Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Documenting In Order to ENSURE - I as the Targeted Individual AM NOT BLAMED for What a COMMUNITY STREET TERRORIST PERP has done

10 Sept 2014

Due to the CONSTANT BLAME that is placed upon Targeted Individual's, (TIS) in particular Whenever one of the RECRUITED COMMUNITY Street Terrorist members does something, I have learned if and when I recognize it, to Immediately Document the Incident so as NOT TO ALLOW these Residential and Street Terrorist Member's to SHIFT the BLAME onto me.  

In addition, this AM they were already attempting to DELETE the PHOTOS out of my Cell Phone as they were Check Marked, which was NOT done by me.  Upon Re-Uploading the photos to my Desktop, and placing them into a New Folder, once again, the Photos were Immediately removed from that file folder. 

As a Targeted Individual and Victim of such Insidious, Aggressive Criminal Activities being conducted via Residential and Community Street Terrorism Activities - many of the Criminal Felonies or Crimes that these Perpetrator Community Commits, they will attempt to SHIFT the BLAME onto you the Target.

This is WHY DOCUMENTING THEM - is just as important because they do have the MEANS and various Recruited Members who do have Hollywood Connections, or work within looking for WORK - and are HIRED to EDIT MATERIAL in order to Falsely and Criminally Accuse the INNOCENT TI

On September 09, 2014 the following Community Street Terrorist driving CA License 3BTX0045, a Dark Green, Lexus LX450 SUV, hit the corner wall of 905/907 S. Catalina while exiting through the narrow driveway out onto S. Catalina.  

Due to the Loud Noise of something Impacting, I got up to see what happened, and immediately noticed the corner wall had been impacted and the right bumper of the SUV was pushed in.  

The following Photos are from the Incident, which is Stamped 18:53 PM PDT

CA LICENSE 3BTX0045 - Dark Green, Lexus LX450 SUV -

As per Schedule - the Residential Perps were in Action,  07:30 AM PDT - WAKE UP CALL -

With the Usual Suspect Outside Waiting to Provide some LIE - and a Unit that is being Utilized to Capture Information that is being EDITED then EXPLOITED - Now the REAL IMPORTANT QUESTION becomes - HOW MUCH OF THEIR INFORMATION has been handed over to anyone working in Government, Law Enforcement, Attorney's etc -   Because that would IMMEDIATELY BECOME - a TITLE 18 U.S.C. $1001 - 

Where my finger is point is where Equipment is set up, but that is NOT the ONLY Location, just one of the EXTERNAL areas -  it also faces where the the woman hit the corner wall of the other building.  He takes the DVs Somewhere, close range, and they are Viewing and probably Editing Video - when you have professional Editor's and professional Editing Equipment, you can make ANYTHING appear Seamless - And that is KEY to how many TARGETED INDIVIDUAL'S have been SET UP - and WHAT THEY HAVE USED to RECRUIT - their Target Audiences' aka General Public.  It is all about how they CRAFT the LIES - and this is how it is done - I learned that during GO LIVE/Overt In Your Face Targeting in 2006 - Carefully EDITED AUDIO and VIDEO - to make it look Seamless to the Target Audience's they are attempting to Recruit -

Here is the Identification of this Male Perp, Facial, Vehicle, and VIN of New Toyota Prius -

This is the so called House Manager, but this Female is Active and Aggressive in the Residential Harassment, and Street Terrorism  -

Facial Recognition of Photo, she was Up with the Wake Up Call - and Outside, near where the woman hit the wall, and the above Unit was hoping to get it all - in the hopes of once again MAKING FALSE ACCUSATIONS against me - 

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