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TIME WARNER SERVER DEFAULTS TO CISCO GUEST SERVER LOG IN SCREEN - Base Station Runs off Time Warner - SERVER Runs Off of Xfinity/Comcast

14 September 2014

UPDATE:  I HAVE THE NAME of the CAPABILITY that TOOK OVER the Time/Warner Cable Modem and WiFi Router - it is called

 Treasure Map is anything but harmless entertainment. Rather, it is the mandate for a massive raid on the digital world. It aims to map the Internet, and not just the large traffic channels, such as telecommunications cables. It also seeks to identify the devices across which our data flows, so-called routers. 

Video of the German Telecommunication Engineers' and their SHOCK at realizing they have been TARGETED by the NSA/GCHS

30 July 2014


Cisco NAC Guest Server 

Q. What is Cisco NAC Guest Server? 

A. Cisco ® NAC Guest Server enables organizations to deploy guest network access on Cisco NAC appliances or Cisco wireless LAN controllers by unifying the creation of guest accounts with provisioning in the network and adding full reporting capabilities to a guest network deployment. It facilitates the creation of guest accounts by permitting any designated internal user to sponsor a guest and create the account for them in a simple and secure manner. In addition, the whole process is recorded in a single place and stored for later reporting, including details of the guest accessing the network.

Q. Why should I care about Cisco NAC Guest Server?

A. Cisco NAC Guest Server reduces the complexity and cost of deploying guest access within your environment. It ties together creation, provisioning, and reporting of guest user accounts to deliver an easy-to-use system. In addition, Cisco NAC Guest Server enables you to take control of the security and audit requirements that relate to providing guest access.

Q. What are the business benefits of Cisco NAC Guest Server?

A. The business benefits of Cisco NAC Guest Server include:

• Increasing productivity and partner/customer satisfaction by providing guest access

• Simplifying the task of provisioning guest accounts, leading to increased usage

• Saving money by making it possible for sponsors to create guest accounts

• Meeting the audit requirements associated with guest access

• Enabling an additional layer of policy-based security, if desired
• Providing a consistent


The following videos and information will better explain the process by which the Civilian Domestic and Biological-Technological Terrorist Organization are ACCESSING, via some changing Web Address/Site into a Dedicated SERVER (Comcast/Xfinity) that is HOUSING both ELECTRONIC WARFARE, Computer Network Exploitation and Computer Network Attacks against my Electronics, Cell Phone, Appliances, etc.

and the BIOMETRIC Data, via Subcutaneous/Implanted Sensor Devices inside my human biology, that is feeding into a Close Range Biometric Base Station.

Hence the Term Passive (reads out data) and Active (input of alterations to subcutaneous implanted device)

This can also be applied to the CTX4000 which is a Continuous Radar Waveform Device that emits continuous radar waves in order to communicate with Ant-Chips that are placed in electronic devices.   Thus the Passive (reads out information) - Active (allows for alterations to transpire)

WHERE ARE THE SERVERS?  At one or more of the Following Sites, funded in whole or in part by the Department of Energy - i.e. or some Military Installation - the KEY is to Find Out who the Service Provider is - in the case of the Location where the following Dep of Energy Labs are - the Key Service Provider is Comcast/Xfinity.

 Los Alamos National Labs, Sandia National Labs, Lawrence Livermore National Labs - 

ALL OF THIS PERTAINS TO WHAT IS KNOWN AS THE 21ST CENTURY ARMS RACE - Direct Energy, Domination of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, be they communications, to internet, to the planetary surveillance, to Direct Energy, Non Kinetic/Less Lethal Anti-Personnel Weapons i.e. Crowd Control Weapons - Active Denial, LRAD, Acoustic Weapons, Microwave, all the way to the MOST IMPORTANT - COGNITIVE NEUROTECHNOLOGIES - the ABILITY TO DISRUPT, DISORGANIZE, IMPAIR. ALTER, INCAPACITATE - COGNITIVE, MOTOR, CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, and/or BEHAVIORAL FUNCTIONS -

In addition - Instead of it being a Wireless Subcutaneous Biological-Technological Implant inside the human biology - Think of them as Wireless Chips/Spyware criminally implanted into your Electronics, Appliances, etc. and the Base Station being a close range Wireless Reader with Passive (Feeds Out Info) and Active (Can Send Changes to) i.e. CTX4000 - but the SERVER always remains the Hub, and where the Physician's computer Becomes the NSA/GCHQ OPERATOR/s. 

Although this is showing an Implanted Pacemaker, it provides so far the BEST VISUAL into how these Biological Technological Weapons of Mass Destruction are being Abusively Utilized by this Civilian Domestic Terrorist Organization -

In this location, they are utilizing a CISCO GUEST SERVER, at an External Location - that appears to be Housed at the Department of Energy, or a Military Facility - whereby, Recruited Civilian's are provided Password Access in order to Bring up the Below photo .   The above Video will show what transpired at this residential location, when this print of the CISCO Guest Server, too Command and Control over 901 / 903 S. Catalina's - Time Warner Cable Modem, and WiFi Router that feeds a (2) Room Building.  And BLOCKED anyone in the Building from Accessing the Internet - to include via WiFi Router, that is how Powerful this Guest Access/Server was. 

Upon Logging in through this Guest Server, via Internet Access, be it desktop, laptop, iPads, to PDA/Cell Phones - the Following Type of Screen Must Populate, and Pinpoint Biological and Neurological Targeting via some type of Crosshair Capability is then Targeted, upon hitting Enter or Send - it Feeds it back through the Server, into the Biometric Close Range Base Station, which then sends that Alteration or Targeted hit to the Criminally and Illegally Implanted Sensors - littered throughout a Targets human biology and neurology.

I venture to Guess the Screen that Populates for these Civilian Domestic Terrorist's will be less complicated, and more animated, so as to provide the "world of cartoons" as opposed to the reality that they are blasting someone else's human biology with charges of Electromagnetic Energy, and Electrocuting another human being.  The below photo is an early version of the Department of Defenses advances in Nano-Networked Medicine for Field Operations, and provides real time computational biometric data for a soldier in the field of battle.  
These Civilian, Radicalized Extremists' from this Domestic Terrorist Organization, are simply looking at an animated version, where they can TARGET, AIM, PINPOINT, and FIRE - The Real information is based on the linked article and this screen photo of what they are REALLY DOING.  At the EXPENSE, TORTURE and DEATHS of Human Scapegoated Targets. 

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