Saturday, August 2, 2014

PERP TACTIC: Same Vehicle REVOLVING DOOR of Perps Who Show Up

02 July 2014

A Perp Tactic coming from this Residential and Community Street Terrorism Group used often in residential locations is the Same Vehicle that will come and go, with the APPEARANCE the SAME Person is Visiting someone in the neighborhood, or else your apartment complex, but will actually have Different Driver's exiting the vehicle, on any given occasion.

Another Tactic that is Utilized, which has been documented by another Targeted Individual on the East Coast, is using the Same License Plate on Different Vehicles.  I believe this Target has photos and/or videos of this same license plate being swapped onto other Perp Vehicles. 


This is utilized so as NOT to Raise Suspicion or Suspicious Activities of having too many non residential vehicles constantly coming, and going within any given residential location or apartment complex.

or To be able to CLEARLY IDENTIFY Members of this Domestic Terrorist Organization.

This is why VIDEO or PHOTO DOCUMENTATION becomes important to CLEARLY IDENTIFY - The Make, Model, Color and License Plate of the Vehicle for Further Criminal Investigations down the road.  or In the case today - to IDENTIFY the Registered Owner. 

The VIDEO here is simply to IDENTIFY the Vehicle, and the Resident Perp at this location - but at some point I will provide the different faces that are being utilized. 

This is to identify the Vehicles for Registered Owner Identification, and to trace the networked connection amongst these Domestic Terrorist Perps.

Residential Perp, who I have already Identified has already been Tagged doing the following on a regular basis.

1. Will Start Wash as I am either already in the shower, or in process of starting shower.  This tampers with both the Water Pressure, and Water Temperature.  I have been Scalded when the Cold Water is being used, and only near boiling hot water comes through the shower.

2. This same Residential Perp also parks so close to my vehicle that I can barely get out of the drivers side door.  It is done for the following
a. To Harass and Make Inconvienient
b. To Cause make it even more difficult to back my car out into the street
c. In the hopes that I will somehow hit his vehicle so he can cry Victim

The following is a link to the blog about the refusal to wait - while I was already in the bathroom, and happen to come out because I forgot something in my room.  Had I not come out - like all the RESIDENTIAL SUBVERSIVE HARASSMENT TACTICS Utilized - I would not have known whose wash it was.

Premeditated Attempted Aggravated Assault: TACTIC: Blast Near Boiling Hot Water on You While You Shower

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