Sunday, July 6, 2014

REQ LA MAYOR ERIC GARCETTI - Bldg Safety Electric Shocks, Acoustic Electric Hum, and More

July 6, 2014

Since, I was blocked from sending an online complaint to Los Angeles Building Safety - I decided to address it to Los Angeles, CA Mayor Eric Garcetti requesting his office forward it to the proper City or Country Agency for Inspection.

Since, I have successfully Recording the sounds being generated inside my room, and it is akin to that of Electric Line Humming, along with the Electric Shocks and Pulses that I continue to be blasted inside my private paid rental room, it becomes critical to my physical safety that these issues to inspected.

The following is what I sent to Los Angeles, CA Mayor Garcetti - discussing possible faulty, rigged, non grounded, hook ups, wiring, and/or equipment that is generating such a loud blasting resonance inside my private paid living rental room and space.

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