Thursday, July 31, 2014

(1) Week, (4) Days in the Life of a Targeted Individual (Exterior Security Door Lock, Keyed, Residential Provoceatur/s Leave Wide Open

18 August 2014:  11:27 PM PDT
#1 HOUSE RULE - ABSOLUTELY NO OVERNIGHT GUESTS - Michael Hassan continue to have Overnight Guest - and this was actually an accident.  I was going out to document that Michael and His Female Guest had Entered the Exterior Security Door and Left it Wide Open - Upon going back to my room - I LUCKED OUT - HIS FEMALE GUEST WAS EXITING the BATHROOM -

01 August 2014:  11:09 PM PDT - Michael Hassan REFUSES to CLOSE EXTERIOR SECURITY DOOR -
 Another NIGHT - Same Culprit, only this time his FACE is Caught full on Video.  None other than the Resident Provocateur Michael - you know the same Male Resident that has Physically Assaulted me, LAPD Omitted to place this Culprits name on the Yellow Call Receipt - while the Property Owner and Rental Agent Retaliate against me the Victim, oh, and by the way, I received NOTICE as a RETALIATION that My RENT IS GOING UP - .  But ... then again, THIS DOMESTIC TERRORIST COMMUNITY of STREET TERRORISM - ALWAYS, COVERS EACH OTHERS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES.

Res PERP Provacteur/CULPRIT Continues to LEAVE EXTERIOR Security Door Wide Open

01 August 2014
Resident Michael H

31 July 2014

This is a TIMELINE in a week and four days in the Life of a Targeted Individual, and the Constant Residential and Community Street Terrorism that Transpires.

These Tactics are conducted by Property Owner, Resident's, Recruited Strangers, and the Pervasive Nature of Retaliation and Harassment that Transpires in a Conspiracy to Commit for the purpose of Reckless Disregard, Reckless Endangerment, 1st Degree Provocation, Harassment, Intimidation, and Terror.

Resident Provocateur Michael &/or Guest Continue to Leave Closed Exterior Security Door WIDE OPEN 

31 July 2014

30 July 2014

Received Written Notice from Property Owner, Song Cha Choe that my RENT would be INCREASING starting September 1, 2014.  RETALIATION?  Although provided adequate written notice, this Property Owner, along with the shyster lawyers for this Domestic Terrorist Organization, are attempting to get another Signed Document, which will NOT be happening.   

Property Owner ALWAYS had a Copy of the EXTERIOR/Outer Security Door Key, Provided it  

28 July 2014


(7) Days After Transient Takes Shower, STILL NO KEYED ACCESS to EXTERIOR SECURITY DOOR

27 July 2014 

Exterior Security Door LEFT WIDE OPEN by Resident - 02:31 AM 

 25 July 2014

21 July 2014

20 July 2014

ALSO NOTE:  On 21 July 2014 at approximately 23:00 PM PDT - It was necessary to telephone the Los Angeles Police Department because Resident Provocateur Michael Hassan, seen going into his room, after leaving the Exterior Security Door Open, decided he had the right to physically shove me out the exterior doorway because I was not moving fast enough.  This was the Third Incident where this male resident felt he had the right to physically attack and assault me, and the final time I was going to stand for it. 

Upon contacting the Rental Agent Keith Kim, he immediately stated I was the person who was doing the provoking, and that he was seeking to have me Evicted from this residence.

What the above 31 July 2014 Video will show is my finally catching the Culprit who continues to leave that Exterior Security Door Wide Open, so that when I come out of my room, I am forced to close it over, and over, during the course of any given evening after it is shut for the night.  What this shows is how Residential Harassment and Provocation transpires - only this time, the CULPRIT and REAL PROVOCATEUR is CAUGHT. 

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