Monday, May 5, 2014

ELECTRONIC WARFARE: Takes Down Washing Machine in Continued Residential Terrorism and Harassment

May 5, 2014

At approximately 09:50 AM PDT

I started my wash, and suddenly the SHUT DOWN.  I checked the connections, etc. but Nothing.  What this shows is how this State and Corporate Sponsored Nationwide Network of Civilian Recruit's are being provided with Criminal Access to Department of Defense (DoD) / National Security Agency (NSA) Military Grade Electronic Warfare Capabilities.

This same Residential and Community Network of Informant/Snitch and Sleeper Cells have access to these United States Military Grade Capabilities, and FIRE them Indiscriminately at me the Target in order to facilitate this type of Hostile and Violent living.  

Electronic Warfare (EW)
EW is defined by DOD as any military action involving the direction or control of electromagnetic spectrum energy to deceive or attack the enemy. High power electromagnetic energy can be used as a tool to overload or disrupt the electrical circuitry of almost any equipment that uses transistors, micro-circuits, or metal wiring.   Directed energy weapons amplify, or disrupt, the power of an electromagnetic field by projecting enough energy to overheat and permanently damage circuitry, or jam, overpower, and misdirect the processing in computerized systems. The Electronic Warfare Division of the Army Asymmetric Warfare Office has responsibility for creating electronic warfare policy, and for supporting development of new electromagnetic spectrum concepts that can be translated into equipment and weapons.

It is not just about Cyber Attacks, but the Entire Electromagnetic Spectrum, to include Electrical Circuitry, that runs Appliances as well, and how Remote Access is used to Tampering with "other" equipment that runs off electrical circuitry.  

Owner, Song Cha Choe shows up.  

In this case the OWNER attempts to first state that I did not place Money into the Machine - but in order for the washing machine to be filled up, you need to place money into the machine.  

Next she claims that it was not plugged in, which is another lie, because that was the first thing I checked, and from which was plugged in.  

What you will Witness is how Upon Reactivation and Timing, the Owner Just so HAPPENS to be able to get the machine to START - but that only happens because those Criminals with Remote Access, SWITCH the Appliance i.e. Washing Machine Back on.  

For any Targeted Individual - this below Video is to be Used to  STUDY THE SCRIPTED THEATRICAL TACTIC of a RECRUITED PERP: ALL MADE UP - clothing, hair, and make up - and the scripted talking points she utilizes.  To include the TALKING POINTS they are provided with.  

In addition the Use of "SOMEBODY" and "SOMEBODY, FUCK YOU" - by saying "she does not know who did it" is simply a very bad attempt to ABSOLVE herself of any WRONGDOING - Shifting Blame, when she is fully vetted and involved, not to mention the money being made by using her rental building as a training facility for these State/Corporate Sponsored Domestic Terrorists.  

Owner shows up:  What you hear, and see will disprove the Talking Points the Owner was told to Utilize:
1. You did not put money in the washing machine (you will see the owner puts money in herself, and nothing happens)
2. Somebody Unplugged the Washing Machine (you can see in the above video, along with this video, that on several occasions the Washing Machine is Plugged in, and you will see right after the Owner, Song Cha Choe puts money into the machine, and nothing happens, she then starts messing with the plug to the machine - still nothing.  

Then all of a sudden, it Starts - not because of not putting money in the machine, and not because it was not plugged in, but because of Electronic Warfare Remote Access Capabilities.  What you see the owner doing, i.e. putting money in, then going to the outlet to see if the washer is plugged in and getting nothing.  

Note: One of the most disturbing aspects upon listening to the full Original Video was the Offensive Mechanical Manipulation of the Weaponized use of Neurotechnologies - which not only Disrupted My Speech, but Overrode my Speech Pattern - i.e. in two different occasions on the original video you hear me saying to the extent - I put filled the washing machine with water i.e. manually - which is NOT TRUE.  

Which shows the ENTIRE Washing Incident was FULLY ORCHESTRATED - and the Owner was provided with Scripted Talking Points to Utilize, so upon going back say to the ORIGINAL VIDEO - they would CLAIM that I did this on purpose - 

What LEGALLY SAVES ME is the VISUAL VIDEO showing the very motions the OWNER does i.e. places money into the washing machine, when nothing happens, moves towards the Plug in the Outlet - Nothing at first - then - once the Remote Access via Electronic Warfare Switches that Outlet back on - it starts.  (also the visual in both videos, which shows the Plug in the wall outlet - plugged in)

The point, this Theater was fully Orchestrated and Scripted to include the Owners' talking points - and the manipulation of Remote Access to the Electrical Circuit that powers the outlet that powers the Washer and Dryer - along with Biological Technological Remote Access to the Weaponized Neurotechnologies - that Overrode - my speech.  THE MOST DANGEROUS IS THE WEAPONIZED REMOTE MANIPULATION AND USE OF THE BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGICAL WEAPONS I.E. WEAPONIZED NEUROTECHNOLOGIES - 

Here is my bottom line, I consider ANYONE in particular Building Owners, who actively participate, and use their buildings for anyone associated with this State/Corporate Sponsored, Sanctioned, and Covered Up Community Street Terrorism - 

 Support, Training, and Lodging - Material Support to Terrorists - to include, but not limited to Biological-Technological Terrorism via the Offensive Remote Mechanical Manipulation and Use of Weaponized Neurotechnologies.

18 U.S. Code § 2339A - Providing material support to terrorists

 a) Offense.— Whoever provides material support or resources or conceals or disguises the nature, location, source, or ownership of material support or resources, knowing or intending that they are to be used in preparation for, or in carrying out, a violation of section 32, 37, 81, 175, 229, 351, 831, 842 (m) or (n), 844 (f) or (i), 930 (c), 956, 1091, 1114, 1116, 1203, 1361, 1362, 1363, 1366, 1751, 1992, 2155, 2156, 2280, 2281, 2332, 2332a, 2332b, 2332f, 2340A, or 2442 of this title, section 236 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (42 U.S.C. 2284), section 46502 or 60123 (b) of title 49, or any offense listed in section 2332b (g)(5)(B) (except for sections 2339A and 2339B) or in preparation for, or in carrying out, the concealment of an escape from the commission of any such violation, or attempts or conspires to do such an act, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 15 years, or both, and, if the death of any person results, shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life. A violation of this section may be prosecuted in any Federal judicial district in which the underlying offense was committed, or in any other Federal judicial district as provided by law.
(b) Definitions.— As used in this section—
(1) the term “material support or resources” means any property, tangible or intangible, or service, including currency or monetary instruments or financial securities, financial services, lodging, training, expert advice or assistance, safehouses, false documentation or identification, communications equipment, facilities, weapons, lethal substances, explosives, personnel (1 or more individuals who may be or include oneself), and transportation, except medicine or religious materials;
(2) the term “training” means instruction or teaching designed to impart a specific skill, as opposed to general knowledge; and
(3) the term “expert advice or assistance” means advice or assistance derived from scientific, technical or other specialized knowledge.

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