Friday, April 25, 2014

Premeditated Attempted Aggravated Assault: TACTIC: Blast Near Boiling Hot Water on You While You Shower

April 25, 2014

Below is a video to Capture what transpires at this Hostile Residential Location by a Variety of Recruited Resident Street Terrorist's for this Domestic Terrorist Organization.

I was going in to take a shower, when I had actually come out of the Bathroom to get something.  The Resident in the Video basically was CAUGHT staring the wash, thinking that I was already in the bathroom - Thus, upon staring my shower, the WATER PRESSURE and TEMPERATURE - would be MANIPULATED.

The only problem, he started the wash to fast to disappear, which is the standard of what has since transpired.  These Perp Resident's usually WAIT until I am in the shower, then start the Wash - or Start Tampering with the Water Pressure and Water Temperature.

It just so happened that I came out of the bathroom to get something, and caught this Resident RED HANDED in a PERP MOVE that I have long since talked about, but now have ON VIDEO -  Upon asking this Resident to wait because I was going in for my shower, his immediate response was, "I, Can't!".  He then proceeded to fill the Washing Machine, and Start the Wash.

Due to the FACT that when the Washing Machine is being Used while someone is in the shower on my side, it will
1. Take Away All the WATER PRESSURE
2. Whatever Temperature the Wash is i.e. HOT or COLD it will
a. significantly REDUCE to shut down that Temperature - this means if I am in the shower and someone starts a COLD wash, the Cold Water shuts down in the shower, and I am Blasted with near Boiling Hot Water, as this building has Extremely HOT water.  The same goes for if the HOT water is being utilized, then I am being Blasted with Cold Water.

But the HOT WATER BLASTING is the MOST DANGEROUS due to the Water in this building being NEAR BOILING - HOT, and I have been SCALDED on NUMEROUS OCCASION'S due to Recruited Residential Perps who actively and aggressively participate in this Residential Harassment, constantly Tampering with the Water Pressure and Water Temperature, while I am in the shower.  

I have already complained to the Building Owner, Song Cha Choe, and Rental Agent Keith Kim about this taking place.  The building owner was supposed to have notified the other residents not to utilize the washing machine when this side of the building is taking a shower.  And the Building Manager usually tells that person to WAIT - when the shower is going.

What I have not been able to do other than audio tamping me SCREAMING when I am being Burned Alive in the Shower, or Frozen with Cold during the Winter - Or attempting to Rinse my hair out, while the Water pressure is being reduced to nothing - I have not been able to get a Video of a Residential Perp in Action - Caught because I came out of the Bathroom, and then Video Taped the Perp as he REFUSED TO STOP  - but most IMPORTANTLY - that HE was doing a COLD WASH - which means, had not come out, been in the shower -


This is why at this point, I consider any of these Residents who are actively participating in this Residential Street Terrorism to be considered Dangerous to my Safety and Security, because these Residents' are fully aware that by Tampering with the Cold Water - it will cause me to be BLASTED WITH SCALDING HOT WATER - as such, with the Bed Bug Incident, Finding Out by the other former Tenant Matt, how the Owner Wanted me out of the building, along with another Resident Michael inciting others, to include this Former Tenant who could not believe I was such a Different Person, than the one the "Guys" outside were ridiculing and talking shit about me ALL the TIME.  

I consider what is being done Premeditated, With a Clear Motive - and these Acts that continue to Transpire are done with the first degree knowledge, and acts of these Recruited Resident's to harass and create a hostile living environment, but most of all when it comes to BLASTING ME WITH SCALING HOT WATER - I CONSIDER THIS - AGGRAVATED ASSAULT - with the INTENT to CAUSE GRAVE BODILY INJURY

Vehicle of this Perp for Identification purposes down the road

UPDATE:  Another Example of the PERVASIVE NATURE of RESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT, and Hostile and Dangerous Living Environment due to Criminal Invasion of Privacy and Warrantless Surveillance by Civilian Recruits i.e. Non Law Enforcement Agencies - but Civilian Resident's - Who Track My Movements, or are provided with Insider Information about my movements within the Privacy of My Paid Living Space -

This allows for these Recruited Resident's to JUMP INTO ACTION in order to Intimidate, Harass, Break and Enter, Steal and/or Remove Petty Items, Tamper with Food Products, and a Myriad of OTHER CRIMES - that transpires due to this State, Corporate, Academia and Public Collaboration to Destroy the lives of Innocent Target's. 

 In the case of me Taking a Shower, ALL Civilian Residential Recruits who are Available will Jump into Action - and Tamper with both Water Pressure and Water Temperature:

April 29, 2014 - Resident Dan does the same.  I leave to take shower, then you see me coming back into my room, because Resident Dan, starts the wash - and I show just how low the water pressure goes because of it.

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