Wednesday, September 17, 2014

TAG PERPS Vehicle, Faces, and Locations - Like a Revolving Door this Property Owner Always Showcasing

17 September 2014
17:25 PM PDT

The following is to document Member's of this Domestic Terrorist Network, as they Utilize Private Property for a Myriad of Criminal Terrorist Activities.  This residential Property is heavily utilized by this Domestic Terrorist Organization, in particular by the Korean Community in K-Town, Los Angeles, CA.

Remember, these are Room Rentals - What is a new 780I BMW doing in this location?  Member's of this Domestic Terrorist Organization come in all Walks...


22 September 2014 -

More Korean Perps into 905 /907 S. Catalina, Los Angeles, CA -Putting Metal Grid/Security onto Window - Sent the Latino Maintenance Guy AWAY - They wanted to Ensure the Metal Grids were Screwed in Well.  Probably to Lock People In Like Prisoners and Human Trafficking.

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