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FEAR MONGERING via the ART of DECEPTION: FALSE NARRATIVE of SUPERNATURAL/MAGIC - Hides True Advances in Weaponized Technologies

May 28, 2014


Clarke's Three Laws are three "laws" of prediction formulated by the British writer Arthur C. Clarke. They are:
  1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
  2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
  3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Being the VICTIM of these Psychological Manipulation Tactics, and NOT falling for the Magic or Supernatural, made it easier to begin to Identify the What was being done to me.  Yet, it has been because I am Targeted Overtly and Blitzed constantly, that has made it possible for me to OUT their Militarized and Weaponized Operational Tactics.

Those within the Intelligence Communities GLOBALLY not just the United States, but globally, not to mention Advertising, and Corporations ALL Utilize this Tactic to some extent. But what HAPPENS WHEN IT IS WEAPONIZED - and used against WHOLE POPULATIONS?  

This is what is transpiring, and the more you can RECOGNIZE the Tactics being Used, the more you can start to COUNTER what is being done.  

It has taken victims of Targeting by a Myriad of these type of Operators' who are recruiting and training Others in this Art Form - to RECOGNIZE the SUBTLE ways in which they are used.  But, most important, in realizing that this ART FORM - has been FULLY MILITARIZED and WEAPONIZED.  

Yet, the Vast Majority of the Population, are not being Overtly Targeted or Blitzed, but are still being influenced, which allows them to be manipulated, if not downright Indoctrinated into a false belief system, while leaps in technological advancements are being done covertly.   False Flag Operations - are critical when advancing Weaponized Capabilities.  As such, your Perps have no idea that they are being fully influenced if not indoctrinated to Target You.

AND IN MANY CASES YOUR PERPS are being Influenced under the False Belief that what is Taking Place is Magical or Supernatural.

The more they are able to HIDE behind the FALSE NARRATIVES of SUPERNATURAL - the MORE they can ADVANCE their TECHNOLOGICAL PROTOCOLS without Interference, Questions, and Debate.  By the time it ALL COMES OUT - it will be TOO LATE for the MASSES.

What I have noticed taking place in order to Re-Shape a False Light Narrative towards, and away from focusing on technological and/or bio-technological advancements:

I have noticed a PUSH by Media Outlets, and the Entertainment Industry with an Aggressive Push and Promotion of the Supernatural, Good versus Evil, Magic, Witchcraft, and Otherworldly.  While, Television that depicts the Advances in Technological Capabilities i.e. cyber, surveillance, bio-technologies, neurotechnologies, nano-technologies, brain machine interfaces, synthetic biology, controlling/influencing people from outside their bodies, etc. are being Cancelled for next season.

What this shows is a MASSIVE COVER UP, and a Need to SHIFT the FOCUS and NARRATIVE AWAY from these Technological Advances, and to believe that what is transpiring is somehow Supernatural.

You have to remember, You CANNOT SEE an Electromagnetic Pulse, that is disrupting or jamming your electronics, or pulsing or shocking your human biology, or will realize that Acoustic Noise, can embed coded messages directly into the human brain, thus subliminal and/or deep brain communications.  Thus, the Unsuspecting Target and/or Target Audiences aka General Public, may believe, "WHAT THEY FEEL" is somehow "otherworldly" as opposed to a Militarized Direct Energy Weapons System that is being Field Tested on Whole Populations of people.

Here are some examples of where this is being promoted, and via the Snowden Documents they even talk about MAGIC - knowing it is all Psychologically and  Technologically being DONE.

Yet instead of admitting this, they would rather Fear Monger the Masses into a Negative False Light Narrative in order to CONTROL them, or believe they Have to Control the Object with said False Abilities.

Almost Two-Thirds of 18-29 Year Olds Believe in "Demon Possession" What Is Happening to America?

Are Americans becoming less religious? While church affiliation is probably declining, don't expect the atheist revolution anytime soon:Over one half (63 percent, to be exact) of young Americans 18-29 years old now believe in the notion that invisible, non-corporeal entities called "demons" can take partial or total control of human beings, revealed an October 2012 Public Policy Polling [2] survey that also showed this belief isn't declining among the American population generally; it's growing.

Why Do Many Christians Still Literally Believe in Demons and Satan?

...In spite of this, Satanism has always drawn hysterical fright from religious believers who seem terrified of the mere concept, even though they claim to worship a god who's infinitely more powerful. True to form, the announcement of the black mass provoked immense outrage and fear among Catholics in Boston and beyond. Harvard faculty [5]chaplains [6]alumni [7] and students [8], as well as the Archdiocese of Boston [9], demanded that the black mass be canceled, or that Harvard step in and prevent it from happening. Some prominent Catholic bloggers expressed real fear that the students, without meaning to, would summon the literal devil and lose their souls [10] (shades of the famous Jack Chick comic which claims Dungeons & Dragons teaches teenagers to cast real black magic spells [11]).

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE REAL WORLD - to REAL HUMAN BEINGS when such a Negative False Light NARRATIVE is actively indoctrinated into the MINDS of both U.S. Soldier's and to the Brutally Tortured Detainees.    With the acquiescence of the General Public whose own Fear Based Indoctrinated beliefs allow for such sadistic brutality to continue.

In this evaluation, they had these vulnerable men broken down to the point that they had them believing they were possessed by supernatural forces.  

Jinn or djinn (singular: jinnīdjinni, or genieArabicالجن‎ al-jinn, singular الجني al-jinnī) are supernatural creatures in Islamic mythology as well as pre-Islamic Arabian mythology

"The worst thing about torture is that you don’t know how to think, what to do, how to feel. You know you have your mind, but you don’t now how to react, which is horrible because you feel vulnerable. It’s terrible. We believed that the people here; the CIA, the interrogators, use ‘djinn.’ [spirits] The evil djinn. Some of the things that happened, you can’t explain. Some people with think that it was drugs or something, but 95% of us believe we got possessed by djinn.”  


AMERICAN SOLDIERS AT DETENTION CENTERS BELIEVE THE DETAINEES HAVE SUPERHUMAN ABILITIES: 48:30/1:13:03 - Thus Brainwashing U.S. Soldier's to FEAR the Detainees, by using Supernatural or Superhuman False Light Narratives, thus DEHUMANIZING that detainee/prisoner, which then gives rise to the belief that Sadistic Brutality against that Human Being is necessary or alright to inflict.  It is the NEW PSYOP that is being actively deployed and executed - to include various Civilian Target Audiences aka General Public. 

Noam Chomsky (May, 2013) "Dirty Wars" with Scahill and Goodman 



Another heavily utilized PSYOP Tactic is something called Mentalism, which allows the Psy-Operator the trained ability to Manipulate Outcomes utilizing these type of Tactics.  But...there is NO MAGIC  - These are highly psychological and technological means by which to alter beliefs i.e.  behaviorism  -

Mentalism is a performing art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities. Performances may appear to include telepathyclairvoyancedivinationprecognitionpsychokinesis,mediumshipmind control, memory feats and rapid mathematics. Hypnosis may also be used as a stage tool. Mentalists are sometimes referred to as psychic entertainers.


It is a form of Power of Suggestion in order to manipulate or get people to focus on something else.

Snowden Top Secret Leaked Documents -  How it ALL has been WEAPONIZED via information collecting via computerized capabilities:  It is all based on Psychology (human nature/nurture), and Mathematical Algorithms computerized sorting capabilities that can sift through vast amounts of information, to include detailed Profiled Information of a Target, and possibly provide the best case scenario of what may happen.  


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