

WELL....  I found source documents to show that in point of fact, scientists are working on a means by which to VISUALLY SEE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS - as opposed to using Guass and Analyzers that can graph and let measure where electromagnetic fields are and at what intensity they are projecting the energy - BUT SEEING THE FIELD OF ENERGY - is different -

Magneto - Optical Sensors Visualization of Magnetic Fields

Magneto-Optical Sensor Patent # 5,451,864 

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