Friday, July 11, 2014

The Year, 2004: The Registration Submission of an Outline with the Writer's Guild on a Documentary

July 11, 2014

There are many reason why a person is Targeted.  In the last Post, along with information from this post, I am Clear why I was Targeted by the State and Corporate America.

In the last couple of days, I have posted information about my involvement in the Anti-War on Iraq Movement, Opposition to the USA PATRIOT Act, and the Racial Profiling and Discrimination Post 9/11 of a Targeted Group of people due to Ignorance, Fear Mongering, and Scapegoating.

What patterns truly begin to unfold due to my being a Targeted Individual is the literal fact that ALL those involved in my Targeting, from State, Corporate and Academic sponsorship, sanctioning, and cover up, to include this vast Network of Civilian Sleeper Cell Recruit's are People who not only Hate, but actively and aggressively work to Destroy EVERYTHING I STAND for, and because that is the case, what they HATE and want to DESTROY is the very fabric of what this Country is supposed to Stand For. 

The following is a 2004 Outline I submitted to the Writer's Guild for a Documentary, I along with another Peace Activist wanted to produce in order to Raise Awareness of what was transpiring against Law Abiding; Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians, in particular, illegal detentions into immigration facilities.

But, there was something more Personal about what was transpiring Post 9/11, and why I became more involved in the entire process, and it had to do with being an American of Japanese decent, who had parents and relatives who were Interned during WWII.  My family members' were not subversives, criminals, or plotting against the government.  They were farmers and fishermen trying to make their way in America, abiding by the laws, and never doing anything that would or could merit such aggressive fear based hate that they were subjected to, both before and after the war.

When I was informed about what was transpiring within the Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Communities, I felt it was necessary to do what I could to raise awareness of what was transpiring within their communities, not unlike what transpired against my own parents, and relatives, years, ago. 

Although the Documentary was never finished, it is one regret that I do have because it shows through various leaked documents and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests the extent and nature of what the National Security state has done to the lives and psyches of these innocent people.

I continue to state that the group of people under more surveillance than the Targeted Individual's whom they use for Target Practice are those within the Muslim, Arab and/or South Asian Communities.

It would appear I was correct. 

Spied on for Being Muslim? NSA Targets Named in Snowden Leaks Respond to U.S. Gov’t Surveillance

A new report by The Intercept has identified five prominent Muslim Americans who were spied on by the National Security Agency. It cites an NSA spreadsheet leaked by Edward Snowden that shows nearly 7,500 email addresses monitored between 2002 and 2008, including addresses that appear to belong to foreigners the government suspects of ties to al-Qaeda, along with Americans accused of terrorist activity. But it also lists the email addresses of a former Republican operative and one-time political candidate, a professor at Rutgers University, and the head of the largest Muslim civil rights group in the country. We speak with Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story for The Intercept based on documents leaked by Snowden. "The only thing they really had in common is that they are all politically active American Muslims," Greenwald says. "And that seems to be enough in the intelligence community to render these people suspicious."

FROM MAY, 2004 - The Outline Submitted for Registration with the Writer's Guild of America Outlining the Documentary I, along with another Peace Activist were producing.

The second image is to provide you with the actual document creation date in order to provide actual dates as to when I was involved in various Peace and Social Justice Activities - not only in the Anti-War Movement, but my involvement against the USA PATRIOT Act - and in working on this particular documentary, that I sadly did not complete.

I know WHY I was Targeted by State, and Corporate America, and it was not because I was a criminal, it was because I was and continue to be vocal opposition to all of it -

This documentary outline was to expose what was happening to Targeted Muslims, Arabs and South Asians, and at the time appeared to be what they call the Straw that Broke the Camels back on whomever was monitoring my activities, and caused me to be placed on another Targeted Individual List - One for Experimental and Systematic Human Destruction, known as 

Slow Kill - a Non Kinetic Death by Thousands of Cuts to every aspect of my human living life.

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