Thursday, July 24, 2014


July 24, 2014

As a victim of this State, Corporate, and Academia, Sponsored, Sanctioned, and Covered Up crimes that are taking place in Community, after Community, City, after City, and State, after State -


The first REAL indication where there is A COLLABORATIVE NETWORK that are WORKING TOGETHER, was a fortuitous find that came from the LOS ANGELES DIVISION OF InfraGard - 

Our Mission Statement
We are a private sector organization sharing information and intelligence and integrating assets with local, state,and federal resources for the protection of our nation's critical infrastructure.

Los Angeles is one of the largest InfraGard Alliance regions as it represents the same seven counties as the FBI office out of which it operates. Membership is organized into the Dept. of Homeland Security's 18 critical infrastructures. The L.A. region also includes three unique sub-sectors: Education, Entertainment/Large Venues and Faith-Based Venues.
 So, that laid the groundwork to validate the criminal claims against all these sectors for being heavily involved at the Civilian Level in this entire Residential and Community Street Terrorism that is transpiring across this nation.  InfrGard is but one of several of these type of agencies that are actively participating in the recruitment of the civilian population under FALSE FLAG Operations.

It outlines the WHO, and What Segments of the Target Audience's aka Civilian Population are being heavily recruited and indoctrinated, but where is the PROOF?

WELL, below is the Start of this Conspiracy and Collaboration amongst this State, Corporate, and Academia, Sponsored, Sanctioned, and Covered Up NETWORK, via this Civilian Sleeper Cell/Informant/Domestic Terrorist Radicalized Extremist Cult. 

I GOT MY PROOF - based on a Battery Incident Against me by Resident Michael Hassan.  This was the third time this male resident, who is a good foot taller than me, felt he could lay hands onto my person, and shoved me forcefully out of a shared doorway.  Because it was the third incident, and both Rental Agent and Property Owner have not only failed to do anything about this, but have in point of fact Taken the side of this Abuser, and in this latest incident I was yet again, THREATENED by the Rental Agent with Eviction, or I should say HE WAS WORKING ON GETTING ME EVICTED.

Needless to say, I found out by a Clean Cop yesterday, that When an LAPD Officer is Called to the Scene of an Incident, they are supposed to leave a Yellow Copy Receipt.  All I received was what you will see in the photos.

Today, I received the Yellow Receipt that I was supposed to have been provided by the Officer before he left the scene of the battery against me.

I also have a recording of the incident, and now I am glad that I do, because what is briefly written is not accurate, but most of all -The name of Michael the Resident who has repeatedly Lied, and Physically Assaulted me, is LEFT OFF the Original Yellow Copy of the Call to Location. 

By leaving off the name of the Attacker/Assailant Michael Hassan -it begins to show that Local Law Enforcement has Compromised Officer's, who are a part of the NETWORK, and when called to the scene where they know a Targeted Victim is, much information may well be LEFT OFF these INITIAL REPORTS. 

This was Provided to me by the Officer who took my information, and he provided the address to the Court House where I should go and obtain the Civil Harassment Restraining Order against this Resident.  

It was Officer Kong, who stated that before I do that, I needed to Wait for the Detective to Interview both of us.   I had already assessed Kong to possibly be compromised, but it was when he attempted to STOP me from going to get a Restraining Order against Michael, that I knew he was compromised. 

This is the front of the LAPD Business Card Provided to me, with the names of the LAPD Officer's who came to the scene after I called them about the Battery/Physical Attack by Resident Michael Hassan - NOW EVEN MICHAEL'S LAST NAME IS TO BE QUESTIONED FOR ACCURACY. 

What this establishes is that NOT ALL LAPD or Local, State or Federal Officers' are Compromised by this State/Corporate Domestic Terrorist Organization, but enough of them are, and this is why Target's have not been able to obtain justice.  It only takes a few that are strategically placed.  From the Person who answers the phone, from not getting your calls through, or patching them through to one of the compromised. 

I have stated, you do not need to have the Head of Anything i.e. the Mayor or City Council Member, Police Chief, etc necessarily, you only need those who have the ability to PASS INFO onto them.  If, they STOP that process, then it stops the Targeted Victim's ability to get through and obtain and seek TRUE JUSTICE.

I spoke with an Attorney Target, who provided me with information about how his business was destroyed, because he was being sabotaged, to include NOT GETTING information about his clients, i.e. phone calls, etc. or his clients not getting his information - thus leaving his business thinking he was a total flake. 

I explained to him, I totally understand, because I used to call an attorney who was willing to take on a case for me, and I would call everyday, asking to speak with him, but he would never call back.  One day out of the blue, he was coming from court, and telephoned to ask why I had not called him.  I explained that I was calling everyday.

Thus, the LAWYER who is Targeted, is not receiving  information from his clients, does not knows his clients have called, receipt of inaccurate court dates and times, etc.

and the CLIENT who is Targeted is NOT having their information passed onto the Lawyer or the Lawyer's information passed onto them.  

Just to explain how this Compromise Happens, on 24 July 2014,  I telephoned the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (800) 884-1684, because of a long queue, they provide you with the option to have them call you, once your number in line is up.  I dialed in my call back number, it was repeated back to me, I confirmed, and waited.   I NEVER RECEIVED A CALL BACK.

The point being you do not need the heads of any company, retail outlet, store, office, Government Public Service, or Corporate setting or lead, you just need the person who answer the phone, the operator or intake service person, the person works in the mail room, delivers the packages, stocks the shelves, is the teller at a bank, the receptionist at a doctors office, does filing, is a customer service representative who can access your accounts -

And, this is where your CIVILIAN ARMY is coming from - for once they INFILTRATE, then Compromise every segment of society, and can be called upon, they can do MUCH DAMAGE.

I am not saying those in High Positions, are not Compromised or a Big Part of this Conspiracy Against Right, Subversion against this Nation and Constitution,  because there are many who  TRULY ARE, some of whom are a big part of the ARCHITECTURAL STRUCTURE behind the Cover Up and Targeting, but the everyday boots on the ground, where such compromises easily SUBVERT if not OBSTRUCT the Due Process of Law, only needs to be at a much lower level. 

 And, Remember this You Tube Posting from 22 July 2014 - I was told initially and immediately that there are no Civil Rights Attorney's in Los Angeles.  I did leave a message for the Beverly Hills BAR Association, where I was placed in a voice mail box, from which I did leave a message.  To Date, I have NOT RECEIVED a call back.



And, I am now using the term Compromised with this Corrupted Network.  I utilized it while telephoning LAPD to obtain the report number for the incident on 21 July 2014 - I was immediately given the run around, after looking up my name, and SO, I, FINALLY STATED.  (paraphrasing, but you will get the gist)

 I will no longer speak to you, you are compromised, please get me a non compromised LAPD Officer to speak to, one who remembers they swore an oath of office.  And,  I repeated myself, I will not speak to you anymore, you are Compromised. 


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