Sunday, September 28, 2014

From Theatrical DEW Weapons PROP to UTILIZING OF SOLID LIGHTS Red, Blue, White

Update -

This Address was left out but I want to ENSURE ALL RESIDENTIAL LOCATION within my Line of Sight are TAGGED.  There are You Tube Videos that also Show this Address via the Color Synchronization -

905 / 907 S. Catalina, Los Angeles, CA  is a Korean HAVEN for Traffic, Criminal Access to the Directed Energy Weapons, Biological-Technological Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The Back parking area is like a Revolving door of Korean Access to these DoD Weaponized Technologies and Biological Technological Weapons of Mass Destruction -

Another reason why 905 / 907 is being IDENTIFIED is because there is A KOREAN CONNECTION to LAW ENFORCEMENT that Provides them with INSIDER INFORMATION - meaning, if anything is about to GO DOWN, the Korean Perp Community Is IMMEDIATELY NOTIFIED so as to COVER UP their Tracks.  This would be why this Morning - Perps from that location stated that THEY WERE COVERED - meaning, they had already gotten information, and figured if these addresses were being used for any Investigation - they were COVERED -

Once, again, like the Resident Dan who was conveniently GONE from this location, upon, what now appears to BEING NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE that LAPD DETECTIVES would be showing up at this LOCATION to QUESTION him about the PHYSICAL ASSAULT - against Matthew Reis a former tenant on March 30, 2014, who did file a formal complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department -

and Not Once, but TWICE did this Resident Dan must have received Insider Law Enforcement Information, because on Both Occasions - Dan Took Off before Law Enforcement Arrived.  This was documented on the first occasions - but this same officer showed up, again - and Dan was gone - again.   I also spoke with this Detective, told him I had documented the event, and offered to come down to the Police Station to swear by what transpired from where I was sitting, which was next to the Victim who was physically Attacked by this Resident Dan.)

LAPD Obstruction of Justice Arrives Almost (30) days after a March 30, 2014 Assault on Tenant Matt (posted to my blog on Tburs, April 24, 2014)

But in point of LEGAL and CRIMINAL FACT - From this Residence to the Closest Surrounding Locations i.e. 905 / 907 S. Catalina, and 3040 / 3042 James E Woods, they have direct Line of Sight and Closest Range to MY CORNER room - Any Biological-Technological Readers and Sensors - MUST be at CLOSE ENOUGH RANGE to READ or FEED OUT - information.  Those Base Stations need to be in Close Proximity to Target's like myself.   AND WHO on the INSIDE IS PROVIDING these KOREAN'S and SURROUNDING COMMUNITY - WITH INSIDER INFORMATION - SO THEY CAN COVER UP THE CRIMES THEY HAVE BEEN BLATANTLY COMMITTING?

28 September 2014
00:45 AM PDT

Tagging more Community Street Terrorism Location, utilizing their residential location to set up Faux Weapons, and do a Light show from their Window so that it flashes Blue, Red, and White Lights.  This is simple to TAG all Civilian Locations that are actively involved in Targeting.

This Koreatown Community is heavily Saturated with these Community Street Terrorist Recruits' - the PSYOP Handler's were able to basically Infiltrate this entire Geographical Location, and manipulate them into Heavy Active Participation.  

This is the Apartment Complex located across the street, the actual address is 861 S. Catalina, for some unknown reason the numeric address looks like 961 but the actual address is 861 - taken from the Entrance off of S. Catalina, although the actual Units in Question Face James E. Woods - sits on the North/West Corner of Catalina and James E. Woods.

Faux Directed Energy Weapons PROP- Just a Metal Box and Painted Silver Bar Bells - but made to give the false appearance of some type of Directed Energy Weapon -

 I just noticed the Latest PROP Lighting to DISPLAY Solid Alternating - Blue, Red, and White coming from the side window of this unit, and the one next to it as well.  Must be the LATEST Recruited Community Network USE because Other Locations have started to do this. 

 Back parking area,
Also note the Apartment on the right faces into the parking, and direct line of sight into my living space - This is another Korean Gathering Location Building to the Right, address:  3040/3042 James E Woods - has direct line of sight into the my unit - is another heavy Korean gathering location - and has also started with the Solid Alternating: Red, Blue, and White Lights -

Front of the building I reside

These Apartment are directly across the street
1. The highlighted first Apartment on the left - goes by the address of 3024 on down James E. Woods and has the same Solid Red, Blue or White Lights that flash down the Driveway. 
2. The Yellow Apt is 904 S. Catalina and is a HEAVY, HEAVY Civilian Perp Traffic Location with Non Resident's who come and go, day and night 24/7.  This appears to be one of the Training Locations.  
3. The smaller Off White Apartment 910 S. Catalina, next to it is a Weekend Gather point, and also where very young kids are gathered. 

These Apartment are on the south/east corner of James E Woods/Kennmore, west of my location, but these Apartments have additional Apartments built behind them and have Line of Sight into the Back parking of my residential location - Somewhere in one or more of these Back Apartments - is also being utilized -

It appears each location, is compartmentalized with different Groups, although this area are mostly Koreans', there are Latino/a's, African American's, a new influx of Caucasians' (gentrification) - Thus, the HANDLER'S utilizing Psychological Operations, would need to be more closely related to the age, background/s, etc. of the Target Audiences aka General Public/Community Members being recruited into participation of Community Street Terrorism and Harassment. 

Also Note: how Densely situated with Building, after Buildings, there is little to No foliage other than Palm Trees - Thus, the Notion natural cricket chirping  HIGH FREQUENCY CRICKET BLASTING - is not possible, and that it is mechanically being projected through Directional Ultrasound Speakers - Set up in different locations to Project that other other Noise directly into my living space.

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