Monday, September 1, 2014


01 September 2014

5. Rampant Sexism
The governments of fascist nations tend to be almost
exclusively male-dominated. Under fascist regimes,
traditional gender roles are made more rigid. Opposition to
abortion is high, as is homophobia and anti-gay legislation
and national policy.

IN REFERENCE to the Architectural Structure of Targeting, there appears to be the following:

1. Architects - male dominated
2. Female Recruits - follow male dominated mindset

BELOW PHOTOS speak many words as a Female Targeted Individual term: "The Silent, Subservient, Bound-Foot Brood Mares, who walk behind their men" mentality."  Objects, Property, Things as opposed to another autonomous, self determined, respected equals within civilized society.

- Each of the FEMALE PERPS are Walking Behind the Male Perp, in a more Meek manner - The Males do not allow the Woman to Enter First, like the days I was raised where the Male would Open the Door for the Female or allow her to Walk Ahead - in the Case of these Male Perps they lack even that so called Gentlemanly respect of their Female partner.  Thus, lack of respect for Females. 

Why am I discussing this?  Because over 60% of Targeted Individual's are Females/Women, most all of whom are Single Women - of those Real Targeted Individual Females, prior to being Violently and Aggressively Targeted, the majority are and were women with Successful Careers, and/or able to Work and Earn a Living Wage, Supporting themselves, and for those Single Mothers, their Children, Paying their Rent, Mortgages, Car Payments, Bills, etc.on their Own - all being done without the Assistance of a Male Partner, and/or the State Subsidizing their living.  

 Why would you want to Destroy the reputation/s, career/s, and live/s of Single, Targeted Women, If, they were NOT a Burden Upon Society, prior to their Targeting  i.e. Not Asking for Financial Assistance, Not Depending Upon Anyone, other than Their selves?

Why would you want to Destroy these Single Women's abilities to work and earn a living wage, if, they were NOT a Burden upon Society, working and earning their own way, prior to their Targeting?

Why would you want to MAKE THEM DEPENDENT upon the System or Others, when prior to Targeting, they were financially independent?

Why would "Other Women" be so aggressive in helping to participate, degrade, humiliate, facilitate, and destroy a Fellow Female by Targeting these Women, thus stripping the Targeted Female/s of their ability for Independence, Autonomy, and Self Determination?  

The majority of Targeted Women, are also older i.e. in their late 30's/40's all the way up to their 70's, which means these Targeted Females' had already lived, earned, establish, determined for themselves that they were going to have to MAKE IT ON THEIR OWN - they were not out SEEKING Assistance or Some Partner who would Provide them with a Free Meal Ticket, they had already paid for their own so called MEALS, and FOR YEARS...  Why, then, would 'Perp Female's' seek to destroy, such women?  

It transpires when a Misogynistic Male Dominated Architectural Structure decides to take control over a Nation.  When dependent, compromised, and/or weak willed Females buy into the Male Dominated Narratives/Propaganda, and allow for the degradation, humiliation, and destruction of their own kind i.e. female species.  

When females are jealous, compromised, and/or resentful, of those Women who are more Independent, and Speak their Minds, or because they themselves are Trapped in some form, or have become dependent for whatever circumstance/s - 

These Female Perps, will, then, Seek to bring ALL female/s down to their level, but in the case of Female Perps, they will sadistically take it One Step Further,  by way of making themselves feel better about their compromises, and/or 'lot in life' will aggressively and actively participate to degrade, humiliate, character and credibility assassinate the once Independent Targeted Female, just so 'They' can feel superior, and are one step above the now destroyed Female Targeted Individual.  

For the Misogynistic Male Dominated Architectural Structure, they get what they want - Take those Women who are INDEPENDENT and MAKE them DEPENDENT - SO THEY KNOW WHERE THEIR PLACES ARE within their Delusional Male Dominated Structure.  

We are seeing this in the WAR AGAINST WOMEN, sweeping this Nation, from wages, abortion, to birth control pills - But, it could NOT happen without Recruited/Compromised/Indoctrinated Women who have bought into the male and corporate dominated narratives/propaganda that are aggressively working to take away the rights, independence, autonomy, self determination, and dignity of Targeted Women, which ultimately allows for the Ushering in of a Much more Dangerous Regime, that Target's ANYONE who is not a part of their murderous 'Coalition of the Willing'.  

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