Sunday, May 31, 2015


31 May 2015

The following Videos were taken Directly Overhead, and show only in the overhead, and surrounding area what I call, "CLOUD STREAKS/LINES" whereby, there is no formation of clouds, but simply cloud streaks.

THIS IS MY THEORY and BY NO MEANS DEFINITIVE PROOF but I have documented this OVERHEAD in Los Angeles as well during the night, and it actually messed with the infrared on the video camera.  

Upon me doing a Panoramic View, you will see that these, 'CLOUD STREAKS" are only directly Overhead and in a Surrounding Area, but ALL OTHER areas, are formed clouds or clouded over. 

What this leads me to believe is that the EXPERIMENTS being conducted are NOT about Control over a Solo Targeted Individual, but to FIRE UP and ENTIRE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD in a given Geographical Location and CONTROL the BEHAVIORS of those SURROUNDING the Solo Targeted Individual.

Video Taped on the Monterey Peninsula, 31 May 2015

Video Taped in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA - November, 2013
These videos are much harder to view because while I was attempting to tape via the infrared in the camera, there was some type of interference and caused distortion, but there are shots when the camera is still where you can see the actual lines in the sky or cloud streaks.  

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