Monday, March 31, 2014


March 31, 2014

Having to deal with the Bed Bugs, did something else.  It allowed me to understand how pervasive the nature of Targeting is when it comes to Residential Collaboration and Targeting. 

An innocent person moves in, and would appear to be immediately Targeted because this Street Terrorism in the Guise of Neighborhood and Residential Watch, realized it would be difficult to get this individual to buy into the Negative Narratives being communicated by these Recruits.

What I was told by this person realizing that I was Not ALL the NEGATIVE THINGS that he was being led to believe by a particular Resident along with the assistance of other residents.

He also establish rather quickly that in the delusional mind of this resident Michael, who attempts to self appoint himself the Arbitrator of Truth and likens himself to being the Ring Leader, thus attempts to manipulate the other residents.

I already knew he was the person undermining me at this residential location, and have long since stated this to the Rental Agent Keith Kim, but it was confirmed by a total innocent just attempting to deal with the bed bugs, about how pervasive and under-handed this Michael truly was.  

Here are some quotes of what he stated to me publicly in front of two other residents:
"Just looking at you makes me sick"
"No one around here gives a shit about what you have to say"
"When I think of you it is like, Here is Shit, and there is You, it's the same"

The following is what I was told:
1. Mainly resident Michael has been seriously Bad mouthing me to ALL OTHER RESIDENTS
a. Michael appears to have a direct link to the Owners' thus whenever he does something, the Owner's have already told him it is alright, because as Michael stated out loud - "Your words mean nothing to ANYONE AROUND HERE" 

2. Michael Claimed to other Resident's that the OWNER'S have been trying to find a way to Evict me  (establishes Premeditation - in terms of Hostile living environment, and why Owner  continues to ALLOW Michael to speak to me with such hostility, grab and shove me because he has already been told by the Owners' they will BACK HIM.  

a. Also explained that Michael has been attempting to get me Evicted for months. Thus, collaboration and conspiracy to commit with property Owner, along with inciting other Residents to take his side. 


 Due to what this Resident Michael has been allowed to get away with, it now establishes that he feel comfortable enough with the Building Owner, and family to do or say whatever he wants against me -  because as he once again put it.  "Your words mean nothing to ANYONE AROUND HERE"

By having this confirmation, it LITERALLY established for me the following:
1. Premeditation - and allowing for acts and actions to NOT be dealt with, in particular on the part of Michael -
a. The owner has always sided with Michael - thus no matter what I have let her know about what is transpiring, She has refused to act upon these complaints -
2. Resident Michael says whatever he wants because he has already established with the Owner that no matter what he says or does - the OWNER will back him up.
3. That this Resident Michael has been the Culprit for many months, which have caused a rift between other Residents who clearly stated to me - that when speaking with me one on one or when this Michael is not around - EVERYTHING IS FINE...

What Michael has been accusing me of, but I was already told to get things on Video to Establish the Who is going what.
1. That I think I am the next Edward Snowden
2. That I talk shit all the time
3. That I am some conspiracy lunatic
4. That Obama has me under surveillance
5. That I am the one who is spying on them -
6. That I am a Lunatic and Crazy
7. That I am the person who is miserable

 Also note:  These are what is called Established Talking Points that the Perpetrator Community are told to utilize when attempted to reverse the Blame away from them or their culpibility and guilt. And, to Minimize the magnitude of what they are attempting to cover up.

 Case in point - The Aggressive Nature of the Building Owner's daughter on Saturday clearly established this - When she attempted to Reverse the Blame - by way of making it appears
1. That they were doing us a favor by bringing in the Exterminators for Bed Bugs
2. That I should somehow be Grateful to them for doing this (but the law states it is their legal obligation to do this)
3. That I must be a totally Miserable person - that is why I am like this (same narrative Michael repeatedly attempts to project towards me)

As opposed to THE LITERAL AND EXPENSIVE FACT'S of ME and ANOTHER having to deal with the bed bugs, do massive and costly wash, be out of my room for (12) plus hours - all the INCONVENIENCE'S and burden were UPON MYSELF and the other Tenant - NOT UPON the OWNER or this OWNER'S DAUGHTER -  and then to be SERIOUSLY VERBALLY ATTACKED by the OWNERS DAUGHTER when asked if they WOULD REIMBURSE US FOR THE WASHING WE WERE GOING OUT TO DO...

This is the HOSTILITY that I have dealt with, but to have it witnessed and then happen to another new tenant was basically LEGAL VALIDATION - for me -

That the Credibility of building owner, along with this Resident Michael - can now come into serious question due to what another Tenant experienced first hand, and how this Tenant was treated but also how I was treated. 

Video of Box Spring That I Decided to Public Health and Safety Issues to Remove


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