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28 July 2014

The following article, and the posting of a You Tube Video from 22 July 2014 - are not just the theoretical, and sometimes practicum  of what is concerning these U.S. Lawyers - but My video will show just how much there is to worry about. 

The first two areas I went to after the 2006, GO LIVE! Overt In Your Face Targeting transpired to let me know in no uncertain terms that I was the subject of Overt Targeting - which actually has a name based on the Top Secret Snowden Leaks, which refers to this process as, "BLITZING" someone, and to date in the year 2014 - I continue as a citizen who resides in a Civilized Society, that is Governed by a Constitution and the Rule of Law - These are the areas one would seek out in order to STOP the Insidious violence being inflicted upon every aspect of my human living life.  

1. Contact Law Enforcement at the Local, State, and Federal Levels
2. Contact Lawyers
3. Contact Non Government Civil Rights and Constitutional Organizations

Today, covered reports about both Journalists and Attorney's Concerns about the NSA SPYING, this one begins to focus on Lawyers, and the Sheer Compromises to Attorney's when INSIDER INFORMATION is obtained, in order to Sabotage, Disrupt, or Gain Information to assist the other side in how to Usurp an Lawyer's ability to Represent their Client/s. 

Report: U.S. Lawyers Fear NSA Spying

Researcher finds an ‘erosion of the right to counsel.’

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Many American attorneys are spooked by the U.S. government’s mass surveillance programs, a new report says.

Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union compiled the report, titled "With Liberty to Monitor All," to document how National Security Agency programs exposed by exiled whistleblower Edward Snowden impact journalists and lawyers.

“The legal community, perhaps even more so than the media, is plagued by uncertainty and confusion over the implications for their work of surveillance of the scope revealed during the last year,” the report says.

Attorneys interviewed for the report are largely “feeling frustrated,” and there’s an apparent “erosion of the right to counsel,” researcher Alex Sinha, a fellow at Human Rights Watch and the ACLU, said Monday at the National Press Club.

On,  22 JULY 2014, I was able to obtain some Proof in reference to just how pervasive this Obstruction and Sabotage can be.  When a Potential Client i.e. ME - is near STOPPED at the very point of Contact, by way of being told... "Unfortunately, we don't have any Civil Rights Attorney's" -


This is in line with an Attorney who is Targeted, who recently explained how his Practice was completely sabotaged, by way of non receipt of information, information not reaching their destination, clients calls not being received, or information not reaching the clients.  Court Dates and Times being changed, etc. 

I explained that from my point as the Client who is Targeted, was unable after having a person to person meeting with this solo Attorney, who stated he would take on my case, and how I was Stopped from being able to communicate with this Attorney after that initial meeting. 

I would call, leave messages, send documentation to this Attorney and never hear back.  It was by the stroke of luck, that this Attorney on his own one day, decided to call me and ask why I had stopped contacting his office or returning his calls.  I explained that I was calling his office constantly and leaving messages.  After that ALL CONTACT was LITERALLY STOPPED - Not because this Attorney or I the Client would not have worked together, but because the Communications were STOPPED  - With NSA Capabilities I am sure my Cell Number went into NSA Pre-Recorded Voice Mail or some Pre-Recorded this Number was No Longer In Service -   When I telephoned the Attorney, I was usually dumped into his voice mail, or when I got through to a live body, that information was not being forwarded. 

The point being - Obstruction of the Due Process of Law by way of NSA Insider Interference, that can literally STOP YOU from moving forward.  The above recording is a PERFECT Example of the Point of Contact - and how from that point, much is and has been STOPPED. 

Therefore, you do not need the CEO, etc.  You just need his/her Assistant, the Secretary, the Bank Teller, the Receptionist, the Customer Service Representative that can Access Your Account, the Store Clerk, the Building Maintenance, the Postal Worker, the Delivery Person, etc.  Once these people are Compromised they have Access to where a Target is not allowed to get past, and even when they are fortunate enough to get past this first line of Networked Civilian Sleeper Cells - you are only transferred to the Next Level of Compromised Civilian Sleeper Cells.  Or, placed into the Voice Mail that is never heard because it is simply a HI-JACKED Voice Mail, that FoxAcid Server Transfers you To.  


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