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April 1, 2014  -


What is Substandard Housing?
Substandard Housing is property in violation of the California state or local health and safety codes as determined by city or county regulatory agencies.

substandard housing
Residential structures that do not meet local health and safety requirements.
1. Bed Bugs
2. Mattress not properly affixed to the bed frame

To be Determined: Substandard Housing Program

The Substandard Housing Program assists state and local agencies responsible for abating unsafe living conditions that violate California Health and Safety Codes.
Substandard housing is property in violation of California state or local health and safety codes as determined by city or county regulatory agencies. Only these regulatory agencies have authorization to issue determinations that property is noncompliant (substandard) or compliant.

For future Reference:

Identification and assessment of noncompliant properties

We review tax returns of taxpayers the regulatory agency identifies as owning substandard property. We disallow income tax deductions for interest, taxes, amortization, and depreciation for substandard property. However, the taxpayer receives an FTB 5830, Notice of Proposed Assessment (NPA), if additional tax due results from adjustments to the tax return.

Update:  19:00 PM PDT
Was finally called back by Rental Agent, Keith Kim at 10:52 AM, and told he would stop by around 15:00 PM, which did not happen, just telephone the Rental Agent again at 18:42 PM and got the same voice mail box is full.

We are now past 19:00 PM and Rental Agent Keith Kim has still not shown up or called to get his FAKE "VISUAL" which he does not need, because he KNOWS what I am talking about, and he along with the property owner, and the Maintenance person who is always here, could have done it within minutes.  THIS IS INTENTIONAL STALLING - in order to PREMEDITATED PROVOKE A SITUATION, which they are hoping to utilize as yet another Excuse - but my bottom line I have clearly documented the number of times I have tried at the Paying Tenant to GET THEM TO RESOLVE this problem of the Mattress being on the Floor. 

This is to establish the RETALIATION, LACK OF CONCERN, and SUBVERSIVE manner ALL involved with the Targeting at this Residential location have exhibited - but who have all worked in a Conspiracy to Commit, and Cover Up the Crimes that Literally have taken place at this residential location.  So, at this point, until I get answers from either the Rental Agent or Property Owner -

Once again, this is a Public Health, Substandard Living with Mattress half on bed frame other on floor, truly makes this furnished room a Substandard Living Conditions, and ongoing issue in reference to BED BUGS and wanting to ensure the MATTRESS is OFF THE GROUND.

Also, This DELIBERATE DELAY is because I have stated that Until this issue is resolved I will withhold the RENT because of the Health Issue.  As such what this appears to be PREMEDITATED on the part of both the Rental Agent, and Landlord is to make an attempt to claim late rent payment, but my bottom line.  I have clearly stated to both the Property Owner and the Rental Agent for (3) days of this issue, which means it could have been Taken Care of on the 30th, the 31st, the 1st - long before it got to this point, and it is being done for a Purpose on these parties.  I no longer believe Keith because I already know he is fully Vetted in what has been set up at this residential location.  

Here is my bottom legal line, the OWNER has a Maintenance person with whom she calls to do a variety of building fixes.  This person could have been called on the 30th, 31st, 1st, etc - to come here and be shown what needed to be done.  And because I KNOW she has this maintenance person because she Brags about him doing all the work around this building - THERE IS ZERO REASON that SHE could have telephone this person, to come - RETALIATION - 

RENT - will be withheld until these Substandard Living Conditions are resolved.  In particular the Mattress being half on the frame with another portion on the ground.  

Update :  I have been attempting to get in contact with Rental Agent Keith Kim since March 30, 2014 in reference to Wooden Slats that need to go under the Metal Bed Frame.

What this shows is that the Owner, along with the Rental Agent are retaliating because of the Mess they Caused when they Treated Myself, and another Tenant with such aggressive blaming, and now appear to be refusing to deal with the fall out in terms of what needs to be done, since the BED BUG SPRAYING.

I have located the Building Codes that show it was ALWAYS the RESPONSIBILITY of the Property Owner to simply take care of the situation, without this type of hostility and retailation by ignoring my calls to them, or shifting responsibility.

The following calls Out to Keith Kim
Saturday, March 29, 2014
12:24 PM Outgoing:  12:26 PM Keith Calls Back
To let him know what transpired with Patty or Pam the Owner's Daughter and her hostility towards me, and that we were going to do the wash.

Sunday, March 30, 2014
10:05 AM Owner, Song Cha Choe - asked that they provide wooden slats to place under the metal bed frame to keep the mattress off the ground.

(told to contact Keith)

10:08 AM
Keith Kim
Voice Mail Box Full

Sent Text Messages Delivered

Monday, March 31. 2014
09:40 AM
Voice Mail Box Still Full

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
09:07 AM
Voice Mail Box Still Full

I consider Non Response and passing the issue off to the Rental Agent by the Building Owner to be Not Responding to the Bed Bug Issue in Reference to Ensuring the Mattress is Off the Floor by way of providing the Wood Slats to place across the metal frame to secure the mattress from touching the ground.  Since, they have not done this in the last three days, and I have been forced to sleep in a bed with the center mattress touching the floor, it become substandard to even basic bedding.

Here is a copy of the California Building Code and Who is RESPONSIBLE to Take Care of the Bed Bug Issue.

 Here is a copy of the Email sent to Rental Agent Keith Kim when I could not reach him via phone due to Voice Mail Box being Full, and No Reply to Text Message.

10:02 AM  While deciding to film document the number of times I have attempted to get in contact with the Rental Agent, Keith Kim - he suddenly picks up his phone.  Will post video at another time.

10:09 AM Let's see he said on the video he would call back in Five Minutes - So, looks like that was to get his voice on video, but not to actually call back.  Will Update to see how long it actually takes Rental Agent Keith Kim to call back. 

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