Sunday, September 28, 2014

NO, VERBAL APOLOGY Will Suffice : JUSTICE is the Apology, So Says the Parent's of Michael Brown

28 September 2014

I, am in total agreement with the Parents of Michael Brown, in terms of the False Belief that Just because someone in a position of Authority and/or Power Says they are, "SORRY" for what happened, will make 'everything' alright.

This is the fallacy, and most of all delusion - Saying you are, "Sorry" means nothing to the Victim or the Victim's family, in particular, when the Victim is no longer alive.

As a Targeted Individual the ONE aspect in all of it, which will always remain TRUE -

There are ZERO Justifications and or Excuses that can be presented to me, by ANYONE - in any position, of any authority or power that will EVER SUFFICE to, with Malicious, Premeditated Intent - has been done, is being done, and continues to be inflicted upon and against every aspect of my Human Living Life.

Nada, Zip, Zilch, NOT A ... MOTHERFUCKING THING - Other than Ensuring Justice against ALL those, in any and all positions of authority and or power, to include the recruited civilian network / population are brought to full scale - Criminal Justice - 

For, If, those recruiting their Target Audiences aka General Public Actually were Seeking Justice Against Target's like myself, Why is it -

1. I have never been informed of So Called Offenses

2.  Never been Arrested and Formally Charged
3. Never been Provided and or Allowed to View Any and All Documents Pertaining to It
4. Obstructed, if not, Flat Out Denied the ability to seek out Legal Council 
5. Where was the Trial, Who Presided Over the Case?
6. What Courtroom?  Where are the Transcripts to this Trail?  What is the Court Docket Number?  What was the ruling?  
7. Who was on the Jury?  What Evidence was presented in a Criminal Court System?

This can also be applied to the Non Consensual Human Experimentation's, Training/Teaching Projects, and or the Public Exploitation of a Private Citizen, in direct violation of my Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties and Human Rights...  

Because NONE of this Exists - other than what has been fraudulently fabricated, and constructed ... (see below article)

There is a significant difference between REALITY and TRUE CRIMINAL JUSTICE, and the DELUSIONAL FALLACIOUS LIES, coming from the so called Trusted  Recruiter's/Handler's  who can only "SAY" what  JUSTICE truly is...

This is why, I appreciate the honesty of Michael Brown's parent's because they ... HAVE IT RIGHT - 

Michael Brown's Family Unmoved by Chief's Apology

Instead of an apology from the police chief, the parents of Michael Brown told The Associated Press that they wanted the Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who shot their unarmed 18-year-old son arrested and charged with murder and the police chief fired.

In a wide-ranging interview, Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden said yes when asked if Chief Tom Jackson should be fired, and his father, Michael Brown Sr., said he wanted the officer who shot his son to be in handcuffs for the Aug. 9 death.

"An apology would be when Darren Wilson has handcuffs, processed and charged with murder," Brown said.

Wilson is white; the young man, black. The shooting sparked days of violent protests and racial unrest in the predominantly black community. Some residents and civil rights activists have said responding police officers were overly aggressive, noting their use of tear gas and surplus military vehicles and gear.

Brown called the looting that has been interspersed with the protests "disrespectful," but the "First Amendment protesting? They have that right."

"There's going to continue to be unrest until they do what should be done," McSpadden added.

Jackson released a video apology to Brown's family and the community, which is predominantly African-American in which he acknowledged that Brown's body should have been removed from the street much sooner than it was. His remains lay uncovered for more than four hours while police collected evidence.

"I don't want words, I want action," McSpadden said...

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