Saturday, May 17, 2014

Go Live 2006 Description Versus Top Secret Snowden Document

The following is a Document that I wrote in 2006, to Outline and Describe what was taking place, upon the, GO LIVE, Overt In Your Face Targeting - it has since been revealed by the Snowden Documents under SigDev Slides as "BLITZ" - creating as much disruption as possible within a short period of time -

What I describe
June T. Kuwatani 
6141 Afton Place #102 
Hollywood, CA 90028 

August 21, 2006

COMPLAINT: Retaliation from work place, Intentional Malice, Defamation, Exploitation, and possible Profiting from, and in lieu of illegally obtained &/or broadcast information without prior consent of individual.

To Include:
1.    Mental and Physical anguish.
2.    Intentional Acts to Diminish mental capacities
3.    Invasion of Privacy
4.    Removing items from the home (breaking and entering – theft of materials)
5.    Video taping (phone/cell/work) and/or Broadcasting without consent of
6.    Wire tapping and/or falsification of representatives from the following entities
Cingular, AT&T, AOL, Cedar Sinai Medical Group, Washington Mutual, Bank of America and/or any other entities which miss-represented themselves to me.

7.    Interference with USPS
8.    Use of medications not prescribed by known physician, any forms of
subliminal brainwashing, and/or falsification of medical information to patient
for purposes, unknown.

9.    Creation of false scenarios for the purpose of the above referenced complaints
to include scenarios used to diminish mental capacities, and to create additional anxieties which could exacerbate medical condition.

The following are a list of questions, and answers I would like investigated and answered.

Who has been filming me in my home? How long has this been going on? To what purpose? Why? Exposure of Privately obtained information? Exploitation?

At this time I would greatly appreciate your investigating all these allegations, and assist me in anyway possible, and how I should proceed from this point.

2014:  Documented Slide from "NO PLACE TO HIDE" Glenn Greenwalds new book.  It basically breaks down what transpires upon being Targeted. 
"BLITZ" describes CREATING as much DISRUPTION to a Target within a Short Period of Time.  Meaning "they" will HIT you the Target with 'EVERYTHING" in their Arsenal, from Cyber to Human Intelligence - From Character and Credibility Assassination - To False Flag Operations - To Breaking and Entering - To Stalking and Mobbing in Public Settings, While you are driving - BLITZING means more than just cyber - it MEANS EVERY MEANS IN THEIR ARSENAL are DEPLOYED and EXECUTED against AN UNSUSPECTING TARGET -

And... Terrorize the Target to the Point of Increased Paranoia because they are being HIT by the Arsenal of Weaponized Capabilities from Psychological Ops, Military Deception, Electronic Warfare, all the way down to Boots On The Ground Teams aka HUMNIT - who will ATTACK the Target - on a 24/7/356 basis. 

What these SNOWDEN DOCUMENTS have done for me a VICTIM of said Operations - is to VALIDATE my LEGAL CLAIMS against the Very Agencies and/or Individual's within - WHO PLACED A TARGETED HIT - upon and against every aspect of my living life.

That I was able under EXTREME forms of "Blitzing" in 2006 - to come up with a LIST of what I believed at that time was taking place  -

I, think back to Michael Hastings - a man embedded in War Zones, with the likes of General Stanley Mc Crystal - yet he comes to Los Angeles - and prior to his death - the ONE thing that was noticed by his Peers, and Friends was his INCREASED state of PARANOIA -

It is a MILITARIZED Tactical Operation that Strikes Out Upon and Against a Targeted Individual from EVERY Angle, and they USED, Solo Targeted Individuals as Disposable Human Guinea Pigs - to TEST OUT their Capabilities - and to recruit and train others on how to deploy and execute the Blitzing Operations -


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