Friday, April 4, 2014

PREMEDITATED with Defined MOTIVE for Recent BED BUG Infestation by Residential & Community Street Terrorism Group: Get Me & Another Tenant to Leave or Cause Me Problems To Try to Evict Me Out

April 4, 2014


Premeditation is planning, plotting or deliberating before doing something. For example, murder by poisoning automatically includes an element of premeditation. Premeditation is an element in first degree murder and shows the element of intent necessary to convict of the crime.

An idea, belief, or emotion that impels a person to act in accordance with that state of mind.
Motive is usually used in connection with Criminal Law to explain why a person acted or refused to act in a certain way—for example, to support the prosecution's assertion that the accused committed the crime. If a person accused of murder was the beneficiary of a life insurance policy on the deceased, the prosecution might argue that greed was the motive for the killing.

Motive can be defined as some inner drive, feeling or impulse which causes a person to do something or act in a certain way. It is a willful desire that leads one to act. Motive is important in criminal law as it is the cause that makes a person do a certain action. Understanding the motive behind a crime helps in the understanding of the crime. Motive in itself is not a necessary element of any crime or offense however, by proving motive it is possible to understand the accused’s reasons for committing a crime.

Based upon what came out in anger by the Rental Agent Keith Kim about how the Owner, and Several of the Resident's wanted me OUT of the Building, and the Threats he made about failure to pay rent, three days notice, and how in court he could get "several" residents to testify against me, etc.  All Harassing, Retaliatory and Intimidation Tactics based on the Bed Bug Issue - 

Begins to prove and show something called : MOTIVE that is now unfolding and is becoming established for me, in reference to the insidious Residential and Community Harassment that transpires in order to Get Me Out of this Neighborhood.  

It was repeatedly stated to me about just how many Resident's have Want Me Out of This Building, to include the Owner - If, there are that many individuals who are coming against me, to now include the Rental Agent - There has been a collaborative and collective  "MOTIVE" - on the part of these Individual's.  

As such, with that much collective, hive minded, group think, it is not so Far Fetched that the BED BUGS found under the Box Spring, were strategically placed there by now, what appears to be a large coalition of Resident's who would participate or have knowledge of 'WHO" did this, in order to cause a Public Health issue for me, additional undue Stress, and the sheer out and out retaliatory Harassment, and Hostility Exhibited by the Owner's Daughter, and then the Rental Agent.  

This is why it now becomes Legally Necessary to have this entire Building of all (20) Room, Kitchen's, Bathrooms, etc INSPECTED by the Los Angeles Country Public Health Department.  If, it is found only to be ISOLATED to Former Tenant Matt's room, and MY Room, then the BED BUGS were placed in our Rooms.  

In particular MY ROOM, because it was Clearly Established based on what the Rental Agent Keith Kim had to say about HOW MANY PEOPLE WANTED ME EVICTED - that they would in point of literal fact place these BED BUGS in my room.  


I have already been to the Los Angeles Police Department Vermont Station, where I filed a complaint Removal of Items request in reference to Thumb Drive that Disappeared, small items taken, or supplies depleted, and explained that it was Residential and Community Harassment/Street Terrorism.  I was provided a Report Number, but not the actual report.  (this mean Access into my Locked Room from some source or keyed access) - LAPD suggested I move - but I am not the One who is Harassing others - therefore, why should I be forced to move because a Domestic Terrorist Cult has been allowed to commit such insidious violence. 

I have complained to the owner about people tampering with the Hot and Cold Water, when I take showers, from which they stopped using the Washing Machine, but they just utilize other Water in other parts of the building.  I have been scaled with near boiling water on several occasions.  

Noise Campaigns: utilizing Directional Ultrasound Systems, which Project and Blast into my private living space - External Loud Acoustic Frequencies and Street Mic'd Sounds being blasted into the privacy of my living space - the Infrasonic/Ultrasonic Vibro-Acoustics that Resonates heavily within my room - and in various locations throughout the building

Electronic Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Computer Network Exploitation, Computer Network Attacks - 


Field Testing and/or Fully Developed Anti Personnel Less Lethal Direct Energy Weapons Blasting, not to mention the Experimental Cognitive Neurotechnologies Targeting. 

As such, when it comes to Residential and Community Street Terrorism, it is not so Far Fetched to realize the EXTENT of Radicalized Extremism coming from these Recruited Sleeper Cell/Informants, and what they are capable of doing.  

In the case of Working to Get Me In Trouble and Evicted - it would appear Causing a Deliberate Public Health Issue in the form of BED BUGS - is something these Resident's and Community Street Terrorist's are fully cognizant, and capable of plotting, planning, and executing such a Public Health and Safety Issue, but only Isolating it to Specific Target's.  

This is why I will continue to PUSH for the LA County Public Health Department to conduct an INSPECTION Upon this ENTIRE BUILDING - because as the "OTHER" Tenant's state, they are not having any problems.  But these would be the same Tenant's that want me Evicted from this Residential Location - 

If, they come up with no problems - then, it will prove these BED BUGS were Strategically Placed under my Box Spring, or in my room, and in Tenant Matt's room.  Matt only lasted Three Weeks, and Now he is GONE.  Just what they wanted, once they figured out, he was no Dunce who would go sheepishly along with this Residential and Community Street Terrorism and Targeting of other people.  

As for myself, Rental Agent Keith Kim, made a grave Error, by publicly admitting to me the number of Resident's that has Come Against Me - Which then gives rise to MOTIVE on All these Resident's Part, to conspire, collaborate, then execute a plan that would make my living space and situations so unbearable, and now public health and safety issues, that like the other Tenant Matt, would LEAVE.  

But instead of doing that, I am able to show and start to PROVE how pervasive and dangerous this Residential and Community Street Terrorism Group truly is.  That there is nothing they will not do to an Unarmed, Defenseless, Innocent person, that has been Scapegoated, and Set Up - and this includes CAUSING A PUBLIC HEALTH and SAFETY ISSUE for that TARGET.  

THERE IS CLEAR MOTIVE on the Part of "all the residents" who will come against me, that want em OUT of this Building, at this location -as Rental Agent Keith Kim, continued to repeat over, and over - but by admitting this, shows me that there is MOTIVE on the Part of "all these resident's to conspire to come up with WAYS in which to Actively Harass, Terrorize, Torture, and cause bodily injury just to get me OUT.  This now appears to be the case with the BED BUGS.  

A Premeditated Act with Motive on the part of "all these resident's and community members" - to conspire to commit, actively participating and/or having knowledge of, and then plotting, planning, and executing this plan- which was to infest my room/box spring, along with a new Tenant who was smart enough to not be manipulated by the Resident perps with Bed Bugs. 

... A Hate Crime is one crime that requires proof of a certain motive. Generally, a hate crime is motivated by the defendant's belief regarding a protected status of the victim, such as the victim's religion, sex, disability, customs, or national origin. In states that prosecute hate crimes, the prosecution must prove that the defendant was motivated by animosity toward a protected status of the victim. Hate-crime laws are exceptions to the general rule that proof of motive is not required in a criminal prosecution.

In Civil Law a plaintiff generally need not prove the respondent's motive in acting or failing to act. One notable exception to this general rule is the tort of Malicious Prosecution. In a suit for malicious prosecution, the plaintiff must prove, in part, that the respondent was motivated by malice in subjecting the plaintiff to a civil suit. The same applies for a malicious criminal prosecution.

I will continue to pursue and request the Los Angeles County Public Health Department to conduct a Full Building i.e. ALL (20) ROOMS, Kitchen's and Bathrooms Inspection - because it will Determine if the Building is Infested or Two Specific Rooms were Strategically TARGETED.  i.e. Former Tenant Matt and My Room, on opposite sides of the building, hence STRATEGIC BED BUG TARGETING. 

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