Sunday, March 30, 2014

BED BUGS, One Tenant Infected, Leads to Exterminators Finding Problem in My Box Spring

March 30, 2014

Due to the Insidious Violence that is Perpetrated via Community Based Harassment, Residential Harassment, and Street Terrorism - there is no telling the literal Extent this Modern Day Informant/Stasi Community will go to in order to RID those who do not GO ALONG with this State & Corporate sponsored Organized Terrorism against Targeted Individuals.

This includes continual "Blitzing" of the Targeted Individual in order to create an Extremely Hostile Living Environment for the Targeted Victim so as to Force them by any means to LEAVE what these Fanatics perceive is "their neighborhood" and only "their people" have the right to belong.  This includes "intimidation into silence" those community members who do not participate in active community based street terrorism. 

In this case it has become a literal public health issue due to the nature of Bed Bugs, the legal Question now becomes, and only with a Public Health Inspection of the Entire Building - whether it is widespread or isolated to the two rooms.

If, it is only isolated to my room, and this new tenant's then it was placed there at some point by this Community Based Domestic Terrorist Cult, in the hopes of making it such a HOSTILE, and DANGEROUS living environment that they are willing to cause a Public Health Issue in order to RID an unarmed, defenseless, law abiding Citizen out of what this Domestic Terrorist Cult believes belongs only to them.

This is akin to Nazi Germany, and the Expulsion of the Jewish people out of Germany, the only problem we are in the 21st Century, and this is NOT NAZI GERMANY but the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with a Standing Constitution and the Rule of Law. 

This is to document the Latest in a long list of issues that have arisen upon moving into this Los Angeles Location, and the levels of Community Based Terrorism, Street Terrorism, and Harassment in order to Terrorize Someone out of the Neighborhood.  In this case it is a new move in of about (3) weeks who started complaining about bug bites all over them.  Upon looking at the bites, it appeared to be Bed Bugs, which was confirmed by Exterminators on Saturday, March 29, 2014.

The attached JPEG is a Formal Complaint to the Los Angeles, CA Public Health Department due to the way in which I, and initially the photo of the bites were treated because of the Public Health Concerns of Bed Bugs. 

March 29, 2014
Due to Bug Bed Spraying and the Bed Bugs found on my Box Spring, after they were sprayed, and I returned to the Room, I decided to remove the Box Spring.  Prior to the spraying, I asked that a bed frame be brought in to Keep the Mattress Off the Floor where both the Box Spring and Mattress were.  Upon receiving the metal bed frame, I also asked that Wooden Slats be provided so as to secure the mattress.  Was told I did not need it. 

Upon returning after (8) hours, and opening the Windows due to being told my room was highly noxious, and staying out of the room for another (4) plus hours in order to AIR OUT the Room.  I took out the box spring due to that being the central culprit and location of the Bed Bugs. 

NOTE:  I went out yesterday, in order to purchase a temporary plastic cover for the Mattress in order to protect my health from any residual toxic insecticides that were sprayed onto the mattress. 

The FOLLOWING is Documentation as to now requesting that these SLATS be PROVIDED in order to KEEP THE MATTRESS OFF THE FLOOR -

08:59 AM
(213) 5xx-xxxx
Telephoned Keith Kim, rental agent for  xxx S. Cxxxxxxx, Los Angeles, CA
No Answer, and Voice Mail Box was full

09:00 - Left Text Message to have him call me back due to Bed Bug Issues, and Mattress -

10:05 AM
(323) 3xx-xxxx

Telephone Building Owner, Song Cha Choi to ask her about providing Slats for the Bed Frame
Due to her surgery, she has left the building issues with her son and daughter, but the daughter literally snapped at me yesterday, got up out of the outside chair and came right up to my face yelling at me - was also  very aggressive, and hostile as if I along with another Tenant Matt had totally inconvenienced her time.  Instead of simply taking care of it. 

As such, the Building Owner then stated that she could not help and to contact the Rental Agent. 

10:17 AM
Did as owner suggested and sent another text msg
"Keith I took out box spring last night.  Was Given metal bed frame
10:19 am  cont mattress is falling thru.  Need wood slats 2 secure bed frame - owner said to call u"

Due to the serious nature of Bed Bug Infestation, in my room, and another Tenants room, on the other side of this Building - it becomes necessary to Act in my best interest in reference to Public Health issues.  By not providing these wooden slats to put across the bed frame, the mattress sinks through, and touches the floor once again, which then poses a MUCH GREATER RISK of any residual Bed Bugs reattaching themselves to the bed, even though a temporary plastic cover was placed over the mattress for fear of allergic reaction to breathing in residual chemicals from the bed which was aired out until approximately 4 am, when I finally went to sleep.  In addition to the costly washing of my bed linens - which were done on March 29, 2014, while the room was fumigating. 

This type of NON REPLAY or NO HELP - appears to be RETALIATORY in nature, but in the end, by posing yet another risk to my health and safety and in my effort to ensure no additional issues arise - It shows a Lack of Concern for certain aspects that were of no fault of my own. 

The following formal Complaint was sent to the Los Angeles Department of Public Health as the incident that transpired with the Owner's Daughter was totally uncalled for.  She was NOT the one who had to leave her room for (8) Hours, and then again after opening all the windows to AIR OUT the TOXIC CHEMICALS (4) plus hours, and Wash all the bedding, along with immediately clothing, or continue to stay out of the room due to the Odor which was immediately noticed by the other Tenant whose room was also Sprayed.


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