Friday, September 5, 2014

PERP HEADQUARTERS/MEETING PLACE - External From this Residential Location, but Within Walking Distance of Resident's and Community Members'

05 September 2014

I had heard in passing a few months back, a female, "Thrill Seeker" and/or potential recruit who was being shown by a Male Resident at this location, what is being done, how to access the equipment, etc. and asking her ...  'DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE HEADQUARTERS ARE?"

There has to be a COMMUNITY HEADQUARTERS'S, a Type of Meeting/Indoctrination Ground that is Outside of Direct Contact or Connection to Local, County, State, and/or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, to provide those agencies with various Degrees' of Separation, Denial, and Cover.

But, are connected to them through Private Corporation/s, Companies, Organization/s, that filter down to the Civilian Boots on the Ground Sleeper Cells / Informant's / Snitches, and/or  what used to be known as Operation Weed and Seedand Post 9/11 in the forms of  Community Liaison Programs/Neighborhood Watch,  or Department of Homeland Security's "See, Something, Say, Something" Cult of Civilian Radicalized Extremists' for State and Corporate America. 

This Headquarter would also be a place where Instructions, Indoctrination, Radicalization, Materials, Recruitment Sessions, Training, Meet and Greet Access to Weaponized Electronic Warfare, Remote Electronic Attacks, Biological-Technological Weapons of Mass Destruction, Directed Energy Anti-Personnel Less Lethal Weapons can be accessed, provided, etc.

In order to TEST this out.  The following Male Resident who drives the White Prius, that he backs up close to my vehicle in order to assist in the parked vehicle, Floating Box - Today, he left early about 09:30 AM.  I waited to about 11 AM and started packing up my belongings that I lock up when I leave the residence for additional security purposes, due to breaking and entering, removal of petty items, and theft of private property.  

No sooner are my things locked up and I am ready to leave, this residential Male Perp shows up, and parks, in order to force me to back out into the street, as opposed to going forward, and down the driveway.  He stands outside, and Waits for me to back out - more than likely, like the Property Owner, in the hopes of getting the right angles on their Surveillance to make it look like I did something, or to accuse me of something else -


I drive about three or four blocks away and out of sight, but decide to come back.  It is enough time for this Male Perp who comes back just to Park and Stand outside in order to Force me to back out into the street.

Upon driving back up to this residential location, I noticed his car was gone, and we meet up on the Corner of S. Catalina (his vehicle) and James E. Wood (my vehicle) Stop Light. 

What this shows is
1. Total and Absolute Criminal Invasion of Privacy, Exploitation, and Sharing Information with 'recruited' members be they Residential or Community Street Terrorist. 

   - Thus, Extreme Levels of Invasion of Privacy, in particular within the Privacy of My Rented and Paid Living Space.  

2. MAKING MOVES against me based on this Criminal Invasion of Privacy, and Insider Information of Surrounding Recruit's who Activate like all SLEEPER CELLS - upon making any moves based on their criminal access to what is being done within the privacy of my living space.
a. This includes Direct line of sight into my Private room from, in particular 3040 / 3042 James E. Woods, as their Windows look directly into this building, to include my room.  Thus, they relay information to Resident's and others as to various movements coming from my living space.  

Within the Shared Facilities - 
They will Suddenly be Obstructed by a Sleeper Cell Resident who Activates and Jumps to ensure you are BLOCKED or OBSTRUCTED from using it. 
a. starting the wash, when I am in the shower to tamper with water pressure and temperature
b. using other water sources, i.e. other showers, kitchen, etc in order to tamper with pressure and temperature, while in shower
c. using shared kitchen - suddenly obstructed by a recruited resident
d. using the bathroom - suddenly recruited resident is using the bathroom


The Male Perp was able to get here by vehicle within three to five minutes of knowing I had locked my things up, and was ready to leave the location.

Also, this HEADQUARTER'S must be Accessible within Walking Distance because Several of the Recruited Residents do not have vehicles, but will exit out and return back by foot, in and around the same time these Gathering/Meetings take place.

There have been Weekly/Monthly Perp Motivational Speaker Gatherings/Meetings, Indoctrination Sessions, whereby, this Residence, and the Surrounding area is like a GHOST TOWN - a sort of Mass Exodus, to include mass reduction in the constant Noise Campaign - which shows the sheer numbers of Community Recruits' into this State/Corporate Sponsored Domestic Terrorist Organization.

Upon what can only be described as the End of the Meeting/Gathering/Meet and Greet/Further Radicalization and Indoctrination - it becomes a Mass Entrance back into the Residence and Community - Generally that Night, or the Following Day - New Tactics, Old Tactics, Heavy Harassment, New Field Testing of Cyber, Telcom Exploitation, or Weapons Firing, Heavy Directed Energy Weapons Targeting, or Reduced levels - Will begin to ENSUE - like getting their WEEKLY HARASSMENT, TORTURE and TERRORISM INSTRUCTIONS/SCHEDULE for the WEEK -

After seeing enough of this Mass Exodus, and Mass Return, to include Resident's and Community Members' on Foot - you can deduce that there is a DEDICATED COMMUNITY HEADQUARTERS - where both Residential Street Terrorists and Community Street Terrorist's gather.  And, are probably told if anything goes wrong, if something happens, etc. this is where you go.

Also, due to Heavy Language Barrier's at this residential location and surrounding community areas, i.e. English as "their" second  language, they have dedicated Perp Motivational Speaker/Handler's who Meets Up with these Resident's and/or Community Member's to do the same. 

Thus, if most all the Korean's are gone, the Indoctrination Meetings are being done in Korean, while the English speaking Resident's and/or Community will often be here, and Vis-Versa.

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