Friday, May 16, 2014


May 16, 2014


The following Image is Law Enforcement at the Local, State and Federal Levels Technological Capabilities to Capture METADATA information from within a Geographical Location.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has had access to this Capability since, 2006.

What this shows is that UPON a Solo Targeted Victim coming forward to Local Law Enforcement to conduct a Criminal Investigation into Residential and Community Based Street Terrorism aka Organized Stalking, Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Community Based Harassment and Bullying, these Agencies could Easily have Set Up Surveillance where a Solo Targeted Individual resides, and begin the process of Tracking those Surrounding the Target.  

By the simple USE of HAILSTORM / STINGRAY - it would have been EASY to IDENTIFY Every Member of this Domestic Terrorist Organization based on their METADATA, which is the gathering of telephone numbers to and from, location of call, and duration of calls.  along with THREE HOPS, means - 1st Hop equals All Your Contacts/Address Book, 2nd Hop Equals ALL THEIR Contacts/Address Book, and 3rd Hop Equals, ALL their  Contacts / Address book -

This means AT NO TIME EVER, should a Solo Targeted Individual have been denied, deprived, ridiculed, mocked, and refused a Criminal Investigation into said Crimes Taking placed against their Person and Property, when several Law Enforcement Agencies, have had access to this Metadata and Three Hops Capabilities - Which in turn could easily IDENTIFY the COMMON nature of Who, What, Where, and When these RECRUITED Cult Driven Domestic Terrorist Perps have been communicating with, and track all ISP online activities - which once again, would have a COMMON DENOMINATOR to them.  I.E. MAPPING - all of them. 

The Cellular Snooping is a Man Portable, Suitcase Sized power pieces of Technology that Acts as a Local Cell Tower, which Tricks anyone utilizing their Cell Phone, and WiFi Capabilities into thinking it is Connecting with the Local Telecommunications Cell Tower, but it actually being Swept Up in the Law Enforcement tracking device.  

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