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19 May 2015

ACOUSTIC CAMERAS - Visually Isolate and See where Acoustic Noise / Frequencies are coming from.  Not unlike the FLIR Infrared Camera's which will show visually any HOT Spots, the Acoustic Camera can show where there are what is known as SOUND LEAKS - 

For me, what this type of Capability will ultimately represent is to VISUALLY Isolate Near or Exact locations where portable Directed Energy Weapons EMITTER SYSTEMS are being set up and Blasted from - Thus providing Clear Documentation of Harassment for Legal Purposes. 

Visualizing sound -in a fast and precise way!

FOR TARGETED VICTIMS' this would provide a documented Visual of the Near or Exact Locations where Directed Energy Emitter Systems are being Fired From, but there is a slight problem
1. Costs are in the tens of thousands of dollars
2. Their Microphones do not yet have the capabilities of visually recording Infrasound or Extremely Low Frequencies - which many of the Directed Energy Systems run off of.

As such, I began sending out EMAIL's asking if they had portable / hand held products that covered various Frequency Ranges, which I wanted to Visually Record, and also to PinPoint near or exact locations of the emitter locations.  

I was able to contact Norsonic and Polytech, Inc and was able to speak with a U.S. Sales Representative from Polytech who was not absolutely sure if their Acoustic Camera's would be able to Visually Record or Show the Frequencies I was interested in, but would be in touch with the German manufactureres' to pose the questions to them. 

My questions were geared towards Extreme Low Frequencies (Infrasound), which is BELOW the HEARING THRESHOLD and Extreme High Frequencies (Ultrasound), which is ABOVE the Hearing Threashold in both cases, they claim NOT TO QUITE have Handheld capabilities to Visually Document and Isolate locations in those ranges, but they are CLOSE.

 I also provided them with the following information, so as to provide them WITH hopefully in the near future their Visual Acoustic Camera's may be able to RECORD -

Additional frequency ranges
Exposure capabilities from 100 kHz to 94 GHz

Additional following capabilities
Emitter Systems:
VHF, C-band, L-band, S-band, X-band, 35 and 94 GHz, ultra wideband,
circular waveguides, and 10 anechoic chambers.

I am hoping by providing them with the necessary information, their engineers can come up with a VISUAL ACOUSTIC CAMERA'S that have the NECESSARY FREQUENCY RANGES, which can PINPOINT and ISOLATE NEAR or EXACT LOCATIONS of where these MAN-PORTABLE  and or HANDHELD EMITTER SYSTEMS are being BLASTED FROM.

Norsonic stated they did not have the capabilities at present but provided me with a link to the following Acoustic Camera manufactureres in Switerzland who has come the closest to Visually Recording Ultrasonic Frequencies

Distran Ultra localizes sound sources totally passively from 3 kHz to 50 kHz. Lightweight, the camera can be hand-held thanks to its compact size (24cm x 24cm x 5cm). It is especially useful to track phenomena that produce ultrasounds such as gas leaks or sparks.

Here are some samples of VISUALLY seeing where NOISE is being Generated From -

Norsonic Acoustic Camera - Wind turbines Noise.mov

Noise survey investgation into source of low frequency noise www.soundsolutionconsultants.co.uk

Norsonic Acoustic Camera - Engine noise test 


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