Thursday, October 9, 2014

POSSIBLE New Subcutaneous Injected Round Implanted BioSensor: Inner Rights Palm, Wrist Area

The following are POSSIBLE locations of additional Illegally, and Criminally Implanted Subcutaneous Bio-Sensors/Devices -

The Highlighted areas are actual hairline raised areas that can be felt, but only upon close up of photo can actually be seen.  The Red round spot on the lower wrist appears to be a new area, and the Raised area on the Wrist is either where one is injected or is infected.

(Note: Best Way to View, CLICK on Image, then Right Click, Highlight View Image, then Use the Zoom Feature)

Here is a You Tube Video, of what appears on the back of my right leg - Similar Perfectly Circular, Slightly Raised and once again, in the Veins of the back of the leg

Where do you THINK all the Computational Data you see in the Below Image comes from, you SURE as HELL CANNOT obtain it from Warrior's who have already LOST LIMBS - but YOU CAN OBTAIN DAILY INFORMATION - from a Non Consensual, Targeted Human Subject -

General Dempsey Visits DARPA
General Dempsey Visits DARPA

Several of DARPA's most breathtaking recent advances have come in the field of warrior care.  A team working at the interface of neurology and robotics has designed a prosthetic arm that moves naturally in response to brain signals.  Allowing those who have lost a limb to move a prosthetic with their thought alone is yet another instance of DARPA making the impossible possible.  I salute the work they are doing, and plan to visit again soon.  

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