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Weaponizing Health Care Professionals & their Criminal Complicity in TORTURE

18 May 2015

The following segments from, "Democracy Now" have provided a very clear example of what Targeted Individual's such as myself have been stating for year, which is Medical Professionals' have been actively involved with the criminal, illegal, non consensual human experiments that have been taking place, in particular with the advent of Cognitive Neuroscience, and the gizmos', gadgets', and sensors being developed to Detect brain activities, states of mind, cognition, manipulation of motor, central nervous system, and or behavioral functions.

What this outlines is WITHOUT Experts from within the Psychological and or Medical Profession, there more than likely would not have been the Office of Legal Memos, Outline WHAT CONSTITUTES TORTURE.

Without their Architecture - the Grunt Implementing the Torture Techniques would NOT KNOW how far they could go, or how many times was permissible, Without these Experts and Professionals within said fields, the Grunts would NOT have a Guidebook to Follow, Buttons to Push, or Knowledge of how Best to DO HARM.

Regardless, those individuals who are the so called GRUNTS are criminal responsible for their Active and or Aggressive Participation because of their cognizant abilities to determine Right from Wrong - therefore, in the end, the CONSPIRACY from the lowest levels (those who implement, cover up, sanction, etc what has been designed) to those who Architecturally Design the Tactics, Techniques, and How to Use the Weaponized Technologies, and Biological-Technologies - ALL ARE COMPLICIT in the CRIMES being committed upon and against Non Consensual Targeted Victims' who have come forward to ALL PROPER AUTHORITIES to INTERVENE, CONDUCT A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, and Criminal Prosecution of any and all who have Targeted the Human Living Life of a Targeted Individual.

The Below Linked "DEMOCRACY NOW SEGMENTS" - Exposes how, in particular the Psychologist's i.e. Medical Professional used their Expertise to Architecturally Design the CIA Torture Program and most of all Provide LEGAL COVER by Re-Writing the ETHICAL CODES in terms of, DO NO HARM -

Weaponizing Health Workers: How Medical Professionals Were a Top Instrument in U.S. Torture Program

TO DRIVE THIS POINT HOME  - in terms of THE REALITY of Various Healthcare Professionals' and WOULD THEY "DO HARM" -

Lawyer: Doctor who gave wrong diagnoses has brain damage

Here is a recent article about a Neurologist / Medical Professional who was just charged with providing incorrect and deliberate MISDIAGNOSIS' to Patients, one of whom Committed Suicide.  
(This is in line with those within this field who would deliberately MisDiagnose an Individual's for 

1. Research i.e. provide a misdiagnosis in order to conduct Neurological Experiments on a HEALTHY BRAIN to Reverse Engineer the Mapping Pathways - of that Healthy Brain, while letting the Victim think they have some Disease or Diagnosis.

2. To either gain informed consent, or fradulent misrepresentation and omission of material facts while conducting various Neurological i.e. Neurotechnological Experiments - 

Now this Neurologist is claiming "He" is the one who has brain damage, and therefore, made ALL these Misdiagnosis' but whenever you come across something like this, and it pertains to Neurologists', Neuroscientists', et. al. you can bet the MISDIAGNOSIS of Patients/Victim's of said Misdiagnosis' were done for the purpose of advancing some Experimental Protocol - because YOU NEED HEALTHY BRAINS that can be REVERSE ENGINEERED TO MIMIC the Advances of some Neurological Disease, Disorder, Mental Incapacity - One Cannot Map something that is ALREADY DAMAGED - They need HEALTHY BRAINS - to MAP the PATHWAYS to the already Neurological Damaged Brain be it Alzheimer', Parkinson's', Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism,  etc., etc., etc. - the damage in these individual's is ALREADY DONE - 

ONLY HEALTHY, FUNCTIONAL BRAINS - THAT ARE DELIBERATELY REVERSED ENGINEERED - can provide the MOST SIGNIFICANT FINDINGS - and that is WHAT UNSUSPECTING Target's - and It would Appear DELIBERATE MISDIAGNOSIS' by said Professionals/Experts are doing - Taking the Healthy so that they can MAP via Reverse Engineering the Human Brain.

The following Links will Provide you WITH NAMES of Entities i.e. Academia, and Professionals who have KNOWLEDGE in one for or the other about WHAT THE FUCK is HAPPENING to TARGETED INDIVIDUAL'S - who have come forward and documented long before INFORMATION is coming out publicly about Research, Development, and Outcomes.

Long before the 2013 Presidential State of the Union Address Outlining the, "BRAIN PROJECT' - The world of ACADEMIA, LAW, SCIENCE, BIOTECHNOLOGY, PSYCHOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY, ET AL came together to begin the process of making COLLECTIVE DECISION about how the Advances in Cognitive Neuroscience and their subsequent Neurotechnologies i.e Biometric Detection/Sensor/Readers, Gizmos', Gadgets', Scanning's, Mapping, etc can be used for and in terms of The  LAW -

Original FACT SHEET 
ABOUT the Law & Neuroscience Project (2007)
(note the NUMBER of Universities (Academia) already involved at that time)
To Zoom In 
1. click on document
2. Right Click and Scroll to Open Image In Another Window - then you can zoom into the document

The Current Network Administration Guiding the Project - as you will read, a virtual whose, whom, in the world of Academia, Law, Science, Technology, and MEDICINE in particular Psychology - 

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