Friday, July 25, 2014

MICRO USB Power Adapter - TAO (ANT) - CHIP'ed or Destruction for Non Ability to Charge

July 25, 2014

Not sure when something Happened to this MicroUSB Adapter, but on, 24 July 2014, doing my usual charging, I noticed that the Top portion on one side was missing.  Later that evening, by sheer luck, I found the clipped or broken off part, and was able to snap it back on.  The Keyword being Snap it back on, to appear seamless to it being broken. 

Thus, it appears someone was in my room at some point when I was gone, and there was tampering with this MicroUSB Adapter.

I keep this cord hanging so it can be pulled, and the phone can be plugged in, and is out of the way of something like this happening

The attached photos, will show that it appears more like a strategic clipping or cutting in order to get inside the MicroUSB Adapter, then snap it back together so as not to be able to determine there was any compromise to the MicroUSB. 

There are one of two reason for this to be so accurately cut -

1. Snapped off to damage ability to utilize


Based on the Top Secret Snowden Leaks there is an actual capability of implanting bugs into USB and other Electronics for Surveillance of these Items, without the Need to be connected to the Internet, etc.

How the NSA Monitors Target Computers with Radar Wave Devices

Some Excerpts:

Germany’s Der Spiegel has published a couple of disturbing articles on the NSA surveillance activities. The media agency has focused its articles on the Advanced/Access Network Technology (ANT) division of the NSA’s Tailored Access Operations (TAO) elite hacker unit, and the capabilities of the division in the development of advanced tools to infiltrate practically every technology.

Der Spiegel published an internal NSA catalog that offers spies backdoors into a wide range of equipment from major IT vendors.

... The catalog includes many tools and their prices, for example, a base station for fooling mobile networks and cell phones is $40,000, bugs disguised as USB plugs are $20,000, and there are also cheaper rigged monitor cables for spying on targets’ monitors.

...  The tools belong to the ANGRYNEIGHBOR family of bugs. The series of bugs implemented as RF retro reflectors communicate with the use of an external radar wave generator such as CTX4000 or PHOTOANGLO. Appelbaum at the Chaos Communication Congress confirmed the existence of the device (CTX4000 or PHOTOANGLO), described as a portable continuous wave generator. He added that it’s remote controllable and works in combination with tiny electronic implants to bounce waves of energy off monitors, keyboards and printers to analyze what has been respectively viewed, typed and printed.

Attached is what Happened to my MicroUSB Adapter - because of the way it was broken off, it was more strategic than actually if it had been smashed, etc.   This short video clip shows how it was snapped back on.

These are STILL Photos of the Actual Damage, but when Snapped back together you CANNOT tell there was any compromise to this Micro-USB Adapter.  Like I said, had it not fallen off, and me being fortunate enough to find the pieces later in the evening, I would NEVER have known how VISUALLY SEAMLESS it can look.


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