Sunday, July 6, 2014

San Jose Mercury Comment Re: FACEBOOK 689,000 Psychological Experiment

July 6, 2014

On July 2, 2014 - After reading an online article in the San Jose Mercury News, I decided to Post a Comment.  There was nothing vile, controversial, antagonistic, etc. that would constitute it's what I believed was removed. 

Informed Consent
Assent to permit an occurrence, such as surgery, that is based on a complete disclosure of facts needed to make the decision intelligently, such as knowledge of the risks entailed or alternatives.

The name for a fundamental principle of law that a physician has a duty to reveal what a reasonably prudent physician in the medical community employing reasonable care would reveal to a patient as to whatever reasonably foreseeable risks of harm might result from a proposed course of treatment. This disclosure must be afforded so that a patient—exercising ordinary care for his or her own welfare and confronted with a choice of undergoing the proposed treatment, alternative treatment, or none at all—can intelligently exercise judgment by reasonably Balancing the probable risks against the probable benefits.

I decided to send an email to to the Journalist to ask why such a benign comment should be removed. 

 !st and 2nd Response from the Journalist.  It would appear they do not KNOW why his ARTICLE has Two Totally Different URLs for the Same Article but it was being looked into.  

Based on this Unknown information, it would appear that the URL that I was POSTING TO - May be a Clone of the Actual San Jose Mercury News Article - which is in line with the Fox Acid Server, Tampering with Documents, and Ability to Clone Real Network Sites - whereby What you post, what you are doing, may not be the Legal Network Site of the Actual Provider, i.e. Online San Jose Mercury News, You Tube, Blog Spots, Websites - but a Clone of the Original that you are posting and updating information on.  Currently, I Google is doing research on the same type of problem regarding my You Tube Channel - 


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