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July 2, 2014

  “Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”  - Chief Seattle  -

For every Right and Liberty this State, Corporate, and Academia Sponsored, Sanctioned, and Covered Up Domestic Terrorist Cult, along with their Civilian Sleeper Cell Army decide or has decided a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL does/did not have the Rights to ... becomes the VERY RIGHTS and LIBERTIES they Voluntarily Renounce for Themselves.  The more they proclaim a Target is not deserving of, becomes that and worse of what will befall ALL of Them.

Intelligence Agencies will Spy on their Spies to avoid another Snowden Leak 

How to stop the next Snowden-

... Brilliant! To prevent the threat of whistle-blowers exposing vast overreach by government spies, the government plans to spy on its own employees even more thoroughly. One is put in mind of the go-to response from authoritarians everywhere, when challenged on grounds of privacy invasion: If you haven’t done anything wrong, you should have nothing to worry about. 

The latest news:  Facebook uses 689,000 Users' for Psychological Experiment in Manipulation of Moods based on Content :  Lab Rats, One And All: That Unsettling Facebook Experiment

The following Images are what Starts to Transpire as Young Trainee's mostly Underage Youths are provided with Criminal Access to Department of Defense / National Security and Private Security working on Behalf of Government Agencies - Electronic Warfare Capabilities via Warrantless Wiretapping - into my Private Online Capabilities, and Most of all My PRIVATE ACCOUNTS ONLINE -

To include, but not limited to:  Electronic Warfare, Computer Network Exploitation, Computer Network Attacks, Hacking, Destruction of Information from my Online Accounts, Criminal Access into my Private Accounts i.e. Emails, Banking, Searches, etc.  DDoS, Signal Jamming, Signal Interference, and Surges.  

This explains what the FBI which is DOMESTIC, along with other Government and Private Security Corporations are aggressively doing, and Violating the Targeted Individual's Privacy and Private Online Capabilities to be BRUTALLY ATTACKED - via these United States Military/National Security Grade Weaponized Technological Capabilities to be Targeted at.

KARMA is a BITCH - and what Target's deal with in their Twenty Something Crowd, now lower aged crowd of Traitor's - will get back in Kind, if not more Radicalized and Worse from the Next Generations Under them who are being INDOCTRINATED at a MUCH EARLIER AGE, thus becoming far more Hard Core in their thinking and targeting.

Below links of Articles are the Direct Opposite of the following Quote by Chief Seattle.   

  “You must teach your children that the ground beneath their feet is the ashes of your grandfathers. So that they will respect the land, tell your children that the earth is rich with the lives of our kin. Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves.”

How the Feds Are Recruiting Spies at Campuses Across the US

For this reason, the IC Center program wasn’t aimed at students attending Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or other Ivy League schools or internationally renowned universities like Stanford or Berkeley or the University of Chicago. The program’s architects consciously directed it at schools where minority students are the majority—predominantly African American and Latino universities, which are chronically underfunded. Perhaps this reflects the shape of “multiculturalism” in a militarized society: the government’s spy agencies and armed forces recruit minority students from low-income regions in order to monitor and infiltrate” people (“targets”) that look and speak like them.

.. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence promoted the IC Center program heavily during its first few years of existence. The original IC Center program plan is a twenty-five-page document that clearly lays out goals and procedures. Under the title “Pre-College/High School Outreach” is the subheading “Summer Camp (for elementary and junior high students).

Yes, even CHURCHES- 

Fremont Presbyterian - Summer SPY CAMP for CHRIST - (Thanks, Renata for letting me know about this one.)

Here are some other Spy Camps for Underage Youths -

Spy Camp

Spy & Secret Agent Camp
and links to even more Indoctrination of Youths by State and Corporate America - into their Civilian Army 

This is just a SAMPLE, there is NO TELLING what other NATIONWIDE Non Government Organizations i.e. Churches, etc. are providing to Indoctrinate these Youths into a Stasi Like Informant Community.

For me, the following images are what Starts to Transpires, as this Nationwide Domestic Terrorist Cult begins their Trainings, and what Starts to Happen to My Cyber and Online Accounts and Capabilities:  The LATEST ATTACKS - will Start to Ensue, whereby, a Myriad of Different Images will begin to Pop Up as to WHY I CANNOT ACCESS MY YAHOO EMAIL ACCOUNT - to include DDoS -

Below IMAGE Transpires when I attempt to send an EMAIL to a LEGITIMATE EMAIL ADDRESS - In the case of this short email - the ERROR MESSAGE was (11) PAGES OF the FOLLOWING CODES.

I consider ALL those Under the Age of 15 who are being Aggressively Recruited into this State and Corporate Domestic Army to be in Direct Violation of the Following United States Penal Code -

18 U.S. Code § 2442 - Recruitment or use of child soldiers

(a) Offense.— Whoever knowingly—

(1) recruits, enlists, or conscripts a person to serve while such person is under 15 years of age in an armed force or group; or
(2) uses a person under 15 years of age to participate actively in hostilities;
knowing such person is under 15 years of age, shall be punished as provided in subsection (b).
(b) Penalty.— Whoever violates, or attempts or conspires to violate, subsection (a) shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both and, if death of any person results, shall be fined under this title and imprisoned for any term of years or for life.
(c) Jurisdiction.— There is jurisdiction over an offense described in subsection (a), and any attempt or conspiracy to commit such offense, if—
(1) the alleged offender is a national of the United States (as defined in section 101(a)(22) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 (a)(22))) or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States (as defined in section 101(a)(20) of such Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 (a)(20));  [1]
(2) the alleged offender is a stateless person whose habitual residence is in the United States;
(3) the alleged offender is present in the United States, irrespective of the nationality of the alleged offender; or
(4) the offense occurs in whole or in part within the United States.
(d) Definitions.— In this section:
(1) Participate actively in hostilities.— The term “participate actively in hostilities” means taking part in—
(A) combat or military activities related to combat, including sabotage and serving as a decoy, a courier, or at a military checkpoint; or
(B) direct support functions related to combat, including transporting supplies or providing other services.
(2) Armed force or group.— The term “armed force or group” means any army, militia, or other military organization, whether or not it is state-sponsored, excluding any group assembled solely for nonviolent political association.

Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008

Child Soldiers Accountability Act of 2008

United States: President Bush Signs Law on Child Soldiers
(New York) - October 3, 2008

 Under a new law signed today by US President George W. Bush, leaders of military forces and armed groups who have recruited child soldiers may be arrested and prosecuted in the United States, Human Rights Watch said today. The law could apply to leaders of dozens of forces that have recruited and used child soldiers in over 20 armed conflicts.

The Child Soldiers Accountability Act makes it a federal crime to recruit knowingly or to use soldiers under the age of 15 and permits the United States to prosecute any individual on US soil for the offense, even if the children were recruited or served as soldiers outside the United States. The law imposes penalties of up to 20 years, or up to life in prison if their action resulted in the child's death. It also allows the United States to deport or deny entry to individuals who have knowingly recruited children as soldiers.

"The US is saying to the world that using child soldiers is a serious crime and that it will take action," said Jo Becker, children's rights advocate for Human Rights Watch. "Military commanders who use children can no longer come to the United States without the risk of ending up in jail."

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