Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The following JPEG Upload is an Email I sent out to SBC Global requesting a thorough Investigation into Serious hacking into my Computer.   On 19 September 2006 - I received an email response.

I was "Blitzed" aka Overtly Targeted in late July/August, 2006 - which meant Every available means, to include Human Intelligence, with their abusive use of a Huge Network of Civilian Informants were deployed and executed against me, to let me know in an Overt, In Your Face Manner that I was being subjected to Targeting.

The email response from SBC Global, is Date and Time Stamped, which will indicate how long I have attempted to have these type of Covert and Overt Electronic Warfare and Computer Network Exploitation and Attacks resolved.

*Page 2, and 3 will have my description of what was transpiring in 2006*

*I was lucky to find this one email because many of my emails have been deleted, meaning, back door criminal access into my email accounts and/or desktop files have resulted in much Stolen/Destroyed Documentation. *

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