Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"FACE VALUE" Means LESS than ZERO When a Targeted Victim Attempts to Identify The Good from the Perpetrator Community

April 30, 2014

"FACE VALUE" is no longer the Gauge of Assessing the Credibility of an Individual.  In particular, when it comes to those "Perps" recruited into this State, Corporate and Academia Sponsored, Sanctioned, and Covered Up Domestic Terrorist Activities.  It is also akin to something called:  White-Collar Crime from which the Civilian Perpetrator Communities are actively engaged in committing any number of the listed crimes on behalf of State/Corporate America, in particular against Targeted Victim's who have been Blacklisted and Targeted for Destruction.  Another from of what transpires against a Targeted Individual is called Military Deception, page 8 and 9 -

If, anything, those "least likely, in particular in appearance/looks" are the ones who tend to pathologically lie about and against the Target in order to Character and Credibility Assassinate the Target in their "Hearts and Minds" crusade to win over their "target audience aka general public", and are actively involved in committing some of the most violent, heinous and egregious crimes against the Targeted Individual. 

In order to better understand the Dynamics to what Organized/Cause/Gang Stalking in the form of Residential and Community Based Street Terrorism and Harassment is -

You have to be able to identify the 21st Century / New Generation of Criminal's - they Hide in Plain Sight, are much Harder to Recognize because they are NOT coming from the Stereo Typical LOOKING: Street Gangs, Organized Crime Syndicates, Hoodlums, and Street Criminals.

The New Wave of PERPETRATOR'S Recruited by State and Corporate America to Target Individuals Listed for Human Destruction will look like, and be one or more of the following:

Another way to begin understanding the Psychological Dynamics of these 21st Century recruited for State and Corporate Targeting i.e. the Civilian Informant/Snitch and Sleeper Cells Community,  - being Groomed to Commit Targeted Democide for the State.  

Would be to do Case Studies on the Following Individual's where Eduction, Sociology-Economics, Family Upbringing/Dynamics, and most of all Appearances/Looks do not necessarily reek of innocence, but in some cases the Remorseless, Cold Hearts and Nature of the Individual/s

Scott Peterson

Casey Anthony (????found not guilty????)

Amanda Knox (in the Most Recent Justification by Italy, they not only now claim she struck the final blow, but also it was done in Group Formation, in order to Bully and Humiliate the Dead Victim)

Here is another Example of Looks Can be Deceiving, when Judging the "WHO" is capable of Inflicting Torture to the point of Death upon another Human Being. 

Scroll forward to  1:26/5:59 minutes into the Video EMMA the MOST INNOCENT becomes Capable, via the Power of Authority Figure of Inflicting the Most Severe and Brutal Torture Upon another Human Being.

Just a REMINDER - At First Glance, Most Would Never have Suspected Below Individual's - with Exception of Wade Michael Page, of doing what they did.

This is WHY, it is CRITICAL for Target's to Understand, that just like these Men, the Civilian Perpetrator Community under the Guise of Neighborhood Watch/Community Liason, State/Corporate Sponsored Informants/Snitches and Sleeper Cells - working on behalf of State/Corporate America are not only Capable, but have in fact Targeted, Stalked, Terrorized, Tortured, and in some cases Murdered Innocent Targeted Individual's - but HAVE NEVER been brought to FULL SCALE CRIMINAL JUSTICE. 

Top Left: First three Photos Jared Laughner Arizona Shooter,  James Holmes (Colorado/Batman Shooter) : Bottom Left (2) Images of Adam Lanza (CT Schoolyard Shooter), Wade Page (Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooter), Geddy Kramer, (Georgia FedEx Shooter) -

Other than Wade Page the Sikh Temple Shooter, most would not think they could do what they did.  Also note Wade Page was trained in the United States Military's Psychological Operations Unit. 

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