Saturday, July 19, 2014

PERP/Community Street Terrorism Sponored, Sanctioned, and Covered Up by State & Corporate America

July 19, 2014

Most Targeted Individual's who sustain extensive Organized/Gang Stalking aka Group Stalking and Harassment, better known in California as STREET TERRORISM - comes from these Community Liason/Neighborhood Watch, via public and private partnerships, like InfraGard, InfaGuard, Los Angeles; (The L.A. region also includes three unique sub-sectors: Education, Entertainment/Large Venues and Faith-Based Venues, also known as your Target Audiences / General Civilian Population being Heavily Recruited, Trained, and Indoctrinated into this Corrupted, Murdering Police State 2.0)Citizen's Corps, to include, Department of Homeland Securities,  See Something, Say Something Programs that sprouted up Post 9/11, similar to the 1990's Department of Justice's - Operation Weed and Seed.

The Difference between this Post 9/11, 21st Century State/Corporate Civilian Army, and Operation Weed and Seed would be the fact that the Victim's are not violent criminals, but people who are Whistleblowers, Speak Out Against Injustices, Got On the Radar of someone connected, and/or happens to be conveniently located in a region where they need to infiltrate.

This is what is better known as the Civilian Army that can be called upon by any number of Local, State, Federal agencies, to include Private Sector and Corporations at their choosing, and at anytime, once a Targeted Victim has been Identified for Slow Kill.  They become Civilian Sleeper Cells for the State, who are provided Tactics, Techniques, and Weaponized Technological Access to Brutalize a Target once a Targeted Hit goes out against that Individual, then provided all forms of Cover Up when they commit Petty to full blown Felony crimes against a Targeted Individual.  To include the First Degree Murder or Suicided aka Driven to Suicide of Innocent Target's who have come forward to all Proper Authorities at the Local, State and/or Federal Levels.

This is shown time and again, when a Targeted Victim, comes forward to their Local, State, and/or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, asking for Help, a Criminal Investigation, and a Full Scale Cease and Desist, approximately 90% or more Target's will go to their  Local Law Enforcement Agencies to explain that not Stereotype Criminal Gangs, but Neighbors, Community Members, Church Members are involved in what is known in California as Street Terrorism.  Only to be ridiculed and turned away time and again. 

They are a Network of Civilian Recruits' working as Informants, Snitches, and Provocateurs setting up Targeted Victim's, while portraying themselves as these Upstanding Community Members',  and are being provided COVER for their Criminal Acts of Overt Street Terrorism against a Targeted Individual.

The best way to describe who these Civilian Sleeper Cells are is to show the following video of violent corruption against Citizens' taking place across this Nation, because in the same manner such brutality at these levels are being covered up, and thrown out of court, is the EXACT same way their PERP Civilian Sleeper Cells have been allowed to get off, and we have Murdered Targeted Victims to prove this Cover Up - because they are FULLY ALIGNED with this Corruption.

When you look at these Civilian Recruit's for the State, this is the exact same BRUTALITY and VIOLENCE that is inflicted almost daily and in a RITUALISTIC manner, upon and against a Law Abiding, Unarmed, Defenseless Targeted Individual by Community Members' who brag about being provided cover, sponsorship and sanctioning by State, Corporate, and in many cases Academia America - under various False Flag Operations'.  


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