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11 August 2014

I uploaded this EXAMPLE of Real World Community/Residential Based Street Terrorism Tactic of Subtle/Silent Civilian Recruits who are instructed to Deploy and Execute various Psychological Tactics in order to Terrorize, Intimidate, Stalk, and Harass a Targeted Victim.  Then, I show a new 2014 HBO Series, and how these Tactics are brought to the Screen - via intellectual property theft of Targeted Individual's Documenting - in order to Capitalize, Whitewash, and Sanatize these Domestic Terrorist Activities.  In rare instances, those within the Entertainment Industry will utilize what is known as TRUTH Through FICTION - but in the vast majority of cases, they are simply a part of the Network with Insider Information via Warrantless Wiretapping, Hacking, Shadowing, and Theft of Intellectual Property provided to them via these State Agencies, Department of Defense/National Security, Private Contractor's, and those with Insider Access to the Private information stored on Desktops, or Published online by Target's such as myself, and the thousands of other Target's who have used the Digital Domain in order to Document the Crimes of Domestic Terrorism, Domestic Terrorist Activities, Theft, Vandalism, Stalking, Harassment, Mayhem, Hate Crimes, Assault, Torture, along with the Deprivation of Rights Under the Color of Law, the Conspiracy Against Rights, the violation of a Target's Constitutionally protected rights and liberties -

DoD/NSA/Corp Sponsored CIVILIAN PERP TACTIC: Community Based Intimidation, Stalking and Harassment

11 August 2014:  The following Video will Show Samples of REAL WORLD CIVILIAN PERP TACTICS and Scenarios, and How Hollywood is Copying, Fabricating, and in many Cases Whitewashing and Sanitizing what State/NSA & Corp America are doing to Real Life, Real World Victims of Systematic Targeting.  AND THAT FACT THAT INNOCENT PEOPLE are BEING SCAPEGOATED and SET UP - for HUMAN DESTRUCTION. 

80% to 85% of the Subtle, Covert and/or Overt Tactics are in the realm of DoD/NSA Psychological Warfare, Psychological Operations, and Psychological Intimidation, Terror, and Manipulation:  They are designed and utilized as forms of Psychological Terror, Psychological Conditioning in the form of TRAUMA BASED Behavioral Modifications, Negative Association Triggers or Triggering (i.e. colors, visuals, motions, keyword triggering) and/or to literally Break Down the Unsuspecting Targeted Individual (TI) who is "Blitzed" with Covert and Overt in Your Face Tactical Operations to LET YOU KNOW - YOU ARE BEING TARGETED.  

These type of Insidious, Repetitive Tactics are also utilized to Provoke the Targeted Victim into Reacting NEGATIVELY by saying something or striking out, or to get the target to commit suicide, basically find psychological means and manipulation to Coerce the Targeted Individual to Self Destruction - due to the insidiously violent and pervasive 24/7/365 community, workplace, and public stalking, harassment, invasion of privacy, exploitation of private information, etc. 

Once the Target Reacts Negatively - it is immediately Capitalized upon in order to Further Victimize the Targeted Individual by Getting them in TROUBLE and/or NEGATIVELY LABELED in order to SILENCE/NEUTRALIZE THEM - It can be anything from arrested, locked up in psych wards, fired from their jobs (workplace mobbing), to evicted from homes/apartments - It is what is known as SILENCING or NEUTRALIZING a Human Being. 

These are the 21st Century, Post 9/11 Department of Defense/National Security, Law Enforcement, and Private Security Corporations TACTICAL Operations, in what used to be known as COINTELPRO and MCCARTHY ERA BLACKLISTING. 

Post 9/11 the State/Corp utilizes what I call a Nationwide Civilian Informant/Sleeper Cell Network - who have been aggressively Recruited under the False Flag Operations under the Guise of "The War on Terror" - Neighborhood / Community Watch, Community Liaison Programs, See, Something, Say, Something Groups, along with 501c(3)'s like InfraGard Los Angeles, CA - that focuses on (3) areas of aggressive Civilian Recruitment


This "Nationwide Civilian Informant/Sleeper Cell Network" can be ACTIVATED, whenever a Blacklisted Targeted Individual, Family, Group, Company, etc. have been LISTED for State/Corporate Systemic Silencing and Destruction.  

 I call it the: SMEAR, FEAR, HATE, RETALIATION and REVENGE CAMPAIGN - used in a Psychological Operations, "Hearts and Mind" Campaign to win over Communities, Organizations, Groups, and/or Individual's who can influence within, to be a part of destroying, silencing, and in many cases ASSASSINATING a Targeted Individual. 

I consider what is being done State, Corporate and Academia Sponsored, Sanctioned, and COVERED UP - DOMESTIC TERRORISM and DOMESTIC TERRORIST ACTIVITIES.  In the State of California there is a Penal Code under California STREET TERRORISM ENFORCEMENT and PREVENTION ACT - 186.20 - ...  about GANG RELATED ACTIVITIES -

SECTION 186.20-186.34

186.20.  This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the
"California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act."
California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act - 182.20 ....
186.22. (a) Any person who actively participates in any criminal
street gang with knowledge that its members engage in or have engaged
in a pattern of criminal gang activity, and who willfully promotes,
furthers, or assists in any felonious criminal conduct by members of
that gang, shall be punished by imprisonment in a county jail for a
period not to exceed one year, or by imprisonment in the state prison
for 16 months, or two or three years.

(e) As used in this chapter, "pattern of criminal gang activity"
means the commission of, attempted commission of, conspiracy to
commit, or solicitation of, sustained juvenile petition for, or
conviction of two or more of the following offenses, provided at
least one of these offenses occurred after the effective date of this
chapter and the last of those offenses occurred within three years
after a prior offense, and the offenses were committed on separate
occasions, or by two or more persons:

If, that video does not work via You Tube due to constant Electronic Warfare, Computer Network Exploitation i.e. My Network and Google, Inc Network - along with Computer Network Attacks -

Try this alternative Video Site where I am now being forced to Upload due to these Constant DENIAL OF UPLOADING to MY YOU TUBE ACCOUNT:

State/Corporate Sponsored Civilan Perp Tactics in Organized Community, Group/Cause Intimidation, Stalking and Harassment

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