Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kudos to NYC for Climate Change March... Once There Was Land

21 September 2014


Once there was land as nature had planned, while sparkling sands on the shore, but with the passage of time, it's covered with slime, and the land that we knew is no more.

Once there were waters, translucent and bright, teeming with life by the score, but we've polluted the lakes and the oceans opaque and the waters we knew are no more.

Once there was air, fresh, free, and fair, to breathe when we opened the door, but now how we choke, from the smog and the smoke and the air that we knew is no more.

Once there were creatures, abounding with life as they flourished in freedom before, but where once they had thrived, only few have survived, and the wildlife we knew, is no more, no more.

Yes, once there were seas and once there were trees, in the world to enjoy and explore, and once there was Man, who takes what he can, and just proceeds to ignore, and there soon will be void where man has destroyed,

For the wells keep on drilling and the oil keeps on spilling and the air keeps on filling and man keeps on killing.  

Well, how long now, until - there's no more?  by Anonymous

Today, one of the largest Climate Change Protest Marches is taking place in New York City with an estimated 400,000 people marching to save the environment. 

This country had one of the most significant opportunities in the 70's to really make a significant difference in creating alternative fuel sources, that could fully reverse the damages to our environment.  Instead, the power structure of Corporate Greed, to mainly include the Oil Cartels, negated this, and continued on.  We are now Four Decades later, and the damages can no longer be reversed, only slowed, and yet, these same Power Elite, refuse to slow down the process of destruction to this planet. 

The reason I know this is during my 9th Grade years back in 1976/1977, I was in an Honors English class, which is now called, Advanced Placement - we were required to pick a poem, any poem from a book, memorize it, recite it to the class, and give a brief description of why we chose that particular poem.

Upon, reading different poems, this one stood out, and resonated with me because it had to do with something important, that was clear cut, with no metaphors, but broke down the significance of what 'we' as a people needed to pay attention to. 

To date, I have not been able to find out who the Author of this Poem is, and even back then I believe it was signed: "ANONYMOUS" - but this Anonymous author's words continue to resonate in the 21st Century, and what took place today in New York City...

Thank you, Anonymous...  I still, remember.

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