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16 September 2014 UPDATE:

- TARGETING via Community Based Terror and Harassment - 

There may be one Caveat to all this that Target's can utilize against this Nationwide Network of Civilian Domestic Terrorists', and that is:

 If, the White House, Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, National Counterterrorism Center, and other Agencies within the Government are SAYING:  THIS IS A PILOT PROJECT - it means What these Nationwide Civilian Perps have been doing thus far is OUTSIDE THE LAW, and CRIMINAL.

What this is also stating, after I had time to think about it, is...  The Domestic Side of Law Enforcement at the Federal Level's are Clearly Stating that, "THEY" have NOT SANCTIONED any CIVILIAN NETWORK to Operate on the Streets of America.  That this Civilian Network is Not Sanctioned by their Federal Agencies, and that it is Only in the Thought Process, that they have yet to PICK which communities will be involved in the Pilot Test Programs, and upon doing this ALL INFORMATION about HOW these Communities will Operate become PUBLIC RECORD, meaning, WHAT these COMMUNITIES ARE ALLOWED TO DO - WILL BE CLEARLY DEFINED, and the PUBLIC ... CAN ACCESS these PUBLIC RECORDS.

THE POINT:  The White House, Department of Justice (DoJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Counterterrorism Center, and other Agencies within - have REFUTED and DENIED Publicly, that whatever is going on in the Streets of America, within these Communities, Public Targeting - IS NOT SANCTIONED by them.  There is NO AUTHORITY at the FEDERAL LEVELS and that NO ONE HAS or HAD THE RIGHT to Present it as such or to say they were ASSOCIATED with, therefore, at no time did the State i.e. Federal Government give Sanctioned Approval to Target, Stalk, Terrorize, Steal, Torture, Vandalize, Utilize Electronic Warfare, and other Means, etc. against a Fellow Citizen. 

15 September 2014

THE SHEER HYPOCRISY and LIES that are coming out of the mouth of Attorney General Eric Holder, are astounding.  There is no Pilot Project because that he is outlining in the below video, it is a Fully Operational Nationwide Network of Civilian and Community Sleeper Cells, Informants, and Snitches for State, Corporate and Academia America.  

I, along with other Targeted Individual's have been DETAILING this VAST NETWORK of Civilian Sleeper Cells, who have been recruited and indoctrinated into extremism and are committing indiscriminate acts of pure and concentrated violence upon and against Targeted Individuals, for YEARS.  

There is NO WAY this is some new, PILOT Project but simply to give the FALSE IMPRESSION that it is something new. 

THE ONLY RADICALIZED EXTREMISTS' are EVERY SINGLE RECRUITED MEMBER of the Civilian Population who has actively and aggressively participated in this pure and concentrated Community Harassment. 

This was provided to me while I was recording a show about Torture, and how every, single, active Community members is Guilty of Torture in the first degree.

While playing an audio from a video, I began reading the article, and then watched the video from Attorney General Eric Holder - I was not only Outraged, I was Enraged to hear lie after lie being espoused by the Attorney General of this so called NEW PILOT PROJECT because as a Targeted Victim of Community and Residential Street Terrorism Harassment, I have long since DOCUMENTED, not a brand new Pilot Project, but a fully operational Network of Civilian and Community Sleeper Cells for the State.

Attorney General Holder Announces Pilot Projects to Counter Violent Extremism in Communities Nationwide

September 15, 2014

In order to complement the Obama Administration's ongoing work to protect the American people from a range of evolving national security threats, Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that the Department of Justice is joining with the White House, the Department of Homeland Security, and the National Counterterrorism Center to launch a new series of pilot programs in cities across the nation to help counter violent extremism. These programs will bring together community representatives, public safety officials, religious leaders, and United States Attorneys to improve local engagement and – ultimately – to build a broad network of community partnerships to keep our nation safe.

Here is a corresponding article in Politico outlining this so called Pilot Project

By JOSH GERSTEIN | 9/15/14 6:01 AM EDT

The U.S. Government is planning to step up its fight against recruiting of Americans by groups like the Islamic State in the Iraq and the Levant, Attorney General Eric Holder announced Monday.

In a video message posted on the Justice Department's website, Holder said a series of cities "across the nation" will be be chosen to participate in a pilot program that will involve an extra effort to combat the message of groups like ISIL and to intervene with those susceptible to that message before they take action.

"These programs will bring together community representatives, public safety officials, religious leaders, and United States Attorneys to improve local engagement; to counter violent extremism; and – ultimately – to build a broad network of community partnerships to keep our nation safe," Holder said. "Under President Obama’s leadership, along with our interagency affiliates, we will work closely with community representatives to develop comprehensive local strategies, to raise awareness about important issues, to share information on best practices, and to expand and improve training in every area of the country....Ultimately, the pilot programs will enable us to develop more effective – and more inclusive – ways to help build the more just, secure, and free society that all Americans deserve."

(Also on POLITICO: War debate headed past elections)

A Justice Department official said the specific communities participating in the new effort will not be announced until next month. Last week, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced that the White House will host a conference in October on what government officials refer to as "countering violent extremism."

The same official said the new pilot program is aimed at broadening current outreach efforts to involve more people from outside the ranks of law enforcement. "This new initiative will supplement existing efforts by engaging the resources and expertise available from a range of social service providers including education administrators, mental health professionals, and religious leaders to provide more robust support and help facilitate community-led interventions," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

(Also on POLITICO: Brits mourn murdered hostage)

The U.S. Government's current efforts to stem terrorist recruitment and so-called "lone wolf" attacks by people receptive to extremist rhetoric have been criticized for being unfocused and underfunded. In addition, many experts have questioned whether U.S. Attorneys—the top federal prosecutors in various communities—are best-suited to lead the government's anti-extremism campaign.

Many leaders in the Muslim community are reluctant to work with prosecutors because of deep concern over Federal Bureau of Investigation sting operations used to target potential terrorists. However, efforts in the U.S. to use means other than traditional law enforcement to intervene with individuals susceptible to extremist messages have been few, due to concerns about civil liberties as well as fears about what could happen if that kind of intervention failed in a specific case.

(Also on POLITICO: Iran rejects U.S. call to fight ISIL)

Holder's statement Monday seemed to acknowledge some of those concerns. While the outreach efforts are expected to focus primarily on communities with large Muslim populations, his video message made no reference to the religion aside from his use of the acronym for the terrorist group which has grabbed attention for its brutal tactics assembling territory across Syria and Iraq.

"As we move forward together, our work must continue to be guided by the core democratic values – and the ideals of freedom, openness, and inclusion – that have always set this nation apart on the world stage," Holder said. "We must be both innovative and aggressive in countering violent extremism and combating those who would sow intolerance, division, and hate – not just within our borders, but with our international partners on a global scale.  And we must never lose sight of what violent extremists fear the most: the strength of our communities; our unwavering respect for equality, civil rights, and civil liberties; and our enduring commitment to justice, democracy, and the rule of law."

Here is the first page of an composed Email and sent to LAPD in September of 2008, and then again in October of 2008.  I outline Cause Stalking, Smear Campaigns, and much more but this is to show how far back this Network of Civilian Sleeper Cells, Informants and Snitches have been active in the Los Angeles, CA area. 

A Follow Up sent via AOL Email from Gaeta, Italy where I had Fled in the Hopes this Overt Targeting would Stop.  Only Problem, Gaeta, Italy is where the USS Mount Whitney, the most technologically advanced naval command and control ship docks, along with the Italian Navy, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Training facility in Central Command Operations. 

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