Sunday, June 8, 2014


June 8, 2014

SOWING THE SEEDS OF DOUBT -  Manipulating the Psyche of Non Recruit's to now believe the Targeted Individual is the Government Operative/Informant - as opposed to the VICTIM of State, Corporate Crimes being committed against them by their Vast Civilian Sleeper Cell Community of Street Terrorism and Orchestrated Theater. 

Due to my ability to gain access, I have actually been successful in documenting the Tactical Operations that are deployed and executed by this State, Corporate and Academia, sponsored, sanctioned, and covered Domestic Terrorist Organization, along with their Boots on the Ground Civilian Street Terrorists.  

There are two incidents, and will see how another plays out in which possible Unsuspecting New Move Ins are Subtly manipulated into Doubting me the Targeted Victim.

The first instance was with a former Tenant who ultimately moved due to Bed Bugs - but who confessed to me that he was shocked at how articulate, nice, and basically sane I was because Michael and other Tenant's had given him the impression that he should NEVER talk to me, that I thought I was the next Edward Snowden, and all sort of absolute lies about me.  

He got wise, but left.  Before the final Bed Bug Spraying in this Tenant's room was finished, and Site, Unseen, a Korean Female in her mid to late 20s shows up and moves into that room, and is a literal Hard Core Recruit from this Domestic Terrorist Cult.

The next instance, was a Tenant whose room was outside where the smokers would sit and talk shit.  Though this person may have overheard, he appeared to give me the benefit of the doubt - and one early am we were out simply talking about all sorts of things.  

A few nights later the Hard Core Korean Female Recruit, the Owners' Son, and another were OUTSIDE doing what is known as ORCHESTRATED THEATER - whereby, what they are saying is Intended to be heard.  In this case,  their job was to Loudly and Actively Character and Credibility Assassinate me - from which it was intended that this Tenant who talked to me - should overhear them speaking.  

Needless to say, a few days later, I simply said Hello and are you on your way to work?   This Tenant immediately snapped at me proclaiming - WHY DO YOU ASK SO MANY QUESTIONS - I AM NOT GOING TO LET YOU MIND CONTROL ME?

What this indicated to me was someone got to him, but the reality appears to be these Residential PERPS were deploying the Negative False Light Narrative i.e. Bullshit False Story about me, speaking LOUD ENOUGH so that this other Tenant would OVERHEAR their Conversations  - Thus Sowing the Seed of Doubt into the Psyche of this Tenant.

In this case, and in what appears to be these Perps bad attempt to cover up their crimes of being the actual Government Informants and Snitches - is to proclaim victims like myself are the one's seeking information - knowing that is what they are doing - ATTEMPTING TO COVER UP THEIR CRIMES and THEIR ASSOCIATIONS - by blaming the VICTIM.

Since, they Succeeded in Psychological Manipulation of this Tenant, another No Smoking Sign was placed in that area about a week ago, because there is a new tenant who moved into a front unit, thus Orchestrating yet another location, whereby, they would sit outside, this Tenant's window, within hearing and begin the process all over, again.  This time it appears to be Michael's & Companies turn instead of the Korean Female - but once again, enough to be overheard so this Tenant would Doubt me.

How do I know?  Because this Tenant out of nowhere started saying WHY DO YOU ASK SO MANY QUESTIONS?  - Already deployed by the Korean Female and the Owner's son - now this time around the same Seed of Doubt, and they did this with another Tenant who participates in Targeting, on occasion.  

Thus, it appears that the Three Tenants' are more likely Non Recruits, and whom they WANT to RECRUIT into participation or into their Terrorist Cult - meaning Unsuspecting - in the case of former Tenant Matt, upon realizing they could not dupe him for long, he became Targeted, Vacated his Tenancy, and within a day of his notice the 20/30 something Korean Female moved into his room site unseen.  She is a Hard Core Perp.  And, has been pointed out on more than one occasion to me by others.

Yet, I was fortunate enough that Matt the former Tenant was courageous enough to confess what was being done against my character and was smart enough to LEAVE, but what that confession did was allow me to start looking more closely at the Tactical Operations that are Utilized when you Reside in a location - and how the Smear Campaign is deployed and executed against you.  

\Key Points - and will continue to add as I see how things unfold.  

1. Different Tactics used in Spreading Smear Campaign
a. Outright lying to unsuspecting non recruited residents
b. Utilizing more subtle tactics like Talking Loud Enough for non recruited residents 'overhear' the negative smears about a Targeted resident
c. Sowing seeds of doubt, in particular if the Target happens to have any repeated conversations with another resident - 
d. What transpires  - i.e. how the attitude alters based on the lies that are either overtly or subtly planted into the psyches of non recruits - 

Regardless - What I find the single most laughable, if not sad - is how these handler's are now attempting to spread the absolute false rumor that Targeted Victim's like myself - who have spent years doing extensive research into my targeting - and EXPOSING their TACTICAL OPERATIONS - should be accused of being some Government Operative - as opposed to the Victims' of their Crimes.  

And, what is even more pathetic, is the vast majority of People DO NOT TRUST their own instincts about other people, and will allow subtle and over rumors about someone SWAY their opinion.  

The point being - it is quite informative to Watch it Unfold and to see how these Tactical Operations in Character and Credibility Assassination of a Target take place - 

Therefore, bottom line.  DO NOT STOP yourself from talking to other people, just be aware that if they are Non Recruit's the Resident Perps will prey upon them to doubt you the Target.

Then you simply cut your loses and move on - but WHAT YOU TAKE as a Target is EXPERIENCE to RECOGNIZE the Tactical Operations being UTILIZED.  

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